Buzz: Grape V2 Disses Korean Girl Group, SNSD

After news came out that Grape V2 from AF7 was on national television dissing Korean girl group, SNSD (Girl’s Generation). Fans of SNSD are boiling mad and dissatisfied with Grape!

It started when Grape started criticizing the girls on national television saying which person had plastic surgery done and where. Not only that, Grape used a vulgar word, “Mun” (referring to her/them in an insulting way) describing the girls. Not only that, but someone also rumored around that Grape also dissed and cursed about 1 of the members of the Korean girl group, Kim Yuna calling her “Raet” (skanky) and  overrated.

Fans of SNSD are boiling mad that they announced they are going to be anti-Grape V2! The fans went around posting about it through all webboards cussing Grape out! Saying they are not satisfied with Grape putting down other artists and that it was aired through reality t.v. and her words were damaging to the artist she criticized.

[Source via Entertain Teenee]

คลิปตัวอย่าง เกรฟ กำลังพูดคุยเรื่องนักร้องเกาหลีกับเบนV3/ Example Clip of Grape Talking About Korean Singers With Ben V3 – Not Dissing SNSD, Just Talking! Our mistake.

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  1. I don’t know who she is, but from the video I didn’t find anything insulting about it. She just told the guy about them, and she talk/explain to the guy about different Korean groups. The guy also use “Mun” when he was talking about Jay. But if you fully understand Thai language using the word “mun” does not always meaning you’re insulting them. People just sometime referring or use the word “mun” or “kao” when talking about a third person.
    If anything in the video that should be considering rude in that conversation should be from the guy that use the word “code or kode”. But then again, teenagers use those kind of words all the time.

  2. SNSD fans are taking it overboard.

    @MY when you are in the public spotlight it’s not OK to talk like that using “mun” or “goo” because in Thai culture it’s not polite. You might not find it insulting but speaking like that isn’t ladylike. She may use that with Ben as she saw him as a friend but she should also know that she’s on reality television. You can’t use those words.

    You don’t just go around using, “mun”, “goo”, “meung”, or anything that is considered vulgar when referring to another person. It’s not the same as “kao” because “kao” is polite, but “mun” is considered vulgar.

    You can talk like that with your friends, but don’t do it on national television because she wants to be a public person of society. You need to learn your manners.

    I’m not protecting her, but I just think she needs to know the difference between can and cannot.

    • It’s a reality show, what do you expect. At least they are not lying and trying to be polite , they are showing their own self

      • i agree with preaw on this one… it’s a reality show and it’s supposed to be kind of candid

    • @MIN – girl if you want to correct me, you might want re-read what I wrote again. I never said it’s OK to use those words, and I have manners and I know what is appropriate, what is polite words to use in public or out of public eyes, no need for anyone to education me what is right or wrong things to say in public.
      My respond was to the post about “mun” being an insult word and that Grape girl was dissing SNSD. Reading the post by Dirtii, I thought she did badly insulted them, but when I watched the video I didn’t find anything so insulting that SNSD’s fan has to go around cussing or boiling mad about it. That is just overboard. Peoples just have to tough up and stop be so sensitive over small thing. There many bigger problem to be mad about then this. The word mun is not as bad as the word bitch, but yet peoples are using the word bitch all the time. And I said “the word “mun” DOES NOT ALWAYS meaning you’re insulting them.” Meaning yes is insulting, but NOT ALWAYS insulting if you look at the whole. Yes it does sound like I’m contracting myself, but think and read what I’m trying to say. I might not explain myself clearing, but if you’re smart you’ll know what I meant.
      I also know you don’t go around using all those words you’ve listed, but you have to look at the whole conversation, not just pick up one word out of context and then go crazy mad about it. If she was saying bad thing about those SNSD girls for no reason and in a rude way and call them “mun” then yes I would have agree that she is wrong and insulting. But in this case it wasn’t insulting to the point of making peoples mad about it. This incident is turning into the Jay incident where someone doesn’t understand the language correctly then take it to the next level.
      And lastly why is what she said insulting, but the guy referring to Jay as “mun” not insulting as well? MIN would you care to explain that to me, since you like to explain thing so much? Or is this a double standard because she is a girl and he is a guy is OK for him, but not for her .. .which according to you “not ladylike”?

      • CORRECTION-before someone jump my head again… I just wanted to correct that I didn’t say Dirtii make a big deal… I just referring to their post that they translated and the video… that their(original) source or SNSD’s fan making a big deal out of nothing.

      • i’ll explain it to you because what they’re targeting is grape not ben. he’s talking about jay not snsd. i never said it was ok for him to go and call jay “mun” also because there are different meanings for the word “mun” and by reading the article that DL TRANSLATED (don’t go saying that they made it a big deal when they only translated it. pointing it out to preaw).

        what you were saying was that it’s ok to use “mun” just like how you would say “kao”. no one says that and to me using “mun” to describe a 3rd person is not what you would consider polite or in other words ladylike.

        of course insulting someone or jay in this case using the word “mun” is an insult but no one is targeting ben or care for his words but instead it’s grape that they want to target.

        i’m trying to go back and read what you’re saying and maybe we’re on different levels because what is translated by DL is not what is in the video. so yea it might not seem like a big deal when she uses “mun” to describe a 3rd person and not in the video but it also says that grape goes on saying which person did plastic surgery and what person has done. so don’t go around just seeing that video only to make your judgement because it.

        DL missed translate when it said ‘clip tua yaang grape gumlung poot kui reung nak rong gao-lee gup ben af3)

        meaning grape talking about korean singers to ben af3 not grape dissing big bang, so don’t make the judgement from the video!

        • MIN I don’t know what you’re trying to say. LOLz just because the news wasn’t about the guy(BEN) but is about the girl(GRAPE), it still isn’t fair to target her, and not him when both are in the clip and both are using the word ‘mun”. So I was just wondering if is double standard that no one is picking on him, but only picking on the girl? And why is those fans make a big deal of her word, and not his? Why is that?
          And in the red writing on top of the video clearly stated that “Clip of Grape Dissing SNSD to Ben V3” and that match with the title of this post. So what Dirtii translated or what was left out I have no knowledge of. What I know or understand is what I read and saw is what’s post/translated by Dirtii, and my comment is base on that and what is present to me. So how can you ask me not to make a judgement from the video? If you want to argue about other clips that I did not know of, then show me so I can make my own judgement on whether if is insulting or not.

          Again if you’re having a conversation with friends and talking about a third person, yes is not wrong or insulting to use the word mun, it’s street-talk for some peoples. But of course is not polite or ladylike, but not wrong, peoples still use it, not everyone does, but some do talk like that. It might not be for all ears, but you can’t be mad or go overboard at them for saying that. If you don’t like the way they say it, then just tell them is wrong to talk like that with audience around, but going around cussing at them on webboard and be mad isn’t going to sovle anything.
          In this case since that Ben guy is using the same word and continue the conversation that mean is normal for them and they’re comfortable using those words around each other and didn’t think anything of it, they might even forget that the camera is on them. (But by now they probably have learn their lesson and to be careful of what they are saying. Which mean their reality show is not going to be reality show anymore, because is not going to be their true selves.).

          • i am going to clarify what i’m saying to what you’re saying in the utmost clear and precise perfect english that i can make it.

            1. you’re comparing the video that has nothing to do with the article stating the situation at all. meaning you’re judging your decisions on the video which is only a sample of their conversation talking about korean aritists and not the actual situation claimed like the article has stated.

            2. and i’m quoting, “But if you fully understand Thai language using the word “mun” does not always meaning you’re insulting them. People just sometime referring or use the word “mun” or “kao” when talking about a third person.”

            this is what i put, “@MY when you are in the public spotlight it’s not OK to talk like that using “mun” or “goo” because in Thai culture it’s not polite. You might not find it insulting but speaking like that isn’t ladylike. She may use that with Ben as she saw him as a friend but she should also know that she’s on reality television. You can’t use those words.
            You don’t just go around using, “mun”, “goo”, “meung”, or anything that is considered vulgar when referring to another person. It’s not the same as “kao” because “kao” is polite, but “mun” is considered vulgar.
            You can talk like that with your friends, but don’t do it on national television because she wants to be a public person of society. You need to learn your manners.
            I’m not protecting her, but I just think she needs to know the difference between can and cannot.”

            i really don’t know how your argument strayed away from what i put because i was explaining to you that when you refer to a 3rd person who you have no association with you do not straight up and call them “mun”. I was only referring to the article not the video itself.

            so basically we’re talking about 2 different things that makes no sense to one another which should be dropped because the more we talk about it the more it seems we’re confusing each other.

            3. i wasn’t defending DL but pointing out that in thai it says, “คลิปตัวอย่าง เกรฟ กำลังพูดคุยเรื่องนักร้องเกาหลีกับเบนV3” which is only an example of ben and grape talking about korean artists. which DL mistranslated and said it was of them dissing SNSD when in actuality they are only discussing korean artists. it has nothing to do with the article. that is why it’s leading people to not read fully and understand the situation that the article and the video clip are 2 different subject. which i was saying preaw or whatever the hell his/her name is targeted DL saying they’re making a big deal out of nothing. they only translate not make up their own posts.

            so basically what i’m reading is the article and watching the video which only has 1 comparison, korean artists and some of you are using the video to make judgement and get all pissy about the article saying that the video has no connection with the article. the only connection that they have is talking about korean artists.

            i’m making myself clear and i understand myself so i’m not coming back to make my statements anymore clearer then this. if you don’t get what i’m saying then i can’t help you with that.

          • DUH MIN I understand and can read your English perfectly, no need to be talking to me like talking to a little kid. And isn’t funny that you put in your input and just because you don’t want to reply anymore, you wont’ let me reply back? LOLz 😛 Great going for someone that want to show that they’re great with explanation.
            I did not strayed away from the post at all, my first post was base on what Dirtii-Laundry post along with the video title as I mention on my previous post. (BUT NOW the error has be fixed). Therefore I sees nothing that was insulting in the video as it was mention on the post translated by Dirtii.L but there you go replying to my first post about the word is insulting etc. while you have also base your comment on the original post or whatever video you saw that was post somewhere else. So my second respond was just to let you know what I saw what is being said in the video above wasn’t insulting and just asking you about “why is OK for the guy to use mun and is not OK with her”. Then you come back trying to tell me that Dirtii translate it wrong. Which I am telling you, yes they might be wrong or has some error, but my first post didn’t know that there were an errors. But yet you kept trying to explain to me about the post that was on other site, while I’m telling you and explain to you that I’m only talking about the post and video on this site. And my respond to your comment. So tell me whom is straying from the subject here? If I knew or Dirtii. didn’t make an errors from the beginning I wouldn’t be comment the way I did on my very first post.
            Also the reason I said I don’t know what you’re talking about is not because I don’t understand you. It’s because of what you said here “is an insult but no one is targeting ben or care for his words but instead it’s grape that they want to target.” That is why I ask why is OK for him and not for her? Which now we are not talking about the post nor the video. We are or at least I am asking you base on your comment. If you THINK you’re making your clear then who am I to say you’re not? 🙂 But for sure you’re confusing when you read what I’m trying to say or my comment back to you.

          • did i ever said you couldn’t reply back? no i didn’t. i said i wasn’t going to reply back but here i am explaining to you and still not understanding your broken english.

  3. Fans in Korea are known to always take things overboard. And with the trillion member fanclub (I’m sarcastically over-exaggerating) like SNSD’s, I’d hate to be Grape right now. I’m not a fan of the group, but things like that just can’t be said when you’re on television, especially when you’re someone in the public eye. >_<

      • I’ve watched, I just didn’t understand. I guess the writer of the article wayyyyyy over-exaggerated. <_<

    • i dont think it’s the fan from korea but the fans from thailand. i dont think there are that many snsd’s fans that can speak thai that reside/a citizen of korea.

      anyways my two cents, i thought grape criticized snsd through national television but it was just because mun was used in place of “she, they, them” and there are people making a big deal out of it. wow. i dont know what to say but wow.

      and praew why are you here and making a big deal out of everything lol dirtii-laundry can write whatever they want. it’s their right, it’s their blog. i dont see how you can blame DL for making this a big deal.

  4. I didnt see anything, I totally agree with MY^^. Im a fan of snsd too but I didnt feel offended by it because it’s her opinion and dirtii-laundry try to make it a big deal, she didnt say anything about snsd or use Mun word, it was ben.

    yea now the grape girl have anti but then antisnsd might be her fanclub now just like Mark af7

    • WTF??? how the hell is dirtii laundry making a big deal out of it when they translated it right out of the freakin source?! stop trying to blame ppl dumbass.

        • I read both articles, the one DL translated and the one in Thai. DL didn’t not translate anything wrong. Everything matches, so I don’t know what you’re ranting about.

  5. i don’t see the big deal about the video either but if you go back to the source linked you can read about how the article itself is saying and making it a big deal.

    you can translate it google also to kind of get what they’re saying. some might not see it as a big deal but obviously whoever posted the article on the original source did feel like grape was jealous of snsd.

    หึ่ง!เกรปV2ด่าGirl Group เกาหลีวงSNSD

    งานเข้าจังเบอเร่อแล้ว จ้า! ก็แหมตอนนี้เหล่าสาวกเกาหลีของวงSNSD ควันออกหูกันให้ฮึ่ม!

    หลัง จากมีกระแสข่าวลือมาว่า เกรปV2 แห่งบ้าน AF7ดันปากไม่ค่อยดี ไปวิพากษ์วิจารย์ สาวๆ SNSD ออกอากาศถ่ายทอดสดทั่วประเทศ โดยวิจารย์ สาวๆทั้ง9 ประมาณว่า คนนั้นทำศัลยกรรมตรงนั้น คนนี้ทำตรงนี้ แถมใช้ถ้อยคำจิกเรียกสาวๆว่า ‘มัน’อีกต่างหาก ไม่พอมีคนลืออีกว่า สาวเกรปได้ออกปากด่าว่า สมาชิก1ใน9อย่างสาวอิมยุ นอา ว่า ‘แรด ไม่เจียม!’อีก ต่างหาก ทำเอาบรรดาแฟนคลับ ของSNSD ถึงกับโกรธแค้นจนประกาศตัวเป็นแอนตี้แฟนของสาวเกรปV2อย่างเต็มตัวไปแล้ว รวมทั้งยังพากันไปโพสข้อความลงในบอร์ดหลากหลายเวปซึ่งล้วนแล้วแต่ด่าทอสาวเก รปแทบทั้งสิ้นซึ่งบรรดาสาวกของSNSD ไม่พอใจ ที่เกรป วิจารย์วิจารพาดพิงถึงศิลปินคนอื่นในทางค่อนข้างไม่ดีออก อากาศผ่านรายการเรียลลิตี้ที่ออนแอร์ไปทั่วประเทศ และสร้างความเสียหายให้กับศิลปินที่ถูกพาดพิงถึงนั่นเอง

    งาน นี้เรียกว่าสาวเกรปเจอตออันเบ้อเริ่มกันเลยทีเดียว

    คลิปตัวอย่าง เกรฟ กำลังพูดคุยเรื่องนักร้องเกาหลีกับเบนV3

    i don’t see how dirtii laundry made a big deal out of it when the person who typed it up on entertain teenee made it sound like it was a big deal.

  6. i don’t see what’s the big deal out of it also. in the video it seems like she’s holding conversation with ben normally.

    i think snsd fans are taking it overboard and misinterpreting things on their own.

  7. this article is over exaggerated! She didn’t say anything bad… nor did she use the word “mun”. The guy did, but not her.

    • no the article said it did but the vdo is saying grape talking to ben about korean singers. DL mistranslated

      • nothing was mistranslated, the person who wrote the article made it a big deal & exaggerated. So yes it was not DL’s fault but I see why people were mad because after watching the video it does not even go with the article of whoever wrote it because the conversation was not HARSH OR to the point where SNSD was badly spoken about, Grape did not say anything MEAN she just said who is more popular and how jay is handsome etc etc!! I hear nothing of PASTIC SURGERY or other crap. Korean Fans go learn some thai before you anti!!!

        Min if your going to defend DL get your back up reasons together & get it straight & clear.


  8. โดยส่วนตัวไม่ได้เป็นโซวอน ไม่ได้ชอบโซนยอมากมาย แ่ต่ก็ชอบที่ว่าเพลงเค้าก็น่ารักดี ชอบแค่สองคนในวงคือซันนี่กะซิก้า แต่ที่ไม่เข้าใจคือยัยเกรปนี่ดังพอที่จะสู้โซนยอได้แล้วเหรอ ถึงไิปวิจารณ์เค้าแบบนั้น เราเองก็เป็นแฟนคลับของนักร้องเกาหลีเหมือนกัน เจอแบบนี้ไปก็ไม่น่าแปลกใจหรอกว่าแฟนคลับเค้าจะโกรธ สมควรแล้วล่ะ สมควรจริงๆ อย่าว่าแต่นักร้องเกาหลีเลย การที่เราชอบศิลปินคนไหน ไม่ว่าจะศิลปินไทยหรือศิลปินต่างชาติ แน่นอนก็คงไม่มีใครต้องการให้คนอื่นมาด่ามาว่าคนที่เราชอบหรอก ถ้าเค้าไม่ได้มีความผิดจริง ถ้ามีความผิดจริงโอเคไม่ว่ากัน อย่างกรณีของแทยอนในราย mubank มีหลักฐานยืนยัน อันนี้จะพูดแค่ไหนก็ต้องยอมรับว่าเค้าทำจริงๆ แต่นี่เค้าอยู่เฉยๆ แต่กลับไปพูดแบบนี้ สร้างกระแสให้ตัวเองแบบนี้ ไม่กลัวเหรอว่าคนเค้าจะเกลียดขนาดไหนเนี่ย จะดับก่อนดังซะมั่ง หรือว่าจะตามมาร์คออกไปอีกคน

  9. บ้านใครหรอค่ะ ? บิ๊กแบ๊ง มี 6 !!! นับสิค่ะ
    แทยัง ชเวท้อป(รักมา กก ก ก)แดซอง ซึงริ จียง 5 ค่ะ 5 !

    การใช้คำพูว่า “มัน” สมควรแร้วหรอ ตัวเองเปนใคร ได้ดีสู้คนที่เท่อ
    ใช่สรรพนาม จิกว่า “มัน” ได้หรือเปล่า
    เค้าระดับใหร่แร้ว ! เท่อล่ะ ดีพอที่จะว่าคนอื่นแร้วหรอ ?

    จะถูกโหวตออกเมื่อไหร่ก้อไม่รุว! ปากหาเรื่อง ข้อมูลก้อมั่วได้โล่เรย
    ทั้งอายุของ ชานดารา แล้วก้อ ของบอมอิ๊ก !

    ไม่รุวจิงก้อหุบปากไปเหอะ รำคาน! โง่อวดฉลาด

  10. I’m dissappointed. It wasn’t even THAT insulting. It didnt even look like she was insulting them. Heck, I found nothing insulting. She was just actin like a know it all and was just telling the guy about the “popular idol groups.” I expected more out of that clip….LOL.

    I like SNSD as a group, I like some of their songs, so I guess this makes me a fan? But, this isn’t something to get so worked up over. Those fans are just overreacting. It’s not even the Korean fans… It’s the Thai fans. Shame~

    I’m actually more amused by how she and the guy pronounced the names. LOL… “g-da” and “bi banng” and how they referred to Jay as “ai tua lek lek”

    What kind of a name is Grape? Come on now Thailand! And then she just has to be Grape V2? Sounds like some type of drink.

    • Well he didnt know jay, so what did you expect him to say, the guy who say I hate korean, of course he should say ai tua lek lek.

      What do her name have to do with Thailand, and the name grape is not bad, some has first, sexaphone and more. look at your name or user name it’s more stupid, and your blaming her parent then, since they are the one who gave her the name

      • for someone who sure likes to hate on jay and other thai celebrities you sure are on here a lot dissing others.

        others have opinions and they can state their opinion if they want. even though everyone hates your opinions and your negativity they let you state it and ignore you. we know you’re a master in the art of trolling but seriously no one gives a flippin f**k about your 2 cents.

          • who said i couldn’t reply back to everyone? did i say preaw couldn’t reply back to everyone?

            you’re not the only one who can state your opinion and i feel like stating mine so how is that any of your problem?

      • Praew, quit being such a troll. I didn’t even mean anything in a harmful/bashing type of way. I just found it all amusing. Stop with all your negative twists on everything.

  11. I really dont like this 15 yr old girl she has a bad mouth. She was bitching about how they had to add another person bcus mark quit & the new guys name is thon she said I dont count him as af7. this little girl cant even sing, I cannot believe she got it -______-

  12. lol…I think the girl yuna from snsd is over rated…she isn’t that hot…I really don’t care cause I also am not a big fan of snsd…ppl have their opinion and that was mine

  13. They might have used the word “Mun” but from the video they’re just using it COLLOQUIALLY , they referred to Jay as “mun” but they were talking about him positively, as she said he was ” handsome” , so overall they were just talking about korean bands in general and who they liked not who they hated. Well from the video thats what was implied.

    • FINALLY someone see the way I was seeing, LOL, thank you B. 🙂

      AND PEOPLES don’t come back and say the video is of different thing, because I KNOW OK!
      GOODNESS!! (This part is not meant for you OK B. 🙂 )

  14. Okay being only 15 and using “Mun” is in a way disrespectful i admit, but they meant it with no bad intentions. So if they were to get “bashed” they should just be disciplined for their language, as respect in the Thai culture is highly valued.

  15. snsd is way over rated. Really, anybody could have been the next snsd member. And, what Grape said wasn’t false. I guess it is hard to hear what people think sometimes. And, plus I think snsd fans are crazy/over the top.

  16. Here’s an advice, if people don’t like the way DL translate something, that they unintentionally can not make mistakes then go open up your own blog or forum and translate stuff yourself if you believe you can do any better. Case solve!

  17. I do agree that Yoona is over-ratted but SNSD are talented girls. Can’t talk about them if you are not better than them.

    • i admit i cannot sing, but am i forbidden to talk about snsd. that is something i have never heard of. ya people cannot take criticism well. there is three girls out of the whole group that can actually really sing.

  18. I don’t see that their conversation was insulting in any way. Yes, they were saying words like “mun” “goo” “kode” etc… but it’s slang. True, it’s improper and it’s not polite; but it’s how the new generation talks. In Thailand, it’s ok to talk like that to your friends or to people that are of similar age with you (even though it’s still improper and not polite, but it’s still considered ok between friends). Even people here in America talk like that. And it’s mostly between friends. But if Grape were to talk like that to an adult or on a tv show or something, that would be a different story. And even though this is a tv show, but it’s a reality show. It’s supposed to be kind of candid in a way.

  19. NOOOO is not true.
    I’m Thai and I’m not AF fan & SNSD fan. I think Thai SNSD fan is distort. She’s(Grape) not said Yoona “Rad”. I never heard in clip.

    example (Then time they watch GEE MV)
    If you start look at 0.24 (I don’t know who said) “Did SNSD get plastic surgery?”
    0:31 Nutty said : “P’Khun favorite this person(Yoona) right? ” I think P’Khun’s mean Nichkhun but I’m not sure.
    00.34 : Grape said “Jessica made eyes nose teeth”
    00.50 : Grape said “Taeyoen just made eyes”
    01.17 : Nutty said This song very very popular.
    01.22 Grape said “OK Popular but listen to much is so bored”

    they always call SNSD “Mun” they not respect ;(

    Sorry if you can’t understand. My English is very not good. 🙂
    I just you know about the fact.

    • I’m Thai and I watched this video and no one was disrespecting the group. At a certain point, they were talking about the physical traits of the girls. They were talking about who got plastic surgery (eyes, nose teeth, etc…). They even compliment how pretty they are.

      True, they use the word “mun” but people need to understand that this word is used as a slang for the new generation. By no means are they using to disrespect. If they disrespected, they wouldn’t be complimenting.

      • I don’t want to say the word “mun” is a slang because remember Dew used the word “lao” and it was a slang and got in trouble for it. “lao” is a slang in thai that the new generation use a lot also.

        • in the case of Dew and her “slang word”, we all know that was just her excuse.

          as for the word “mun” it’s a slang. it’s like street talk. some people see that it’s low-class because a lot of people who live in the countryside use it. even the older generation use those words “mun” “goo” “merng” too.

    • Someone said or were spreading around that Grape called Yoona “Raet” it didn’t say she called her that on the reality show but a snitch or a snsd fan spread it around that Grape said other things about SNSD and Yoona also besides “Mun”.

        • i never said it was the truth. i put someone said or were spreading around that grape called yoona “raet” we’re not csi investigators or korean netizens to find the real truth in what she said.

          some felt like a 15 year old like her shouldn’t be offending someone unless she’s on their level. she’s on a singing show and is trying to compete for viewers vote. snsd fans wouldn’t get worked up for anything if what she said didn’t offend their precious stars.

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