Yui Jiranun’s Younger Brother Arrested For Fraud

On the 25th of July, the younger brother of famous actress, “Yui” Jiranun Manojam was issued a warrant of arrest for fraud.

Mr. Dusit Manojam, the younger brother of famous actress, “Yui Jiranun Manojam was issued a warrant by the District Court of North Bangkok for his arrest of fraud and misappropriation of police property. The case was brought on by Mr. Ampon Ponprasit , the director of Alice Import International, which is a company that specializes in import and export. Mr. Ampon filed a report last year at the Sutthisan police station stating that Dusit conned him into investing money into a casino in the amount of  270,00 baht. Dusit said that the interest from the profit would be a good amount of money and that he borrowed a digital camera in the amount of 7,000 baht. After that Mr. Ampon could not reach Dusit anymore.

At the beginning the accused admitted to being the person the warrant was issued for, but he would give his alibi in court. He is being held over night at the police station and most likely would be bailed out by relatives in the morning.

[Source via MCOT news]

6 responses to “Yui Jiranun’s Younger Brother Arrested For Fraud

  1. Failed to mention that they are siblings of different Mothers. Her mother and herself hasn’t talked to her father nor step-mother since the seperation from her mother and herself.

    • oh if you click the related link you can read all about the history of them being half brothers and in the article originally in Thai at MCOT it doesn’t state the half sibling part. They failed to mention that.

  2. What ashamed that Yui’s name is in here when she really has no relation with this fraud person other than once shared the same father. I said “once” because she doesn’t have anything to do with her father or his new family anymore. So isn’t fair that her name got smear because of them.

  3. They will always they to link them together no matter what. Even if they have the same last name. I remember some guy had the same last name bit no relation and still linked him to her. That’s how reporters roll to sell headlines.

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