Jetrin Wants To Push Daughter To Hollywood Market

Singer, “Jay” Jetrin Wattanasin is ready to push his beautiful daughter “Jada” into the Hollywood market. He reveals that the apple doesn’t far from the tree as Jada likes to sing and dance just like her father. Jay also reveals that right now Jada is still young, but if she was a bit older then this he’ll be a really possessive father!

Jay reveals that his daughter “Jada” Jidarin Nalamlieng with “Gina” Jidtaparn Nalamlieng flew to come and visit Thailand and to do a mother-daughter photoshoot for LIPS magazine.

We found out that Nong Jada came to visit Thailand did you get to meet her?

“Of course, we got to see each other. We met up at her grandparent’s home because she came for a short period to do a photoshoot for LIPS and was out on many various shows. So I got to see her at her grandparent’s home. I was a bit busy with work, but I did get to see her and she came to the house about 2-3 times.”

Jada seems like she’s a young woman already.

“She’s still a child. My daughter is still a child. She’s only 12 years old. See when I see her she might seem like she’s tall like me, but when people would talk to her they would know she’s still a child. She’s still a child. She’ll come over to eat at my parent’s house and then would want to play hide and seek so her uncle, “Joe” (Jirayuth Wattanasin one of the lead singers of band, Nuvo) would go and hide. He would play with her. So she’s still a child, but she is completely perfect.”

We saw that Uncle Joe took a picture with his niece.

“Everyone in the house took pictures with her. My family likes to take pictures already. Uncle Joe would take pictures and go show it off. It’s a bit funny, but cute at the same time. When I see my daughter and she’s playing with her uncle I feel happy that there are those moments. I’m happy that my daughter get’s to have her moment with her aunt, uncle, and grandparents. I’m happy she  had the opportunity to meet her grandparents. aunt and uncle. She’s a very warm child. There were no problems at all. Whenever she would come over to my house we would have a lot of presents for her. It’s cute and she likes it and she’s not like a western (farang) child either.”

Would you push your daughter into the Entertainment business?

“If she enters I want her to enter through Hollywood instead. I want her to enter through there instead. I’ve talked it with her mother and we both decided that we’d rather have her enter the market through Hollywood. Right now her mother is letting her take a course in ballet and there was a period where she took hip hop classes. She likes this route better. She likes to dance and sing. So if there is an opportunity I would want her to go into that route because she’s an American (born in America) child and I would like her to go through there. She does have some Thai traits also. She greets (wai) and can listen to some Thai words and she can have a chance to come back to the Thai Entertainment any time.”

Has an agency contacted her?

“There has been some to do CF (Commercial Film), but I would have to check the timing and if it’s right because she is still in school. Like my sons, I’m not pushing them to go into acting, but instead commercials or modeling because it’s much easier for them”

Do you think your daughter is beautiful?

“Of course my daughter is beautiful! As a father, I would have to see my daughter as beautiful no matter what, but if I take a step back and see what others see, I would have to say my daughter is beautiful. I’m proud of it. When I see her face there are some of my features and I’m proud and she’s proud. Like the most cherished moment was when before she was leaving everyone was giving her presents and I kept mine a secret and didn’t give it to her yet and she was quiet, but I gave her an iPad to take back and I’m waiting for a picture. She was happy and liked it. It was cute.”

Are you possessive of you daughter?

“I think she’s westernized already and her mother raised her well. Her mother looks after her in a stone already. So westernized kids know what is the truth and what they should do or not do. Their school teaches them (sex education) and they will be more cautious then the Thai children over here. I say that I’m not worried about her because she knows what she’s doing.”

What if someone comes and hit on her?

“If it’s over there then I think it’s OK because the rules are more regulated then over here because in Thailand there are mixed systems. Over there seems better to live and I would be worried for her, but she’s still a child. She’s only 12 so I don’t feel anything much by it, but when she’s around 18-19 then we’ll have to talk about it again. I do believe that she will be flying back and forth like next year she said she would come again next year.”

[Source via Sanook/Gossip Star]

28 responses to “Jetrin Wants To Push Daughter To Hollywood Market

  1. Jay is an ass, if his daughter didnt come, we wouldnt have known her. I thought he only have 3 boys. he’s not a good father too. By the way is the older child of jay “Gina” Jidtaparn Nalamlieng kids, i heard the older one is Pin step son

    • obviously you don’t know the full story. so in other words don’t speak before you don’t know.

      gina only has 1 daughter and it is jada so don’t go twisting shizz around.

    • dude I thought she was like 18-20 even in that picture with jay where shes not retouched & no makeup. thats so crazy

      • DUHh, that picture up there with Jay is her mother Gina.
        It’s just with all the make up and touch up that made Jada look much older. I saw her picture at Pantip without make up on, she still look very young, but still cute and very pretty young girl.

    • I know right,, I’m going to give you a thumbs up. All this time he never once talked about her UNLESS asked specifically. When they asked him how many kids he have, he never said 4, instead he always said 3. So now that she’s getting big, popular and beautiful he wants to talk about her more? Whatever.

  2. Ever since I was a child and watch and follow thai entertainment, I never hear story about Jay and his daughter… okay except once, long time ago when he was doing a Jet Ski race in the States. A reporter ask if he had stop by to see his daughter and he said he was there for work and didn’t have much time.

    Btw education is the best route in America, not saying do not have hopes and dreams. Being in the Hollywood scene isn’t a piece of pie JAY. I’m sure he knows that. Buh it’s my 2cent.

    • I agree but since her mother is already active herself in talk show appearances she can probably help her daughter out.

      I know Hollywood is hard for Asians to get into also. They’re usually racist and there are many talented Asians go unnoticed.

  3. i thought she was older then 12 too! she’s cute and pretty! im pretty sure she can make it big! hehe! 😀

  4. I was wondering what his daughter looked like, I heard Jay had a daughter in the states now I know, she’s pretty

  5. Jay has been dating Pin his wife before he met Jada mom, when he was in the states, he cheated on Pin with Gina, and Pin broke up with him, later he found out Gina was pregnant, but denied that it was his child. When he got back to Thailand, he marry pin, and got 3 boys. But yeah, he is an ass, cuz he never cared for Jada, til now.

  6. ok someone said that Jay is not allowed to talk about her daughter to the Thai media…now I think that was wrong…lol

    and she’s only 12?! no wayyyyy!!!!

  7. There are rules and reasons that are not publicized. Who in the world would publicize their life to the world. Would you? Just because he doesnt mention it to the world, does it mean he doesn’t take care of her? Are you his mother or father for him to report to you what he does or doesn’t do with this daughter? Seriously… why do people only see what’s on the outside and dont stop to think of what goes on behind the scene. Just cuz you dont see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. In Thai Culture, do you think a man will talk about his other daughter from another mother in front of the public while his current wife is sitting right there?

    • Oh so it’s inappropriate to talk about or accept your bastard child to the world while your wife is sitting around because the culture doesn’t approve of it but it’s ok to want to talk about pushing the same bastard child into the worldly accepted business of hollywood entertainment now that she’s grown and getting recognition? ok..

      • My point isn’t that I agree with him or disgree him. My point is everyone is jumping to conclusions without even really knowing the real him or his family. Dont that ever happen to you once in a while when someone judges you from what they hear or see, but in all acutally they dont know what really happens apart from what they see or hear? I’m saying, give the guy the benefit of the doubt. There’s still a side of the story that we dont know about.

        • I agree with you that people shouldn’t jump to conclusion without even knowing the truth to both side of the story. And I noticed that when Gina and Jada was on the recent talk show, they didn’t mention about Jetrin at all, usually the host would try to be very nosy about their personal lives…but I was surprised that the host didn’t ask about Jada’s father. It could be that they did have some kind of agreement/contract with the talk shows not to ask about each other.. that may be the reason why we don’t hear Jetrin mentioning about his ex and daughter in the past? But regardless, we should not judge him for being a bad/neglected father, none of us here don’t know what’s behind closed door..we’re just an outsider!

          • I was just gonna say that..i watch the talk show and all they said was her father was a famous singer..i thought that was weird??

  8. There was another post talking about his daughter “Jeda”. So are Jada and Jeda the same person or different people???

    • Im jayda’s friend and it is actually spelled Jayda, but maybe they spell it different in Thailand or something, but ya it is her

  9. Why not just marry Jada mom to start with if he’s a good father / person … 555555 well I guess everythin is all happens behind the scene … Assswhole !!

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