Nadech Loudly Says He’s Not A Fussy Person

Starting off in the industry not so long, fresh face newbie actor, Nadech Kugimiya has been struck with rumors from left to right that since his fame has risen he raised his hiring fees. Also at this time he has been given jobs repeatedly which led netizens to dub him as “The King Of Commercials“, but Nadech came out to clarify those news already saying that he doesn’t know anything about it. As for the rumors of him being a divo, picking his own make-up artist, and his own photographer had the actor hurry to deny it and say he’s not a fussy person!

“I have no idea about the money I get from working at all.” (How much is your hiring rate normally?) “I really don’t know because those who hire me will contact my manager.” (Has your manager called you to discuss it with you?) “He hasn’t said anything because P’A (Supachai, Aump Patcharapa’s manager also) is on vacation right now.”

There were rumors saying you’re a fussy person that you have to have your own make-up artist and photographer.

“I’m not a fussy person at all. I’m OK with anything.”

[Source Gossip Star]

8 responses to “Nadech Loudly Says He’s Not A Fussy Person

  1. ahaha omg thats not a good outfit for him, his short blazer makes him look even more tall & he should never do his hair like that ever.
    just sayin.(:

  2. OMG the hair and cloth need to go, some of the rumor might be true, his manager is A surachai, the manager to Mario and them and you know how they are

  3. i dont see anything so specially about barry. i like him but not to the point of going goo goo gaga.

  4. I think he’s only getting much publicity is because he has Aump Patcharapa’s manager as his manager. Everyone knows that they’re famous by their so called ‘scandals’ and rumors everyday. That’s how they work it to get them to become household names. Abilities wise it sucks but as long as they are known and mentioned a lot they become more famous.

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