Kob Delighted With Brook; Gives Her an iPad For 32nd Birthday

Kob Suvanant takes her husband, Brook Danuporn to the temple to make merits for her 32nd birthday. She’s delighted with her husband that he bought her an iPad as a gift. She also reveals that they are rushing to get ready to jump on the baby making wagon this year.

Today on the 23rd of July 2010 at 10 a.m. famous actress, “Kob” Suvanant Kongying takes her husband, “Brook” Danuporn Boonakan, and fanclub members to make merits at the temple for Kob’s 32nd birthday. Brook dishes out and buys her an iPad as a gift for her birthday. She also reveals that after they’ve married Brook has been more cuter. Kob also reveals she’s taking pre-natal vitamins and they are trying to conceive a baby by this year.

Kob: “Normally every year we usually we would go to the temple. It shouldn’t be a problem if we decide to do a big merit every once in awhile.”

What did you give Kob as a gift this year?

Brook: “Kob already received her gift in advance last month. One of her gift was an iPad. We went to Hong Kong, so I bought it for her as a gift for her birthday.” (Was it another honeymoon?) “No, it wasn’t. Right now I’m still free so we decided to take a little vacation.”

What do you want to give yourself as a gift?

Kob: “I can’t think of anything at all right now. I do feel that last year, I wasn’t making enough merits and praying much. So, I will try to make more merits and pray as much as I can. If I had more time to myself then that would be a good thing also. I want to take some time and become a temporary brahmin and meditate also.”

Your fan club is still loyal to you like always.

Kob: “I want to thank all of them for following us here and giving me support as always.”

Are you using this occasion to recruit more fans?

Brook: “No, we’re not. We work our usual jobs as always. Today is a special day and like Kob said, this season is rainy season and at this temple there is everything for us. We wanted a lot of monks and at this temple there are about 150-200 monks that are here.”

Kob: “Last time we came here there were about 200 monks. When I hear their chants it makes me feel better.”

Today Did Brook’s mother come also?

Brook: “She has work.”

Did you receive a present from your mother-in-law yet?

Kob: “No, I haven’t yet.

Brook: “This evening. We’ll be going out to dinner and we should be seeing everyone later on tonight.”

Do you have any lakorns coming up?

Kob: “Right now there are no lakorns. I’m resting and like I’ve said from the beginning we want to try to conceive a baby because we’ve been together for a year already. At first we were going to try at the beginning of this year, but I had my lakorn and right now I’m in the stage of preparing my body.”

Have you consulted a doctor yet?

Kob: “No not yet. When I got married I received my shots and that was it.”

After you got marred has Brook been more sweeter to you?

Kob: “He’s sweeter then ever (laughs) he’s cuter also.”

Brook: “I take care of her because we’re married and there is only 2 of us. When I get off work I would hurry and rush home because Kob is at home waiting to eat dinner with me.”

After this will you go on another honeymoon?

Brook: “We’ve went to a lot of countries already ever since we’ve got married.”

Kob: “But we didn’t go on a honeymoon we just went travelling instead.”

[Source via Rakdara]

7 responses to “Kob Delighted With Brook; Gives Her an iPad For 32nd Birthday

  1. Brook, are you sure it wasn’t an “iPAT?” being it’s from China? LOL Just kiddddinnng 😀 I’m glad hearing good news from this couple though I still can’t stop picking on Brook. 😀

  2. they are determined to have a baby and i hope they do have one. kob deserves one and to finally legally marry brook!

  3. awww…my favorite couple..they are so cute and adorable together. thanks dl for sharing this new of kob and brook…thanks

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