Hia Hoh Doesn’t Care For Lydia’s Apology; Turns To Mold Film Into The Next Asian Superstar

Preparing to mold his “favorite son”, “Film” Rattapoom Tohkongsup into an Asian Star for big boss of RS Promotion, “Hia Hoh” Supachai Chaetachohdtisak who recently gave out an interview at Siam Landau Gallery that he has plans on making Film an Asian Star, but keeping mum on the details first. He also brushes off the rumors of Film’s contract almost expiring that he won’t be renewing it. Hia Hoh reveals that it’s still the same and he’s giving work to Film as usual and as for the progress of him not satisfied with singer, “Lydia” Sarunratch Wisuthsakda saying that she won’t be renewing her contract with RS and coming out to later apologize to the public for it. Hia Hon says it’s not important, but what’s important is that she didn’t renew her contract, but he doesn’t care for it much.

“Right now the truth is that we do have a plan to market Film and mold him into the next “Asia Star.” After we’ve let him act in lakorns it’s time for him to prepare and we want him to be an Asian Star of ours that has experience in every field. We have a partner from another country and Film has fans across seas also. The estimate timing would be from August to the middle of next year is when you’ll get to see it. Film has potential and experience. This isn’t the first time he has worked overseas. Film is recognized somewhat overseas and in Korea and Japan. Not only Film that we have plans for, but there is Kamikaze, Neko Jump, and Four-Mod.”

Is it true that Film’s contract is expired and he hasn’t renewed it yet?

“No, it’s not expired yet. Film is still working for us under the plans that we have for him. He’s still in contract with us and our plan for Film is a long progress that we’ll gradually work on.”

There are news that Lydia went to talk to you?

“No, she didn’t. Truthfully I think that if she comes in to talk or not to talk I just see it as a warning when I tell them to think before they speak and they should be careful. If they know what they’re doing then they should stop. I think that’s a good thing.

So does that mean she hasn’t apologized yet?

“Whether if she comes to apologize or not it’s not the issue and I don’t want that. I just want to advise her that she’s a child (dek/เด็ก) and she should watch what she says. Not just Lydia, but I say this with everyone that if they don’t watch what they’re saying to about their elders they can damage the other person. I am not satisfied with it, but I do understand that being a child they can always make mistakes. It’s not a big deal. So, talking and warning them should make them understand and the issue isn’t because of Lydia having another company coming in, but the main issue was loud and clear that we won’t be renewing contracts. If an artist decides that they will not be renewing their contracts, then we won’t be giving them work.”

[Source via Rakdara]

31 responses to “Hia Hoh Doesn’t Care For Lydia’s Apology; Turns To Mold Film Into The Next Asian Superstar

  1. Hiaho needs to hire a speaker for him. Guess Film found himself a new sugar daddy. <_< Doesn't heahoh remember Film's HUGE ASS scandal? He's being bias all over. And it's so sad for all the artists who work under him. "If an artist decides that they will not be renewing their contracts, then we won’t be giving them work.” They should still work with them to the end. If not, go ahead and CANCEL the contract so the artists won't have to hold a freaking grudge on RS while they are unable to earn money.

    I know Hiaho is all about business, but he needs to make sure his artists leave RS with a good heart…seems like all those who leave, never wanna look back.

  2. No offense to Film , but he’s not that great of a singer to maybe making it big in asia, don’t get me wrong hes voice isn’t bad as other singers out there but not good enough, i love him as an actor, he’s hilarious, just maybe not as a singer.

  3. I like Film, and people are just going to bash him because of Hia Hoh showing favoritism..Film is a good singer and actor, not the best but he has potential..Film is a nice guy.

    And I agree that Hia Hoh is an ass for speaking out rudely about the others (Lydia) to the media..unproffessional.

  4. UM, please don’t. film is only going to embarrass us.
    none of those artists he listed can make it big in asia.

  5. The way that guy talks… I don’t know him… it seemed like he thinks he is better than everyone else… the way he treated his artist, they need to leave… He made a comment about the artists need to watch what they are saying.. I think he should too…

  6. okay i understand that business is important. i mean people can be greedy like hiasshole lmao so this guy is extremely an idiot. as a businessman, he ain’t so good with his public speech. does he even know what he is talking about. first he says it has nothing to do with lydia having a company await for her expired contract and then he goes he will not be renewing contract if they dont plan on giving them work. it is still the f-ing same thing. like i would seriously slap him if i ever see him walking down the street (good thing he lives in thailand) he better not come to the states to where i live.

    now to film, he’s not a good actor and do i need to say a good singer. his acting is a little bit more tolerable than his singing. and to end all that he’s a hungry fame seeker. i still cant forget his lee da hae incident. he’s such an embarrassment and this hiasshole still wants to promote him. and it is already known that film will definitely not become that big. if so, then everyone else can do become big.

  7. Lol I like your ‘hiasshole’ mentioning and I agree with you that Film can not make it big. He is OK but singing wise he’s a joke

  8. Film? Next Asian Superstar? LOL. Okay? Where was this guy when film’s sugar daddy scandal erupted?

    Film can NOT sing, his dancing is mediocre, and his acting is barely tolerable. He has NO ounce of potential in him to be the next anything. Next Asian Superstar? You’ve got to be shitting me. Maybe the next attention seeker. Looks like someone found himself a new Sugar Daddy in the form of RS’s CEO(?). That, or Hia Hoh strongly believes in that stupid prediction made by that one guy.

    Hia Hoh is an ass. The way he speaks, talks, and handles things in RS is just… so freaken tyrant like. I’m not even gonna rant about him cause he’s not even worth the talk. It’s going to FUN watching RS burn in flames with just low quality artists like Film, Kamikaze, Four Mod, Neko Jump, and whichever K-pop/J-pop wannabe they spat out.

    Good luck Lydia. You’re rich, your family is rich, and so is your boyfriend. Take this as a year’s worth of vacation. Heck, think of it as retiring. You’ll be chilling and relaxing watching these losers pathetically copying other entertainments while their company falls apart.

  9. no comment on film havent seen his work yet. but i definitely enjoyed some of lydias song. Lydia should move on. Who knows, maybe she can make it Bigger without this HIA HO guy dude. that dude looks like an og crazy over young girls. *BARF* iguess not lol

  10. i just wanted to point this out i’m not sure if anyone knows but his name is HIA HOR but like personal preference DL spells it HOH.

    so i’m not sure if anyone is mistaking that.

    FILM can not be the next RAIN even if he tries. he’s not on RAIN’s level. all those people he listed to be the “next asian star” are jokes.

  11. Film the next big thing? You have got to be insane! RS have been tryin to promote his ass since 05, sayin they’ll make him bigger than D2B, even now he’s not anywhere near d2b status, never will he ever either, n they think they can just mold him into what the next Rain? Oh please, this fame whore cannot sing to save himself. He was part of the most disgusting piece of Thai news i ever heard n here this hia wants to talk about Lydia,i wonder what film must be doing in exchange for all this promotions. Lydia o the press needs to bring up this scandal again n see wat this old man got to say about renewing tis scandoul star contract .

  12. I don’t know why you peoples are being harsh on Film. I am not a fan of his but I see some of his work. His acting his isn’t bad to watch or his singing. If he takes singing and acting course there will come improvement. If you don’t like him then don’t trash about him. We don’t know who he is but only know him as a entertainer in Thailand. Whatever scandal he had made isn’t like any entertainer had never done it before. Almost every entertainers will create scandal. We just have to learn how to let go of those scandal and watch the artist for their improvement in the future. We can not always bash them for what they had done in the past. What been done is done. Everyone had potential inside of them.

    • I don’t think you really see the point. The point everyone is trying to make is that Hia Hor is a hypocrite. He bashed Lydia, Beam, and others for creating scandals and saying that is the main reason why he’s not going to renew their contracts or give them any more work. Then here you have Film who really did have the biggest scandal by an RS artist whom he vows to mold into the next Asian star?

    • creating a scandal that you sold your body for money? all celebrities have that scandal? you really gotta be kidding me.

      • But this one wasn’t just a made up scandal or a rumor. This one was actually true with hard evidence lol. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that he’s a horrible guy for doing that. Whatever or whoever rocks his boat is his business lol. I’m just saying, Hia Hor is a hypocrite.

        • he’s not a horrible person but it does disgust me and it can definitely make you dislike a person lol. i thought it was just rumored and ignored it like how i ignored all male accused of being gay and sold their body lol but i guess i should have paid more attention.

        • andddd the fact that he owed the guy some money, was avoiding the guy, and kept insisting to the public that he was purely innocent and didn’t know who this guy was. The public strongly believed him until the hard evidence was pulled out. Only then did Film come out in tears, weeping and crying and finally admitting to it.

          Of course, Film isn’t a horrible person for selling himself to a gay guy. Heck, whatever floats his sinking boat! But he’s horrible for lying to the public and using public support as well… support for himself against something he knows he actually did wrong.

          • Yup, i felt bad for his fans, he kept lying n lying until that old man was like ” I’m going to sue u in 7 days if you don’t admit, btw I have all our receipts(frm. motels,airplane tickets, even a pet cat)”…honestly i support all
            types of relationships, but not young men sleeping around for fame. N just becuz he’s not the first celebrity to do this, though hes the first Thai celebrity I heard of, it doesnt make it any better of rite for him.

    • Ok I will say maybe I’m being a bit harsh but he’s been in the industry for a long time no I hardly see any improvements. Others stars have scandals but not to tis disgusting…

  13. The reason why RS isn’t going anywhere is because they promote untalented people like this. Film is a good actor, he should stick to what he’s good at.

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