Songkran Believes Pinky and Aff Knows How To Separate Work From Personal

Songkran reveals he’s not worried that his ex “fling”, “Pinky” Sawika is moving to Channel 3 and making an impact on his girlfriend, “Aff” Tucksaorn. He believes both are adults enough to separate work from personal business.

Wealthy heir to Bonanza Kao Yai, Songkran Taechanarong opened up that he’s not worried about his ex “fling”, “Pinky” Sawika Chaidech moving to the arms of Channel 3. Songkran believes it shouldn’t have an impact on girlfriend, “Aff” Taksaorn Paksoukchareon at all. He also that both Aff and Pinky can separate work and personal life. Songkran also denies that he and Aff would be in business together.

Reporters asked Songkran about ex “fling” Pinky moving to Channel 3 and if there would be problems with his current girlfriend, Aff Taksaorn. Songkran replied shortly,

“Probably not because they both are adults and have been working since they were very young and they probably understand how to separate work and personal life from one another.”

As for the rumors that he and Aff would work together on a housing project Songkran said,

“Right now I’m working on Jatsun housing project and Aff came to help pick out the style of the houses. From looking and picking is more of what she’s doing. We’re not shareholders or anything. It’s more of helping each other instead.”

Not only does Songkran take care of Aff, but he’s also checking her cellphone and changed the case of her Blackberry for her also.

“It went under repairs and there were marks and scratches all over it and when I would call her I can’t hear her very well.” (Why wont’ you just buy her a new BB instead?) “I thought about it also because I can’t take it anymore (smiles). We’ve spent a lot of time talking to each other lately and when we’re both free I would take her to do things she wants to do because she works really hard. I’ll take her out to eat at times. Aff isn’t a fussy person also.”

[Source via Sanook/Gossip Star]

14 responses to “Songkran Believes Pinky and Aff Knows How To Separate Work From Personal

  1. wow let’s start drama with aff and pinky. im sure they know how to separate work from personal life. aff is too much of a classy lady to care about pinky.

  2. Geez what dumb reporter would ask Songran for his input lol. New flash! No one frickin cares what he thinks lol. He only got famous from ditching Pinky and dating Aff. I still don’t see what’s so great about him.

  3. lol i dont know how pinkys gonna deal with being in the same channel as tanya and aff when reporters love to stir up drama..she could of just stayed loyal to ch7

  4. I think it’s funny when people say they don’t know what’s so great about Songkran when it seems like he comes right out of the lakorns that so many people love the watch. the arrogant rich p’ek…lol…

  5. Reporters are certainly very annoying. I don’t care who Aff dates as long as he’s good to her. I don’t wanna hate on Songkran because I don’t know him and I shouldn’t judge him it’s not good karma.

  6. I like Songkran and it seems like Aff is much happier with him! hope they last forever..
    I still don’t get why people don’t like him..I wouldn’t mind dating somebody like him.

  7. well i know for sure aff is beyond those jealousy games….she’s secure with her man…and he is treating her well…..god bless you both

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