Om is another one of Aump’s collection

All of a sudden he is in the news as one of Aump Patcharapa Chaichue‘s collection. Because of this, Om Akapan Namart quickly came out to that it’s not true.

Lastest news: one of our sweet skinned actor came out to clear the news and answered the question of how close is he to Aump. He replies,

“Well, we’re only close when we filmed the lakorn ‘Pra Jun Rai Payak’. After we finished filming the lakorn, we didn’t talk much. Like I said, when we filmed the lakorn, we were kind of close. After the lakorn finished, we see each other through work krub.”

We asked, did you really become one of her collection? Om instantly replied,

“I did not become one of her collection krub (laughs). Who would be bold enough to hit on p’Aump? I am not krub. I think it’s better to be brother and sister. It’s better to film lakorns together and work together. And for the most part, if I do talk to her, it’s about work. When we filmed the lakorn together, we would talk about the lakorn… about the script and about the rating. I can assure you that between me and p’Aump, there is nothing krub p’. She is an elder in the industry, we can ask for advice about work.”

We asked when he will have a sweetheart. Om answered with a cheerful face,

“Right now I am not thinking about that. I want to do the best I can with work first.”

Source: Zubzip

13 responses to “Om is another one of Aump’s collection

  1. @ alwaizemeeh…yea, Om should go for Min. Om and Min are more suitable and cute together. I don’t know why but I just don’t like Aum Patcharapa with Om.

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