Num Sornram Pours All To Work; Love Depends On Timing

“I’ve been single for almost 3 years already. I’m not lonely and I work every day. Playing sports and taking care of my family is enough to make me happy already.”

Actor, “Num” Sonram Theppitak revealed when asked about his love life.

“I think it’s up to ourselves if we want to have a relationship. Today we’ll think about progressing in the future. Thinking about my responsibilities of my company (Riti-ram) and to watch over my employees and take care of my family. Right now I’m in responsible for my employees and their jobs. So work has to come first, but it’s not the point where I’m closed off to having relationships. Everything has to do with timing and what we hope for will come on it’s own.”

[Source via Khaosod]

12 responses to “Num Sornram Pours All To Work; Love Depends On Timing

  1. I remember watching his lakorns as a kid and even now he is still HOT at his age! Can’t believe he’s single and isn’t settled down yet. But I guess you can’t pick and choose when to find the right person. Hope he will someday 🙂

  2. He looks amazing in that pic! He’s such a great actor…too bad he can’t find the right woman yet.

  3. agree with preaw, he still have time to find the right woman besides he’s still good looking like before. he’s also a talented actor, no one would reject him. I know I wouldn’t. 🙂

  4. He’s so old now! But whatever I Love him anyway!
    hahaha…Its cool if he don’t have a girl as long as
    he’s happy!

  5. he’s gonna be a andre kim lol i heard he’s in the hospital. you work on what you love to do and you sort of forget about the other things in life. it seems like he does enjoy working in his company.

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