Num admits sending ‘love you’ SMS to Oh

Num admits that he did send ‘love you’ SMS to Oh Roongrawee. A lot of people didn’t think that he would be in the news with Oh because it’s personal. He accepts his wrong and uses it as a learning experience. He asks to not work together anymore. He adds that he and his girlfriend, May Feungarom, are not arguing because she doesn’t take the news seriously anyway. Oh says that she’s telling the truth.

“Well, no one said that she wasn’t telling the truth because she is telling the truth. I really did send her the SMS saying ‘love you’ (ruk na) and ‘love you kiss kiss’ (ruk na joob-joob) just like I send it to everyone krub. You can ask anyone you want. Or, you can even look at my BB and you’ll see that I send it to a lot of people. Even on my Twitter I write that, too. I didn’t say that Oh said anything wrong. I admit that I really sent that, but I’m kind of confused. Since I sent it, I sent it from my BB, so that would make it personal. It’s unbelievable how other people are able to view it. It’s weird that other people know. But that’s ok, I can see where she’s coming from and why she told her friends. And I can understand that maybe her friends told the news. As for me when I read the news, I’m not happy. When I am working, I always ask for everyone’s BB that comes on the show, because when I interview them I might be harsh sometimes. So, after the show, I would send them a message on BB saying ‘I’m sorry na, how are you? love you kiss kiss’. I always do that. I didn’t know that what I sent would make her misunderstand me. And since the news is already out, and if I made her misunderstand me, I’m sorry. At least, it’s a learning experience. Now, I have to be careful who I send it to. I can’t just send it to anyone like this anymore.”

“I haven’t talked to May about this krub because it’s my only problem. May has nothing to do with this problem and she probably doesn’t even care because she already knows. There’s no way that I would send a love message to someone else. There’s no way. We just met each other. We’ve only seen each other a few times. And now we meet on the show. Think about it. How can I send ‘love you’ to someone I just met?”

“About this problem with her, I don’t think anything of it krub. Since she already came out to say that her friends were the ones to send it, then her friends must be the ones who gave this news. It must be her friends because she said she didn’t do it. It’s actually funny how technology is the beginning of this.”

“In the future, we probably won’t be working together krub. Some people say that she’s nonsense. I think she’s nonsense because all of a sudden she goes to the media and tells them that I send her a text saying ‘love you’? Pure nonsense. If that’s too harsh, I’m sorry. I am blunt and I already said it. I don’t know what else to do, I’m sorry. But to work together again, probably not because I don’t want to have any more problems. I don’t know in the future if we will work together, but I’m afraid that I can’t hold it in and say something out of anger. Then, there would be more news. I’d rather keep staying this way. I’m not afraid that this news will make me look like a cheater, because I already look like one. I just take this problem as a grain of sand. I’ve met worse news than this. Just this news, I’m not going to keep thinking about it. As for the post on Twitter saying that I’m stuck on this news. I just want to say that I want her to know that since she is able to come out to the press about it, I can too. I can express it on my Twitter as well. Whatever I feel, that’s what I’ll write.”

“You’re not my type of girl. So don’t say anything about me. I say that she should work for the news because they do this to each other all the time. Since she doesn’t seem to want to be an actress, then go work for the news. If you say I’m being a jerk… I don’t know, I’m the one being attacked. Is it harsh? I don’t know. Am I not a gentleman? These kind of things I don’t want to work with her anymore. That’s all I’m going to say. Do we need to clear things? No. Why should I? There’s nothing to clear anymore. What I’m saying right now, will end right now.”

Source: Zubzip

22 responses to “Num admits sending ‘love you’ SMS to Oh

    • I don’t know what to believe…But I have to admit, I freaking love his interview lol. So harsh, blunt, and straight to the point, this is the type of interview I like, whether he’s lying or not, I really don’t know, but the fact that he’s brave enough to say all of this in public, who knows. I don’t know the girl, but maybe she is an attention seeker…? Anyways, let’s wait for the girl, I’m sure she has something to say about this? Lol.

  1. If he ditch May Feungarom for this attention-seeking woman here, he’s gonna need new eyes. May is waayyy better. Better in physical characteristics and publicity.

  2. This has to be the most awesome interview I have ever read! He told the gosh darn truth and you can tell that Oh chick just wanted publicity. Num is so funny and blunt. “You’re not my type of girl anyways” lol. Love him! And I am sure May knows whats going on so its all good. Now no one’s gonna wanna mess with him anymore lol.

  3. Love Num & loved this interview! I think some celebrities should take notes on how to give a press conference. Thanks DL for posting this! 🙂

  4. What a great interview to read haha I actually laughed when he said, ““You’re not my type of girl.” In your face, whoever this Oh girl is.

  5. 😀 he sounds exactly the same like on talk host. really straight forward. =) Impressive!! *claps claps clapss* May must be laughing her butt off at the OH girl.

    my favorite line “because all of a sudden she goes to the media and tells them that I send her a text saying ‘love you’? Pure nonsense.” he just made her sound like a new TANGMO lol they must be friends.. O.o

  6. im laughing so hard but at the same time, he is pretty much an asshole. so is it her or her friends? they talked, she denied it, so he said it must have been her friends. and then he blames her at the end ahahaha… amazing.

    • I think he’s trying to say if she didn’t make it a big deal to her friends it wouldn’t have been a big deal.. or if her friends saw they would’ve atleast asked her and she should’ve clarified….
      Num thinks that this was such a small deal that she could’ve dealt with herself, but she didn’t and she over thought everything and made it a hassle.

    • I don’t see how “he is pretty much as asshole” as you mention. He’s straight up telling like it is and he is being sarcastic about being her friends that told the reporters. If you read between the line, he’s calling her conceited and that she wasn’t even his type or in away good enough for him or May to care lolz.
      In person P’Num is one of the nicest and coolest person to hang out with. He is very blunt and telling you like it is. So I wouldn’t call him an “asshole” for being a straightforward kind of a person. The messages that he send to her, if is in Thai language that it’s just a send off to whom ever when you write message to them. There is nothing romantic about it, unless that person is conceited and think too highly of themselves.
      And he is right, the message is to her and it’s private so how the reporters knows if she didn’t want attention and told them? Or in her words “her friends must have told the reporters”.
      Still there is an attention-seeker on her part written all over it. What he said to the reporters it’s just a slap in her face, and it’s a great one too. No bullshit or asshole about it. 🙂 lolz.

      • he should have been straight forward when there was a quarrel between may and this one girl. someone claimed aump to slap her because she was driving num’s car because may didnt have the guts to do so. i think dirtii-laundry or lyn posted it up.

        he wasnt so consistent in his interview. i give him props for talking like he doesnt give a shit about the media.

        • What does that have to do with what’s going on, on this post? And were you there to witness and see what was going on between those three girls to make your judgement and call him “an asshole” base on the post/press above?
          Plus that was old news and it was all just he said, she said and the whole thing was blown out of proportion. Khem interviewed with AT-TEN didn’t prove that she was the innocent victim either. She was much at fault as everyone else. So how is only P’Num being an “asshole”?
          And please point out in the post where he said or give off about “he doesn’t give a shit about the media”?
          Proof your point and I won’t pick on your comment anymore. 😛

  7. This is the kind of the interview I love to read from an actor! Confident and strong on his words. BRAVO! Even he is wrong and admit his fault but at the same time there is a reason to explain. Great Job P’Num! Other thai celebrities should take note and learn to stand strong like P’Num. It shows that you are serious. Also a warning to others not to mess with him. I love watching P’Num act. He is very funny 🙂

  8. DAMN if he loves her just by that message then i must be a straight out lesbian for telling my girlfriends those same things!!

    it’s a thai thing. my friends and i always msg each other when we are about to part ways we’ll say ‘ruk took wun’ (love you every day) ‘jubz jubz’ (kiss kiss) and :love:

    with my guy friends and girl-friends we do that to each other and none of us take it seriously at all. this girl is taking CONCEITED to a whole new level.

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