First Look At Nong Chun, Ken’s Son

For the latest issue of OHO Magazine we get a glimpse at the lovable son of actor, “Ken” Theeradeth Wongpuapan and actress wife, “Noi” Bussakorn‘s 2nd son, “Nong Chun.”

Not only that, but the cover of the magazine has a “Kiss Hot” bubble of actor Weir Sukollwat kissing girlfriend, Pancake Khemmanit, Aump Patcharapa and Min Pichaya posing together. While the main focus was on Film Rattapoom and co-star Janie Tienpohsuwan saying that the two are close to each other more then a friend should be!

[Source via Entertain Teenee]

16 responses to “First Look At Nong Chun, Ken’s Son

  1. Film is ugly, Jenny is turing big, and dont really like pancake and weir but there bf and gf so it’s ok to kiss

  2. the baby is so cute and chubby in the cheeks! just want to pinch those cute cheeks! hehe. it almost seemed like the baby is smiling at the camara. so cute nong chun! 😀

  3. i dont know if it is really true but younger sons are usually cuter lol not trying to be mean but he’s so much cuter than his older bro.

  4. Awww for Ken’s son and Pan and Weir kissing, that is so cute, those breakup rumours must be bull then!!!!!!!

  5. awww wat i cute baby look like nong khun wen he was born. I hate pancake n weird he is so ugly!!!!!!!!1111

  6. AWw my Ken has another baby. i’m glad that it’s a boy but i was hoping it was a girl. haha
    LOVE KEN SOO MUCH. i’m obsessed. HAHA.

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