Pat Denies Swollen Face Caused By Botox

Actress, Pat Napapa denied her swollen face was from botox, but instead it’s from a swollen salivary gland which resulted from drinking not enough water and not resting enough! Denies it’s a result of effects from plastic surgery and if anyone can confirm or has evidence that she stepped into get her face done then they can! All what’s on her face is natural beauty!

Causing everyone to be stricken with silent when they first noticed her swollen face, “Pat” Napapa Tantrakoon said that her swollen face was due to a inflammatory saliva gland. It has nothing to due with botox or plastic surgery like rumored!

“My tooth hurts and my gums are hurting a lot right now. The other side has a swollen saliva gland. It’s been like this for 3 days already. The dentist told me to stay still. The first time when I heard about it I was shocked because right now it’s swollen and it’s also a result because I don’t drink enough water also. It’s like my body get’s less rest, drink less water then required, so my salivary glands are working overtime. The dentist told me to drink plenty of water at first I was afraid that it would get more swollen, so I wanted to get a massage on my face to reduce the swell. The dentist told me that the more I mess with it the more it will puncture, so then I’ve been staying still not doing anything and today I had to come to the event. I can’t avoid it.”

“The dentist told me give it about 4 days time and if it doesn’t stop swelling we’ll have to get it checked again. Right now I’m taking some antibiotics to reduce the swelling. It’s true that these things can happen to anyone. It happened to one of my friends before also. Her face was really swollen all over. Right now I can’t speak clearly and it’s really tense right now. I can’t explain it. It hurts my face all over.”

When asked was it the result of plastic surgery to make her more beautiful the actress hurried and replied saying that they can go and find evidence that she did get it and she’s confident that she did not go under the knife recently either.

“Oy.. It has nothing to do with it. I didn’t get plastic surgery. You can go ask around and get evidence.” (Is it affecting you?) “It’s affecting my work because I can’t work, but it’s good that they gave me another 2 days to rest.”

[Source via Gossip Star]

44 responses to “Pat Denies Swollen Face Caused By Botox

    • Actually Her Looks Has Nothing To Do With Her Face Swollen Up!!
      If She Said No She DIdn’t Then It’s A No!! Maybe It Is True That She Went To Dentist!!

  1. Natural beauty my butt, the girl got her boobs done, wouldn’t it make sense to do it to her face also.

  2. im totally disappointed at this actress..Pat was a natural pretty actress but NOW! she’s overdone it with the boobs and the face!…i find nothing about her attractive at all anymore….

    • How Would You Know That She Gets Her Boobs Done.. And Her Face.. Here A Things Reporter Are Just Lying Because All They Want Is MOney!!

  3. she’s looking less and less like a n’ek. i hope she doesn’t go over board with the plastic surgery and botox, her original state was already pretty enough.

  4. Botox GONE BAD 55555
    What is swollen saliva gland has to do with dehydration and stress? you don’t take an antibiotic unless there is an infection. I have never heard of dehydration can swollen saliva gland. That is bunch of BS!!
    Her lakorn is airing now I have watch one episode cause I like Boy but when Pat showed up I decided to skip altogether. She is playing a student nurse dress in black and white school uniform with long faith nails carrying one book to go to school give me a break, what an insult to people who are in medical field.
    She looked like high class posititute

    • If you have auto-immune issues involving Sjogren’s [show-gren] Syndrome, a genetic disease which is often undiagnosed, then dehydration and stress may affect your saliva and/or other moisture producing glands in the body. Inflammation is quite common with this disease since the body attacks its own moisture producing glands. Even if you are not a carrier of such a disease, I’d imagine that dehydration may yield similar effects. However, I’ve never seen anyone swell up as much as Pat unless they received IV therapy to treat dehydration or other associated symptoms. My face did swell up like that once when I had a reaction to post-surgical medication. Therefore, you may be right. Pat could be allergic to the Botox. 555. Anyhow, there is something really wrong if you’re in your 20s and feel that you need to get Botox. That’s my opinion.

      I agree with you about Pat’s new lakorn. As soon as she showed up, I decided to skip it altogher.

  5. I remember when I had to get a root canal. My face was swollen, but it wasn’t that huge to the point where I looked like a chubby bunny. You can still recognize it was me, but with Pat, you can rarely recognize her.

    I had to take antibacterial also, but it was because I just under went surgery for my root canal. If she had a swollen saliva gland or gums to kill the bacteria. I doubt it’s from drinking less water or not resting enough. That is a load of bull. You usually get infections due to bacteria in your gums caused by either periodontal disease, bad tooth or a cut in your mouth.

    • Dehydration may cause dry mouth. Dry mouth breeds bacteria. Bacteria causes inflammation. Imflammation blocks saliva glands. Blocked saliva glands swell up. Some people have to surgically remove the lump. Minor incision, but I had it done. Had nothing to do with root canal in my case. Purely blocked saliva glands.

      You may be right in your analysis, but our bodies function and react differently to our environment. Just wanted to point out the flip side.

  6. she was pretty before, now she’s just not ugly but very unattractive. i rather look dull like plain jane and still manage to be attractive but pat on the other hand… oh my… what to say…

    what scared me the most was the picture on the top right. for a second i thought i saw sandara park (2ne1)

  7. By the picture on the right you can’t even tell that’s pat. Wow….what have she done to her face!!! Her new face combined with the awful boob job makes her look so trashy.

  8. I remembered when she first came out with Por. She was pretty and thought the girl had potential. Nothing was wrong with her then. She looks fresh with her long hair. Actually elegant looking like at certain angle. But it’s sad to see how she wasted all that beauty for what in her eyes thought to be beautiful. She’ll never get her look back for sure and all that surgery is actually a set back for her. At the moment, the girl is not pretty..but just another person who wants to change herself to fit the “sexy” type.

  9. I don’t understand why she’s saying natural is good or whatever cuz she came out many times already and said she wants to fix her nose and her chin. Therefore I don’t know what she’s talking about now cuz there’s proof all over the net on what she said.

  10. I had to look at the picture of her sitting down to know that the picture on the left was Pat. She looked like a whole different person there. I didn’t find her that pretty before but atleast she was cute and tolerable but now, not so much.

  11. finallly..she got som ps..she wasnt that pretty to look at in the first it a good thing sh got her boob adn face done…

  12. She might have gotten the mumps in which will cause the face to be swollen. She probably misunderstood the doctors and thought it’s because of hydration. With mumps, the doctors will recommend you hydrate yourself often to keep your saliva flowing. I had the mumps before and my face blew up lol. I doubt it’s botox because don’t botox make your face more firm instead of swollen like that? Even the one that goes bad doesn’t make it evenly round.

  13. The more i look at the picture i feel scared she looks like a ghost. Yikes!!!! I’m serious about being scared i can’t look at the picture, gives me the shivers.

  14. Actually I dont think Pat have plastic surgery on her face but maybe her body, she look almost the same as when she was young

  15. I know I’ma get kicked for this comment…LOL

    I wonder how the hell the reporters RECOGNIZED her! She looks NOTHING like Pat. Like Aum, they probably recognized her boobs then made the connection LOL *runs off*

  16. I could still recognize pat on the left she looks the same i think it just the makeup and how she dress which make her seem like a different person she might have just done her boobs

  17. Omgsh she totally have surgery and all those things. Just look at her face, can you even still tell that its Pat Napapa? if they didn’t write her name on it, i totally wouldn’t know it’s her!

  18. i went onto pats fan page. and i went to check out the gallery. I went to the very first page *back in 08 or 07* I saw some of her old pics with push up bra. i think her chest looks the same as now but the push up shes wearing nowadays are those super tight pushing up ones. and also shes super skinny in the old pics, she has that gap between her boobie too. lol just like now. if its true she got fake boobies, fake face.. ill still support her iguess

    • i agree with you kulyia about the gap but her boobs. she always had them. but now they are just a lot bigger than in the picture. i don’t have an issue with her getting her boobs done or plastic surgery on her face. just own up to it. i think if you’re brave enough to get it, then just admit it. people get more offended if you lie to them even though there’s evidence. i understand she is probably afraid of what her fans/people might think if she says yes she did get the plastic surgery but out of the two, the lie is worse than the truth. she’s admitted in interviews that she wanted to get stuff done. just admit to it. i am not a huge fan but i do like some of her work. i think she’s cute and pretty and some of her lakorns are pretty good.

  19. Pat already beautiful. But other stars did. Why not do it too. What wrong with breast augmentation? She looks pretty with it.

  20. Gosh, I really hope it isn’t Botox gone wrong. I really wish these actresses would realize that they are so beautiful already. Of course, everyone is entitled to do what they want to define beauty but Pat is naturally beautiful. Just wish she would see that. Whatever her reasons are, I just hope she doesn’t regret it later.

  21. she’s still young, she doesn’t need botox. if she got botox done, watch when she gets old… it’ll ruin her

  22. Call me a lair, but things like this really do happen. When my wisdom teethe was grow out it caused my face to swell up…it became worst when I had it taken out…hurting like I was dieing. 😦

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