Thai Girl Groups G20 and Candy Mafia On Star King

Thai girl groups, G20 and Candy Mafia aren’t only making their popularity in Thailand, but they are also trying to expand the market by heading on over to Korea to showcase their talents.

The girls were on a Korean show called, ‘Star King’ and the concept of the show is that people around Korea and the world, would get on that show to “show off” their talents in front of an all star crew. The girls aren’t very popular amongst those who are into KPOP as they are dubbed as the “wannabe’s” of Korean girl group, 2ne1 and 4minute.

Not much information is known, but the girls producers, crew, concept director are Koreans and were pretty much hands on in the Korean Music world also. Check out the girls on Star King below.


[Source via Entertain Teenee]

31 responses to “Thai Girl Groups G20 and Candy Mafia On Star King

  1. Candy Mafia always seems to impress me.Their performances always show their power and fierceness. G20’s pretty, but they’re tooooooo fangirly for me.

  2. It’s the first time I seen Candy Mafia/ G20. I’m not a fan of 2ne1 I like them though. Candy Mafia’s a exact copy of them. They don’t have the swag and hardness 2ne1 has.

  3. im holding in my laughter. they totally made an embarrament out of themselves. those were some of the worst dance cover i have seen. g20 girls are very pretty but i think the cuteziness is a big turn off. as for candy mafia, i am not much a fan of the song/music they make.

  4. I wish this Korean craze will stop. It’s super annoying seeing Thais wanting to be other things other than Thais.

    • I agree…I think Thais should focus on being Thai, find their own identity in their own ethnicity…their image would have been fine, if I didn’t arlready see Koreans with it first. It fits with them, for Thais, not so much.

      I was already watching the episode of Star King because of the guys on the show, and when I saw them, I thought they were amateur artists…I had no idea they were actual recording artists. And I didn’t like the craziness they were showing onstage with Onew, I was a little embarassed for them.

      Thailand is full of talented people, they should be on Star King showing Korea what they can do, not showing them what they already have. Their songs don’t sound like authentic Thai songs with Thai music…I totally got that Korean feel to it.

  5. oh man. both are pretty hilarious…well at least the g20 girls are pretty/cute. what is up with candy mafia? (not to be shallow =X)

      • waii isn’t actually wan’s sister but her cousin. she isn’t with g20 also because waii is with kamikaze under rs promotion and g20 is under indy label mono music.

  6. Wow that was embarassing. They all look good but can’t sing or dance. You can totally see that their producer is Korean by their dance moves and style, but yeah…. I agree.. should have showcased some real talents from Thailand. THey only got to be on SK cuz their producers got connections. Songs are wack and that song, Alzheimer is an insult to all patients!

  7. even though the music director is korean and even though he is trying to expand korean pop in thailand i think it should stop because they’re like a rip off of snsd, 2ne1, 4minute and all that’s been done in korean pop.

    the girls trying to act sexy and seduce the guys are just degrading. i watch that show and i don’t even see the korean girls do that. i know you want to wow the judges but keep it in your pants!

  8. Well… firstly, I can’t sing and my dancing is pretty average but I’ve got that whole fake-cuteness down to the t. If that’s all it takes to freaken get famous in Thailand and go on a Korean TV show to do a role play and get hugged by Jung Yonghwa then shoot… sign me up. Kidding~….. damn that chick. =(

    I was embarrassed FOR these girls when watching this. From the horrible off-pitch singing and awkward dancing to the constant attempts at “seducing” the male idols present…. ehh… -face palms- EMBARRASSING. They just looked so cheap. I’ve never heard of them before, but SNSD wannabe – G20 gave me an earful.

  9. omg theyre music isnt shit, but their voices are shit! when are thai people going to come up with groups that can actually sing!!!

  10. Wow. They are such fangirls. Not professional at all. I understand that they like the idols but it seemed like some of the girls were rude. I actually like thai music but their music, definitely a no no.

  11. Wow I only saw a bit of C-Mafia’s MV and it has 2NE1 written all over it. Even that clapping thing they do lol. Its kinda hilarious and sad that they can’t be more original.

  12. What happend to true thai talent? Lately it seems like new comers have no talent and is forever copying off korean artist. Has thai’s stoop to as low as just selling sex appeal vs. talent? Selling sex doesn’t last as long has selling pure talent. My all time favorite artist are still artist from the days of Mos, Palapon, Parn, Mai, Amp, Sek. As you can see no teenie popper made it on the list.

  13. There is no originality, and Korean wanna be! sorry, but come on Thai producers and singers, can you do better than this?

    • thai producers did not produce this group at all. they have korean producers and a whole korean crew who turned these thai girls into snsd rip off’s.

      • but the company are still thai run right? if so, it’s the company for hiring koreans cause they want to be like them. i mean korean got it off from others too but they really made a name for themselves. it fits them, they make it work. as for these groups, they’re… i dont even know what to say. i am lost at words.

  14. That was actually awkward i know. But it was funny and better than their first visit to Star King. There is still room for improvement. For me I think that looks go to G20 but candy mafia are overall better at dancing and singing.

  15. To all those people who think that Thai people copy everything Korean your wrong, we have our own style but some groups do tend to ‘seem’ more Korean. I love Thai music and Korean Music they are both totally different !!
    and also to all those who say ‘they are an embarrassment’ and stuff like that, because they’re interacting with the k-pop lot it’s because you jealous that you didn’t get to meet them !,
    and again to those who think they sound shit, yes they did live here I admit, but what other band/artist doesn’t have a bad(ish) live performance !?
    Huh? No answer! Then shut it! 🙂

  16. ok. This is ridiculouse. Candy Mafia did copy 2NE1 or 4mins. lol but who the f care? as long as they r making moneys. im fine with it. and DO ANY OF YOU HAVE AN IDEA HOW KOREAN MUSIC IS STATED??? BY COPPY AMERICAN!!! Do some research before you talk. I LUV G20 ^^ AND GO TO HELL ALL HATERS. INFACT THE JAPANESE HAVE THE CUTE THING DOWN BEFORE EVEN THE KOREAN. LMAO! Non offense to Korean artists, i love there song and every thing. but to say that Thai peoples is copying Korean? well yes. THAT HOW FASHION WORK! I just hate ignorance girls who want to be. lol

  17. RETARTED ALL THE HATER HERE! I personaly think that the girls are great and that they have a great future ahead of us. Only saw them once and loved it. All you haters are just jelous that you aren’t talented, cool, pretty, cute, etc. like them. So take your hating comments away…No need for them here….GO G20!!!

  18. “wannabe’s of 2NE1 and 4MINUTE?” this is rude, like 2NE1 is very original themselves?? NEVERRRRRR!!!!!! they are American copycats themselves, so stop acting like they are “pretty much unique and original”; only in the Kpop world maybe

    GO G20!!!!!! <33 I love you girls.

  19. Thanks for making the page. It’s one of the only pages in English about G20. I’ve been a fan since that episode of Star King where they performed and fangirl-ed over Leeteuk. There were so many memorable moments in that episode. Exchanging looks, Ticha dry humping Leeteuk, Sunny’s and SNSD’s priceless reactions, G20 showing their fangirl side, and of course G20’s performance.

    People who have posted here need to think from a different way. G20 was great on Star King. They have a nice sound and are entertaining. If anything was wrong with their performance then it was probably because they were nervous about performing in front of Super Junior and especially SNSD.

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