Mark Parin Concerned About Mint Over Scandalous News

Met with rumors that he was caught kissing actress, “Mint” Nutvara Wongwasana in a club. Actor, “Mark” Parin Suaprat, rushes to Mint’s side to comfort her.

“When I saw the news, I rushed to go see her because I felt that it was too harsh for one girl. I went to go tell her that it was nothing. It’s just rumors and to not take it seriously. I think that in other towns it might be considered very harsh and I am concerned and sympathize her. I’m concerned for her. Do you know that her family are serious over this? True it’s nothing. I’m a guy so it’s not damaging me. My family hasn’t said much to me, just that why are there news like this. My family aren’t serious over it. Like I said, I’m a guy so it’s not damaging me as much as it is damaging to Mint. If you ask me if I’m scared that my ratings will go down because of news like this? I’m not scared.”

Is it true that you’re seeing Mint?

“No, there’s none of that at all. We’re friends and if we have anything we can confide in each other.”

But you said that you were smitten over her before.

“She’s a pretty girl, so I admire her, but it doesn’t mean I want to hit on her. Right now we’re close friends.”

What type level of “close friends” are you?

“It’s not to the point where we’ll go see each other 2-3 times a day. We see each other every week at work so we gradually became close. Let’s just say we’re close friends who can consult each other in every problems, but we’re not boyfriend and girlfriend.”

Will there be progress in the future?

“I don’t know yet, sometimes some rhythm might happen without us knowing suddenly.”

Is she your type?

“From what I feel, she’s a good and pretty person.”

Is it true that you like someone already?

“There are some, but it’s not to the point where it’s important.”

[Source via Gossip Star]

11 responses to “Mark Parin Concerned About Mint Over Scandalous News

  1. Close friends…meaning they are seeing each other. That is the secret term for thai celebs or we are brother and sister. LOL.

    I would love for a celeb to come out and say that they are dating.

    • that would be tangmo lmao!!! but people hating her for showing off her boyfriend or soon to be ex boyfriend, tank lol

  2. If they start dating it would be a good thing. They would make a very cute couple. I hope they do another lakorn together in the future. They have good chemistry on screen. I like both of them as an actor.

  3. They’re very close to each other, during magazine shoots or on the lakorn they like each other, they seem to make a cute couple, crossing my fingers for a spark of romance.

  4. awe… i feel bad for both of them but especially for Mint ka….Like what Khun Prin say “It’s not a damaging to him” but for mint…..There new Celebs. and things like this are happening… i hate when pple are trying to make rumours like this…..
    But about Khun Prin’s if he liksing anyone…. i’m interested about it…hahaha..heheh love it…

  5. it’s cute that he cared about her and went to talk to her and her family about it. that’s a man stepping up taking responsibilities.

    • i totally agree with you min! 🙂
      i will like it a lot if they were really a couple! hehe! 😀

  6. He’s such a gentleman, and manly. So cute of him (=

    I don’t like the questions asked though. Reporters need to stop asking such stupid and personal questions. If they feel comfortable, then the celeb would come out to say something personal. If not, don’t bother asking because if something goes wrong they can sue

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