Pancake Denies Raking in 8 Digits

Being the presenter for 12Plus for the 2nd year in a row actress/model, “Pancake” Khemmanit Jamikorn was rumored to being paid in the 8 digit figure as the spokes-model. With this Pancake revealed for everyone to listen,

“It’s not up to that much. Like today at the press conference I’m just fully giving my all. As for people who see me as a “Big Mama” (raking in most jobs), I want to thank them. This year I haven’t counted how many jobs I’ve taken on and most of them are the same products consecutively. You can say it’s a bit fun because I get to work with Siwon and Dong Hae (Super Junior). They are both very cute as usual. When it’s time to work they would work to the fullest and they are very down to earth. It’s very fun. The fan clubs are very cute also. I’m working with them for the 2nd time and it’s easier this time around. When we work together it’s much easier and we get to learn about one another’s way of working more.”

[Source via Gossip Star]

Last year’s work with Super Junior

18 responses to “Pancake Denies Raking in 8 Digits

  1. I knew this would happen,
    one day she going to get to much rumors she cant handle and bomb it pulls her down.
    This si what happens when you think you can handle it all.

  2. Why are all the bad rumours put on Pancake? is it cuz of jealousy? I dont know but Im pretty sure shell do her best to handle them all 🙂

    • her nose does look funny and not just that…without her neck, it seems like her head is just sitting on her shoulders…

  3. the reporter need to stop making news about this girl tire of seeing news about her everyday also the lakorn

  4. why are thai so fond of wanting to know how much they are getting paid. shit are they stupid? go ask the person who’s paying her. dammit!!!


  6. she’s supposedly a model right? Where is her neck in this picture? bad bad bad she lost her neck in this photo.

    • her hair is covering her neck and the lighting makes it look like it’s bad. don’t blame pancake because she’s a model blame the photographer. they need to double check their work.

      • it’s both people, pancake and photographer. the photographer isn’t going to photograph something if a model doesn’t model. and a model can’t model if the photographer don’t give them good directions.

  7. Doesn’t Aump use to work with Super Junior on
    this project?
    I guess they changed the presentor.

    • they’ve changed the presenter since last year. aump does another product for 12plus. it was deodorant and pancake does bb cream and body mist.

      they’re different products to they have different presenters. same with mistine. aump used to be the presenter and now it’s pancake.

  8. This chick is full of herself. She is a great model but damn… just cuz she looks good as a model doesn’t mean she’s a good actress. Her acting sucks balls!

    • tell that to khun dang. khun dang is infatuated with pancake. she ripped pancake off the runway and signed her with channel 7.

  9. All these people who hate on pancake go too far, i had a pancake pic for my background on youtube and this random person started writing on my channel, i hate pancake, stupid bitch why you have her on your page. Apparently it’s wrong to be her fan. I had enough. that is very rude

    • People can be so immature, but don’t worry their a lot of Pancake fan out there. What I love about her is that she only 22 years old and she have achieve so much in her life.

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