Golf is Stressed; Cussed At For Being Infatuated With Dew

Oh no! Teen heartthrob singer like “Golf” Pichaya Nitipaisarnkul is being heavily criticized by netizens for being too infatuated with girlfriend, “Dew” Arisara Thongborisut down to the veins. No matter what Dew does, Golf see’s it as good, just like how Dew went around having a slapfest around the block.

With this Golf doesn’t want to leave his 2 cents on the situation in fear that he’ll be criticized more because it’s not his business to get into a women’s cat fight.

Oh…everyday Golf is already stressing as it is. From finding the time to spend and taking care of his girlfriend, Dew and concert tours, being worried front and back (Dew and work) destiny has proven that Dew right now is the best for Golf.

[Source via Gossip Star]

8 responses to “Golf is Stressed; Cussed At For Being Infatuated With Dew

  1. He’s not really worth my comment, but he needs more help than Dew. Dew has made HERSELF crazy, Golf is letting SOMEONE ELSE turn him out. It’s more sad than funny at how ignorant he seems to be.

  2. I agree! His popularity is going down with him. Compare to his younger brother, I think Mike is more mature and keeps his private life personal. It’s Golf’s who’s bringing “Golf-Mike” popularity down.

  3. Well, he should know by now that dating a girl like Dew will only bring him drama, and quite a lot too. I seriously don’t pity him, I don’t care if he’s stressing, it’s his own fault and he’s causing it by himself because he chose to stay with Dew. And too late for not getting in his girl’s drama, he’s done that already and I’m sure that’s part of the reason why he’s getting negative attention from the public. It he thinks Dew is best for him as of now, someone needs to knock some sense into him…Because Dew is definitely not good for him or his popularity.

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