“Last Song” From Clash’s Last Album

It brings bittersweet tears to our eyes when Clash‘s music video for “Last Song” was played for us.

It’ll be an end of a rock band, but we can’t help but feel overwhelmed with what we grew to love for the past decade of our life. They’ve chosen a great song for the debut single off their last album. If anyone can get through the tears, you can watch the music video below.

How are Clash fan’s taking the news about the band ending? Thoughts?

12 responses to ““Last Song” From Clash’s Last Album

  1. If they’re happy, I’m happy, but UGH!!!!
    Why Clash?!?! WHY?!?!?!?!
    Luv u guys, though! ❤

  2. When a band broken up, mostly because one or more of their members are very talented and quite famous, while some of the band members just got a free ride but got fair shares of the profits. So they want to branch out and make more money by being solo.
    So fans should understand that sometime is best to break up the band than to stick together… and should wish them the best of luck on their new journey.
    You’ll never know, in a few month or years there might be new group or solo artist that will be better than having group band Clash.

  3. A great song to mend the circle of love for CLASH — however, it is not the end for them all. I really love and enjoy their songs throughout these years. I remember listening to Gor and man, it brings me to tears on how awesome they were. With this LAST SONG — it gives me hope that they’ll come back stronger. Ja ruk toh lorb pai like the song suggested. DIIRTIILAUNDRY, thanks for sharing this last song with us na.

  4. sigh.. while watching this mv.. i began to tear up.. im gonna miss clash.. been a fan of them ever since then.. it’s gonna be ok though.. i can take it.. i will always love CLASH!!! i wish them success in everything they do… and i also hope they can also be reunited again too.. theyre such a talented group.. LOVE CLASH FOREVER!!!!

  5. Can anyone answer me why Clash and his band wil go seperate way?????
    I wanna know why???
    Need the answer…

  6. noo!!!! omg, i just found their music this year!! T^T i’m so sad, their music is so good… ❤ i wish all of them luck

  7. This is heart breaking,… Clash been making music for so long. I’m very disoppointed, I was planing on visiting them in the future. Honestly, Clash is THE 1st Thai band that really influenced me into Thai Rock Music. But, I’m glad and still a supportive fan no matter what! My HEART goes to :Hack, Bank, Yaak, Soon, and Pol! Thankful for your admiration.

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