Kob Doesn’t Hate Aump!

Before this, “Kob” Suvanant was always accused of not having any close friends who are celebrities and that she was a loner Nang Aek. She didn’t have any celebrity friendship gangs like any other celebrities out there, but the above picture is proof that Kob is a social woman who likes to party. At the closing party for the lakorn, “Ruen Sorn Rak“, Kob was reportedly hogging the mic and that she was very close to her cast-mates enjoying herself.

And another thing, Kob was even willing to take pictures with actress, “Aump” Patcharapa also. All the rumors saying that if there is “Kob” Suvanant anywhere there shall be no “Aump” Patcharapa, with this Kob can erase everyone’s suspicion and the rumors!

[Source via Gossip Star]

29 responses to “Kob Doesn’t Hate Aump!

  1. Why are they saying that she hates Aum? Just because they don’t take pictures with eachother often? Besides, I don’t even think she hates her. I’ve seen pictures of Aum at Kob’s birthday party and they sure don’t seem like they hate eachother. I think it’s just the media that likes to stir things up because both of them are from Ch7 and very famous .

  2. Who cares? I love both Kob Suvanant and Aum Patcharapa. They need to do a lakorn together with Por Nattawut and Tik Pholdee. It would be so damn HOT!

    • If it really happens, Truly a dream come true and it will never happen because the big boss doesn’t care.

    • dam can you not read? it says “but the above picture is a proof that Kob is a social woman who likes to party”


      • You’re the retard. The people who commented earlier is wondering if MIN was Aump. Not Kob. They all know that’s Kob in the picture.

        Before you ask if anyone know how to read… look at yourself first.

        • obviously you’re confusing yourself because at the end it says she took a picture with aump willingly but yet everyone is saying it’s not aump.

          then it says the quote “the above picture is of kob enjoying herself at the party with co-stars” so who really is the retard? obviously not me because I can read.

          • Yes ur.manz.ex, we know that the news is not stating that it’s Aump in the picture but I was pointing out that indeed that is not Aump, but is is Min and that they resemble each other. No need for insulting if others can read or anything. Please learn some netiquettes.

            Anyways Kob and Aump don’t hate each other. Aump even dressed as Kob to one of the star award functions and when reporters interviewed her about it, she said she got the style idea from watching Kob in Reun Sorn Ruk lol.

  3. i heard this a while back.. i think kob is just, really devoted to work and her hubby that she doesnt have plans for other stuff. i also recall her mom was a bit strict right? well, if im a cast member or just co worker of hers… omg its a once in lifetime opportunity lets just say thats how ifeel lol.

    • I remember about this also. They kept saying she wasn’t social and didn’t hangout much with any other celebrities but I also remember Kob saying she wanted to focus on her career.

      I don’t remember about her and Aum though. Might have to research more about it.

  4. i love kob, she is my number one thai actress. to me i think that she is always good to other celebs, the media is just trying to stir things up that’s all.

  5. Kob like to sing and have fun, but she’s not a party girl like Aum and most of Ch.7 actresses so that could be the reason why you hardly see them hanging out together. She spend much of her time studying/learning different interest and hobbies and yes she also was working a lot too. Plus she was very close to her father and when he was alive, she went everywhere with him tagging along, so she doesn’t have free time to be out partying. Then Brooke came along, so she hang around with him and more works and spend time doing things that are more meaningful than out partying. She does have friends in the industry, older actress such as the older Kob(the lady that played as her mother in Silamanee) And her best friend is a child star, Gift(from T-skirt) and another person… I forgot who it was. You hardly hears about them because they don’t go out partying, so reporters has not crap to make news out of it.

    • Thank you MY for all that infor. Kob is truly a classy woman. She’s doesn’t like to party like some other celebs. That’s why you rarely see her at Awards shows and all that. Not too many people like the way she is so no news making money for them.

        • LOL yes is funny I got a thumb down for stating the truth about Kob’s lifestyles and her friendships and I wasn’t even critizing anyone LMAO. Crazy idot doesn’t read or too dumb to understand. HAHAHAHA 😀

  6. Rumor is rumor. The news reporter has to write something juicy because they want to entice the readers and get more advertisements. It’s all about the money.

  7. Everyone is getting confused saying it’s not Aump in the picture. Yes there were reports they both took pictures together willingly but the picture everyone keeps targeting is from the closing party.

    It even says the above picture is of Kob enjoying herself. So what does ABOVE mean?

    So STOP trying to say it’s not AUMP in the picture. NO shit it’s not AUMP because there were only reports not any description to it being posted. STOP making things so simple so hard. It’s not brain surgery.

  8. OMG! This is getting rediculous and funny. For sure that’s not Aum up there. They’re just saying she was willing to take pictures with Aum.

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