Nadej Loves His Hometown

He looks handsome and his good looks are dragging towards divinity. Nadej/Nadech is the dream guy of every girl in the country.

But every time he get’s a chance the half Japanese actor, Nadej Kukimiya will always have to speak Laotian towards those who are from around the same part of the country as him or his hometown. Nadej loves him hometown that he’s not embarrassed at all by it. From the language to the dialect. This makes citizens of Khon Kaen very happy and “huk Buk Dej” (huk: Laotian word for “love”  – Buk Dej: referring to Nadej) to death!

[Source: Enertain Teenee/Dara Daily]

25 responses to “Nadej Loves His Hometown

      • I Think He’s Partially Japanese and Partially Thai, but Was Born In Laos….or Something Like That.

          • His father is Japanese and mother is Thai esan. He’s from Khon Kaen which is the Thailand border close to Laos. So Nadech grew up speaking esan dialect which is like speaking Laotian.

            There are some that speak it and some don’t like Min who grew up in Khon Kaen but can’t speak it. I think Nadech’s mother’s side of the family are of Lao heritage though.

      • what does surname have to do with not being laotian? he’s half. there are quite a few numbers of half thai half japanese in thailand. during war world 2, there were japanese armies occupying thailand.

      • Just because his surname is Japanese doesn’t automatically mean he’s not Laotian. He is half Japanese. That’s like saying why is your surname “Khunseng” but your AUstralian. Does that make sense to you?

  1. that’s so cool of him! i wonder if he talked to min would she reply back? i doubt it. look at weir he barely speaks it at all!

    • Many Thai Celebrities are Esan. Most of them are too ashame to admit it. Very sad… KUDO to Nedej !!!!!!!!! Not forgetting his root makes him hotter and sexier !!!

  2. When Min was on WWYWY she said that she can barely speak Esan, so I don’t think Nadej will be speaking to Min in Lao anytime soon. I love the fact that he still speaks Lao and is not embrassed to admit he is Lao.

  3. I don’t think Min’s families speak Lao much at home. Like HONDA said, she can’t carry on a long conversation.

    Nadech isn’t a Laotian from Laos. He’s mom khon Isarn or Lao/Isarn in Thailand. His future’s going to be bright cause he’s not forgetting who he is and where he’s from. I’m proud of him too. NADECH Sou Sou!!!

    btw way out of the subject I notice a lot of young Isarn’s are coming up. Nadech of course, Weir, Rome, Por Thrisadee (my fav), R, Tono, & Rit the Star ( these 3 aren’t shy to speak Lao at all)

        • Somebody mentioned that Rome likes to speak Issan and fluently too with the camera/light crew at the set of his lakorn..this was an old interview I watched..that was when I found out that Rome’s from Khon Kaen.

  4. Min is similar to Weir in a way, their family don’t speak or appreciate the language of Esan or laos but they can understand but refuse to speak it because they attend Thai school. unlike Tono, Nadech or Aom from Dao Kra Jai who r all from Kon kaen, Ruj, or other celebrities don’t speak it

    • I agree w/ you on a lot of Isan celebs don’t speak Isan. I just think they do appreciate it, Weir blew up after Lim Huk Song Fung Kong. Also everyone goes to Thai school they’re in Thailand, speaking Lao are up to the families and the person themself. Aom Piyada isn’t khon Isan though, she’s real Thai Siam.

      • I meant Aom from Dao Kra Jai not Aom Piyada, another Aom who is a Dao Kra Jai host, she is from Kon Kaen.

  5. I notice only Nadech, Tono, who r willing to show who they r and where they r originate come from and who’s not embarrass of their heritage.

  6. good for him that he’s proud of his roots! Adding to names of celebs who are too embrassed to speak Isan is Chompoo Araya. Her family is from northern thai and has lao hertiage, but you rarely hear of mention it. Also Rita Jensen is from northern thai too. my friend’s cousin is a good friend of her family so i know for sure.

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