Unbelievable!? 16 Dramas Waiting For Pancake’s Schedule

Her work in the lakorn, “Duay Rang Atitharn”  proves the power of love for the actress, Pancake Khemmanit Jamikorn. Her fans are in numbers and they bring the ratings to her drama. Everyday her fans are anxious to watch her next drama co-starring alonside, “Pae” Arak Amornsupasiri in the upcoming romanitc lakorn, “Tur Gup Kao Lae Rak Khong Rao” for Polyplus.

The favorite daughter for Channel 7 would have to be no one other then “Pancake” Khemmanit Jamikorn. Recently reporters at Dara Daily received news that Pancake has at least 16 dramas waiting for the actresss after she free’s  her schedule. Every drama are supposedly are all good roles!

[Source Entertain Teenee/Dara Daily]

93 responses to “Unbelievable!? 16 Dramas Waiting For Pancake’s Schedule

    • Totally agree, no wonder ch. 7 is actually losing their actors and actresses, keep this up and perhaps Aum P. will leave and go to Ch. 3 =P

      • i agree too. this is just ridiculous. i want to watch other people too not just her and isn’t this the reason why ch7 is losing their actresses. if you give other people a chance to play the lead role then maybe ch3 wouldn’t be stealing ch7 actors and actresses. shoot…look at most of the ch3 stars now that use to be with ch7 they are getting more fame now

  1. i don’t believe !!! she is not the only actress or the most beautiful in channel 7! please don’t abuse what you are writting !!!

    • No one is abusing anything. READ it says it’s from Dar Daily. Dirtii Laundry always has sources. Learn how to read next time.

    • Seriously stop trying to target DL. All they do is translate and they have sources. I read it in Thai and that is basically along the lines of what they wrote in Thai. They are not abusing anything. Next time click the links and use google translate if your not so sure.

    • Who said anything about her being the only actress or the most beautiful in the channel? I don’t see that on there at all. It says SHE IS THE FAVORITE DAUGHTER. Don’t twist things and take it out of context.

      • yea I agree, sometimes people just get off the line of what is says in the news and make up something else up 🙂

  2. Wow…it’s like she’s the only actress at CH.7
    They might as well fire every leading actress they have and keep Pancake to star in all their dramas. =_=

  3. Sorry to say,
    but Pancake doesnt desreve all the role she is given because she S U C K s at acting and ruined good classic aka DRA,
    ishe is only good at one role a spoiled brat, rich girl turn poor or just rich girl

  4. this is ridiculous! she’s not even a good actress…most of all, she shouldn’t even be acting at all! …there are better actresses out there that deserves more roles than her…

    • to: mai
      do if you know how to act, then go audition and see if they want you! and pancake is a good, great, beautiful actress! And one more thing she could act and you’re just jealous of her!

      • did i say that i know how to act? i don’t think so…all i’m trying to say is her acting isn’t that great in my eyes…we are the audiences so we judge, right?…and did i say i was jealous of her? umm no…i just dislike her with a strong passion because she’s taking roles that I would like other actresses to take on…

  5. ya don’t understand ch7 by now. where the hell were you at? lol how many times, ch7 doesn’t give a shit about their more talented actors and actresses they have. they only crave for ratings. a very good example will be cheer (okay she’s not a very good actress either but by far a little better than pancake) she was once said to be the next very big thing. after a few low ratings lakorn she was demoted to supporting. after kom feak 1&2, she got another chance to become nang ek again but as you can see, she will start doing support again. her lakorn robot yod ruk was definitely a failure.

    as for pancake, she had some bad ass lakorn but yet she still raking in the ratings. i do love pancake but i admit, she has a long list of boring lakorns and in addition to that her poor acting.

    • The lakorns Pancake are in are good scripts. If a different person besides Pancake were in them I think they would be better. Bring more to the screen and emotions.

      • i think she has potential. she has a few good lakorn that i thought was brilliant: sai nam sam cheewit and plik din su dao (more of a teen lakorn)

        • i like buang rai pai ruk too it was so funny…actually i like all of her lakorns and im very happy to see more………..

  6. Wow. for me, i believe it too, she isn’t a good actress, & there are very good&talented actress out there, pan, even though she have alot of lakorn waiting for her she might as well do her poor acting in it, or do a good job at it, but you know coome 16?? serious people, are you that obeessed with her? Pan you gotta give other actress some please, you serious have enough for the year! 🙂 hey it onkly my opionoin noo hattin.

    • she’s a good actress that’s why people want her to act and ask her, and that’s why she have 16 lakorns upcoming…and please dont say that she dont know how to act, if you really know how to act then please go audition and see if they even want you!

      Pancake is a good, great, beautiful Actress!

      • She is not a good actress, I’ve followed her work, and for someone who gets a lot of lakorn, her acting has still not improved.

        And why are you so defensive? Can’t people have their own opinion? Yes I understand you’re a Pan Fan, and when someone makes a comment you don’t like you express your opinion on it, so is it wrong for others to do so? Hunny, no one in this world have the same thoughts and opinion as you do okay?

        And if you’re going to say, “OH WHY DON”T I GO AUDITION” please don’t, it makes no sense for you to say that. Want me to tell you some talented actress? Ann S., Ann T., Noon W, Aump, Yui, the list can go on forever

  7. That is so beleivable. Pancakes a beautiful and great actress.
    And yes she is ovverrated but people love her, what are you Pancake haters gonna do about it? I know shes not the only CH7 actress but the other actresses arent just good enough to entertain people. Theyre entertaining their fans, its their job so whatever their fans need, they gotta do it for them. Thats why theyre celebs?
    Pancake just has something thats hard to explain. Something about her just catches poeples eyes/minds when they see her.
    Love Pancake and go for it! ❤

  8. I agree with babimel. It’s not that nong Pancake is a great actress but she is decent with room to improve and she has a large fanbase. She can entertain people (at least in Thailand). Lakorns are a money making business after all. If I was the endorsers of a lakorn, I would want to endorse one with good ratings as well so money doesn’t go to waste.

    I hope over the course of her 16 lakorns, she will improve. I really want to see her in a lakorn with new pra’eks though instead of Tle Thanapol or Weir. Not sure if I’ll be tuning into her lakorn with Pae since Pae is just not pra’ek material for me.

    • sorry but please don’t put other people in this kind of news!
      n nobody cares if they leave or not, but they just want to leave so stop saying that it’s pancake’s fault!

      • i care. Did i give you my word to speak for me?

        Chompoo is a great actress including Por and of course,, YUI. I dont think its pancakes fault but the old lady who’s in charge. Though some will disagree with me, im fine with it because we all have our own brain with our own bodies therefore different opinions.

        AnonymousPerson dont forget Yui for leaving that one lakorn. Her role was supporting one. Many said she would outshine the n’ek however ive forgotten who n’ek is though.

        I dont get why you say they’re jealous of her. Please, clarify why you say they’re jealous. What’s there to be jealous of? That she has A Lot of devoted fans? and the fact that she also has bias audience who are tired of seeing the same thing? It seems pretty well balanced to me.. I think only those who are jealous of her are people from the industry. btw im just trying to guess what your reasons are. I dont hate pancake nor do i have anything against her and why would i?? Bottom line, i TOO want to see someone else get a shot in the spot light.

        There are actresses who are JUST as great however if their fan base is small, same goes for the rating. Before you jump to conclusion if you do, referring to my previous comment, i would just like to say that my comment this time is actually to you to clarify my confusion regarding your comments. And also i wanted to share my point of view just like you did. I find the comments really interesting thats why i always come back to check up

          • Thank you Muddie! i take that as a compliment lol i love reading your comments, Fun, Missmonica, Lina, Nongmam comments too. Crazy but sometimes i actually prefer reading the comment if im not really fond of the topic.

        • The lakorn you mean is Duay Raeng Atitarn and the nang’eak is Pancake. She didnt want to outshine Pancake, but 2 famous, beatiful women/nang’eak in one lakorn together is bit of a challenge 🙂

      • Wow, REALLY? If you really think that highly talented actors and actress, for example Por Skidjai + others, are leaving Ch 7 a good thing then you must be living in your own “Pancake World”

        What happens when you see nothing but pancake? you’ll be sick of it too.

          • Keep liking her because you’ll get nothing out of it, you’re so immature there’s nothing else to say to you, but good bye and good luck in pancake world.

          • thank u….i wished i could live in pancake world next life too 555555 i also hope her children continue her job they will be pretty like her

        • lol keep liking her and we’ll get nothing out of it? keep hating her and you’ll also get nothing out of it. Think both pos. and negs. before saying something. That comment may also reflect on you. 🙂

  9. 16? pls stop bragging about pancake. why don’t they just air her lakorns all year round? let’s see if people still like her and don’t complain. another thing i notice about pancake is that no matter what character she plays, her acting is always the same. it’s like she can’t act any different than what she is doing now. i don’t know that’s what notice.

  10. idc about her but i JUST WANTED TO COMMENT ON THE THUMBS UP THUMBS DOWN! yay!! 🙂 its like youtube hehe lol

  11. I wish I can just click on thumbs down for the post and not waste time typing lol. She’s just BLAH all around to me.

    Side note, I finally saw Wong Wian Hua jai! I hope Weir gets with Pinky in real life…

  12. people people chillax. it’s not like she will star in all 16 of them. but it’s all 16 that wants her.

  13. No wonder Ch 7 be losing their actors/actresses left & right – they’re only giving the roles to Pancake and promoting her like crazy! I’m sure if she can act like a dude they’d probably offer her a role as P’ek too!

    • Oh speaking of that, have you heard of Angeline? idk if ispelled it right but her next movie Salt was actually suppose to be for a man! omgoodness im super proud of her lol

  14. Pancake came in as a model. The old bag from Channel 7 pulled her off from the catwalk, thus she has no acting abilities. I think if they were going to promoter her more they need to get her an acting coach.

    Spend some of that damn money and invest into creating their actors/actresses into pro’s. Right now as everyone cam tell by the spam of the “Pan-trolls” that’s what Channel 7 only cares about.

    They want fans like that to act like trolls to boost them.

  15. what is soo special/pretty about pancake?? is it because she looks Korean?? and not thai??and what is soo special about looking Korean?? What is soo attractive about it?? i don’t get it one bit. 16 lakorns within a year!! wow i guess she is the only actress of channel 7. People will eventually get tired of her.I’ve seen some of her lakorsn and yes she can only act like a rich spoil brat!!

    • lmao how in the world did you get korean? and i dont think there is a problem that someone does look korean and isnt korean. people are not born to look the way they want unless you want to go under the knife to change yourself.

      • Fun, honey it’s only my opinion !! she looks korean to me. Pancake doesn’t look thai to me at all!!! and that’s all ive mentioned!! never said that she doesn’t like the way she looks. Of course people aren’t born to look like they wanted to look. I’m just confused about thai people !!!I’m not sure why they love the pancake looks soo much and thats why she’s popular!! They should be proud of looking like a thai girl!!!

    • i dont think she luks like korean bt i love her lakorns i like the way she acts as a rich people….shes so suit of rich

    • lol isnt it goos if she looks korean? i mean, korean is all around the world, everyone loves em so it is good. 🙂

      hmm and whats so special about pancake? hmm whats so special about the other actresses? ex: kwan. whats so special about her? she looks like a barbie doll and her acting is also her lame normal same acting just like everyone else. I do like Kwan but c’mon, her acting is just as lame as Pancake, Pinky, Aum, etc. its just everyone loves their celebs so much they think thiers is better then others but its the same. 🙂
      seriously stop blaming everything on this one actress. See now you all are making it seem like shes the only actress. Everythings put on her.


  17. there are at least 16 lakorns that want her and if you think about it they can take at least up to 4-5 years for her to act in all of them depending on how many she pulls out a year.

    it’s not like she’ll act all 16 of them in 1 year. i think she’s pretty but acting wise she S U C K S cojones.

  18. Just another thing. THe reason Chompoo left CH7 is because she was getting nang’rai roles, not because of Pancake. Shes doing nothing but her job. 🙂

  19. dude..her arm is freaken my out…what is up with thai actress with 12 years arms and legs…omg…and my mother wants me to the size of such girl…yea right..imight as well starve myself to death…

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