Clash Opens Up Reasons For Departing

Clash holds a press conference stating the reason why their band is departing ways after their last album.

Today what do you want to talk about first?

Pol: “With the news saying that we are disbanding, that is true. It’s not because we got into an argument and wanted to go our own ways, but at this point if you ask us if we’re satisfied, no that’s not it also. We have things that we want to do and move forward and we thought about it that at this point we will have to stop and continue to walk towards our dreams. As for us wanting to quit the band, we’ve talked about it now for almost 2-3 years and truthfully we wanted to quit since the last album, but the bosses called us in to say “Why are you guys so heartless like this?” If one day our fans heard it from ourselves that we are quitting it would be easier for them to accept, but if we stopped abruptly and quit without a word our fans will think of the worst possibilities, so instead we decided to do one last album.”

What will you guys be doing after this?

Soom: “Right now we have work that we are doing behind the scenes. Like Pol, he’s a producer and his latest work was for Tina and right now we are working on a new artist also.”

Pol: “And we will slowly be moving because I think it’s time that we moved from being in the front (as a band) and work behind the scenes and work as a production group who can create new artists. We see it as if anyone who wants to be an artist have skills then we want to help them.”

Some people might look at it as if the reason why the band is breaking up is because you guys can’t get along. Are there any disagreements or separation?

Bank: “We’ve been together for 15 years and if we get into an argument today or tomorrow we’ll get over it. We’ve been close with each other since high school and we’ve played soccer til we were dark, ate mama noodles from the same pot. We’re more like family not…like we were put together by GMM and forced to form a band. As for us separating, no there’s none of that, there are no money problems, girl problems you can cut that out, but due to our different views and listening to different genre of music the duties that each person has was differing from one another. The one thing that is common between us is that we’re all in the same production team and even though there is no “Clash”, but we are still in the same group and will continue to work on music.”

Bank what is your responsibility?

Bank: “We’ve talked about it already saying what kind of other jobs can we do and the only job we can probably do is this job (music) only. Just wait and watch instead. Like on the album the 15 songs on there will be “Clash’s” songs and the other 5 songs will be solo songs from the members. You will find out what type of genre everyone listens to and what the future will be. It might be like what we tried doing.”

Bank there was a rumor that you were so eye catching that a company oversees wanted to work with you. Is that true?

Bank: “With this, I can’t answer you clearly because we’re in the frame of negotiating. So I can’t answer you clearly on the situation. If  it wasn’t me then I’d get criticized for it.”

What country is it?

Bank: “It’s America.”

Will you be an artist under the company over there?

Bank: “I can’t give you a clear answer on that right now because I’m afraid that if I answer and they don’t end up working with me then it wouldn’t be a good thing.”

How many years are left on your contract?

Pol: “A year and half. No more then 2 years. Even though we quit the band, but we’re not tearing up our contract because even though we’re quitting, but we’re man enough. We’ll still be working behind the scenes producing new music/work.”

Bank: “It’s true that we started off here (GMM Grammy) and we will be staying here. No matter if one of us has a different project, but we’ll still be here because we can’t imagine ourselves being anywhere else.”

If you (Bank) are contacted from the company oversees will you be going to work under them?

Bank: “Right now it’s in the stage of negotiations. I can’t answer yet. I’m talking to someone still from there about the concept and I’m still confused.”

Is it the same company that produced Rain/Bi in America?

Bank: “No, it’s not.”

Have you (Bank) sought out advice from Grammy about going to America?

Bank: “Right now everything is chaotic and quite busy.”

Do  you feel remorseful that there is no Clash anymore?

Bank: “I do, but it’s something that we’ve talked about for the past 3 years already. We didn’t get into an argument yesterday and held a press conference today, but we’ve been talking about it for a very long time already. We just couldn’t swallow the words and spit it out to tell each and every one of our fan club members because there are some that can’t accept it. There are some that will tell us that they just became a fan and then all of a sudden we’re breaking up, why are we doing this? As for the ones that understand, thank you. There are some that cursed at us because they are sad by the news and then they get angry asking us why are we doing this.”

In the future will Clash get back together to do a special album?

Bank: “It can happen, but we just don’t know when the time will be or there might not be a chance we’ll get together and work together. Then there might be a chance we’ll get to work together again in the near future, but it’s up to everyone’s duty.”

How come there are only 4 people here today? Where’s Hack?

Bank: “He’s not feeling good today.”

Why did you pick the set of your music video to tell the first set of your fan club about the news?

Bank: “We don’t know if they’re lucky or not that they received the news first. We wanted to show our true feelings and let everyone know that we didn’t have a definite plan, so that day we wanted to tell them and we did.”

Is there something you want to tell your fan club again?

Yaak: “There is a word that we want to say and that is sorry. Sorry for making a decision like this, but we have chosen to walk this path for almost 9 years and it’s time for us to go on the path where our dreams are. We want to tell everyone that we are not going anywhere and that we will still be working for everyone to see. In our heads everyone thought about what they would do in the future, but all we can tell them right now today, is that it will be our last album.”

The day that you told your fan club, when you saw them crying how did you feel?

Soom: “It was a feeling harder then rehearsing a concert many times. We saw the fans singing the songs, singing our songs it was sad. At the time there were thoughts about if it was wrong, but OK we will take it on full force and quit is quitting. We didn’t want to look around to see if this person agreed with us or not.”

If this album is doing good would you still quit?

Pol: “Yes, we’ll still quit.”

You don’t regret it?

Bank: “We do, but the world goes around. Time changes and our view points have changed and we would have to go do things that is appointed with our views. We would like to be a band when we are in our 40’s and people still love our music, but we just can’t help it  because everyone listen’s to different genre of music.”

When did you guys realize you were into different types of music?

Bank: “It gradually changed. We might have grown up also. Like before we might listened to a lot of music when we were younger, but when we got older we’d started picking some genre that we liked. Then when there was only the type of music we liked then we wanted to work in that field. Yaak is starting to write lyrics and Pol has bulging headaches everyday. It’s hard work.”

If the band were to mold a new artist will you guys be fighting over them?

Soom: “It’s not to that point, but since we’re friends and sometimes I might not be involved, but Pol will call me in and ask for  my help, then I would go help him. Or if the melody isn’t right then we’d call on Bank and he would come and help. The definition of friendship doesn’t mean that they would come in a criticize but that… if there is something to help with and everyone is free then go right on ahead and help fix it.”

What do you want to leave with your “Nine Miss U 2” album?

Bank: “The last song is not the last song on the album. The album has a lot of project coming and  just because it’s the last song doesn’t mean it’s over. Like giving a press conference today to announce we’re disbanding doesn’t mean we’ll stop working together. There are a lot of more things coming and on the 30th we’ll be at the Yamaha Atrium.”

[Source via Khanpak/GMM Grammy/INN News]

11 responses to “Clash Opens Up Reasons For Departing

  1. “We’ve been close with each other since high school and we’ve played soccer til we were dark, ate mama noodles from the same pot.”

    The most touching line lol I think they planned this out really well and they’re presenting such a great goodbye album for their fans, especially showing the fans what to expect from them in the future, music wise.

  2. i got teary-eyed while reading it. this is why i love DL! even though it was a long read but you translated it to inform us the details!

    i’m going to miss clash but it is good that they won’t be gone forever that we’ll get to see their work instead.

  3. Bank in the States…that will be very interesting and would love to see that happen. If it does, I hope he makes a better crossover than other Asian celebrities!

  4. i am gonna miss them as a band on stage but i am also happy for them. if this is what they want, i am still happy for them.

  5. sigh… after reading this.. im happy to let them go.. i love clash and will always love and support them forever even if they’re gonna go seperate ways.. they’re truly talented and i wish for them the best.. LOVE CLASH ALWAYS!!!!

  6. omg i cant believe that ther going to split i cried so bad. but im so glad that i got to see them play when they wer in mn..but now im also excited to see what they are going to do in the future as ther own person…no matter what, the true fan will still follow ther every move…best wishes clash…

  7. Although I’m crying at the fact that Clash will be disbanding, I agree with their words. Music is what brought them together and it should be nothing other than music that should tear them apart. I believe that Clash puts their all into the music they play. If their music styles have changed and they are into different genres of music, how can we allow them to play/sing music they are not passionate about? How can they allow themselves?

    It surely is bittersweet, but even if they’re not together their music lives on in us. Those of us who bought their CDs or illegally downloaded them, listened to them time and again, cried over MVs, and memorized every word. We will continue the Clash legacy.

  8. It’ll be amazing for Clash to perform in America for one last time, now I’m older and can drive I can go to concerts. Very wonderful if Bank comes to America and Hack! The vocal of Bank and the guitar of Hack is so soothing. Bank sings so smooth and Hack plays guitar similar to one of Favorite Legend “Slash”- Guns N Roses! Hopes Hopes Hopes!!!!!!

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