“Oil” cuts “Vee” to pursue “Gift FHM”

In the situation where two guys are trying to get a girl’s attention, “Oil” causes “Gift FHM” to lose face when he cuts in front of “Vee” to pursue her. As for “Cartoon”, they are just co-stars. After seeing his friend “Lift” welcome his baby, Oil says that he wanted to have kids before Lift but is still stuck trying to find a baby mama.

After having news with young actress “Fang” Pichaya, pra’ek “Oil” Thana Suttikamol also had news that he was flirting with “Cartoon” Yaowalak Luangmong from the lakorn “Rabum Duang Dao”. After leaking photos of the two shopping together and Cartoon over talking about their relationship, our pra’ek dumped her right away. After that, there was news of Oil chasing after FHM 2010 contestant “Gift” Apinya Wanichayapun.

But to make the situation more serious, Gift’s charm seems to also touch actor “Vee” Veeraparb Suparbpaiboon, causing both well known pra’eks to fall into the news column of chasing the same girl. Previously, Vee denied any relationship with her. As reporters approached Gift, she hesitated in giving an answer about her and Oil. As for Oil, he just comes straight out denying that he even knows her, causing Gift to lose face. Oil says,

“With n’Gift, we aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend krub. I don’t even know her and I didn’t cut p’Vee to pursue her. Did I really cut in front of p’Vee? p’Vee and I don’t have any problems. We see each other when we’re working. We’re not close friends. This kind of news doesn’t make me confused krub because there’s always these types of news.”

“As for Cartoon, we are just co-workers. We know each other because we played in the same lakorn together. There’s nothing more to it krub. We are only co-workers.”

Then we continued to ask about his best friend “Lift”  Supoj Janjaroen, who just had his first child. Oil replies that he visited the baby already since the birth and adds that he even wanted to have kids before his friend, but is a little stuck on the fact that he still isn’t able to find a baby mama.

“I went to visit the baby already. I went ever since the baby was born. I went since the early evening until I slept. I don’t know why I’m so excited na. With other people, I’m so happy for them. With Lift, we are like brothers. He’s like family. That’s why I feel like it’s my child. I looked at Lift’s face and he’s happy, too (laughs).”

“I welcomed the baby like no other. I’m going to wait until the baby is older. I want to have kids before Lift has another one, but I’m just not as ready yet. Well, I can’t find the mother yet. I was ready since I was 20 krub and now a fews years passed krub (smiles).”

Source: Manager

17 responses to ““Oil” cuts “Vee” to pursue “Gift FHM”

  1. i think it’s time for him to settle down also. hopefully he finds the right girl soon. fang was just ugh for him. she was too young and immature. he needs someone who is young but at the same time mature on his level.

  2. oil is a cutie! my all time favorite actor! i would like to know who will be his lucky girl! like others said, he is getting old! but he is aging well! so yup, come on oil, you said you wanted to have kids before lift, and he beat you to that! lol! hehe! 😀

  3. Oil is going to be one of those actors that won’t marry until he’s in his forty or so.Look at p’tank, he is still single.

  4. Yea, I would agree that Oil would probably end up marrying somewhere around his 40’s to some 20 something year old lol. Not that it’s bad or anything, I think it’s sweet.

  5. I bet oil still ain’t over joy rinlanee, he gave num the evil stare pic at lyn’s iheartlakorns.

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