Maple Slips She Used To Date Howard

Miss Maxim 2009, “Maple” Patchuda Panpipat slipped and revealed that she used to date singer, Howard Wang. Although they both have gone their separate ways after having dated for nearly a year. She denies she was his sugar momma when they went on dates. Maple said that they went “Dutch” and paid for their own meals. She also announces that they are only friends and that she has someone whom she is talking to already, but he’s not her boyfriend.

Reporters informed Maple that eyewitnesses saw her and Howard out eating with the singer and asked if that was true, she answered,

“Hoh, it’s been a long time already. Howard used to be my old boyfriend and we’ve broken up with each other a long time ago. We are now friends and we do meet up to go eat normally. There’s nothing. Our house are close to each other and when we go places we’ll call each other up normally.” (They say that you paid for all the accommodation?) “There are times that I do and there are times that he does also it’s normal.” (Will there be a return?) “No, I think it’s better to be friends like this because I have someone I’m talking to already.” (So does the person you’re talking to understand? ) “See when I went out to eat with Howard it was a long time ago. It’s been about 3 months already, but the guy is not my boyfriend he’s a very close friend of mine. He hasn’t said anything.”

Why did you two break up?

“We both had high confidence in ourselves so therefore it didn’t work out so great and we broke up.”(Did you date for long?) “About a year.” (Do you two still talk to each other?) “We chat here and there on our blackberry, but we don’t talk on the phone anymore.” (Has he teased you that you are involved with rumors with many guys?) “He teases me a bit. He’ll say, “Hey, why are there so many rumors with guys?” and I would tease him back saying he has a lot of news with girls also.”

[Source via Gossipstar]

9 responses to “Maple Slips She Used To Date Howard

    • oh and it’s funny how she “slipped” she dated him. w/e she wanted everyone to know they used to date.

  1. Another way to get attention, she’s such an attention seeker, I was fine with the Dew and Golf situation but this was an obvious ploy for more attention. I didn’t even bother to read. I saw the word Howard and remembered the horrendous video he did, and yes, it was a rip off of Taeyang which I seriously adore, that boy is so suave and smoothe, Howard just needs to try harder.

    • same here i didnt bother to read. i just scroll down to read the comments lol

      i dont mind the style if it is similar to tae yang. but music wise, howard isnt even good. how did he make it into the industry?

  2. what an urgggggg picture. She looks like something between the Adam’s family and drag queen. Don’t know which one of it stands out the most. but hell, this is an ugly pic!!!

    yeah, she does seem like an attention seeker. Just work and get acknowledge girl.. gosh

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