Lydia says that RS is still merciful

Lydia feels better, but is still stressed about RS cutting her. She reveals that she was cut, but is still about to accept small works herself. But if it is a big job, she would still need to ask permission. Lydia adds that she is not thinking of making music yet because she wants to work on lakorns first. As for her relationship with Matthew, they are still happy going on 5 years.

After the big boss of RS Promotion, Hia Hoh, revealed that he will not be renewing Lydia’s contract because the singer boasts too much of herself, young singer “Lydia” Sarunratch Wisuthsakda came out and apologized asking for forgiveness from the big boss. She explained that she was sorry for causing him stress and that she did not mean it. Recently, we were able to have a little chat with Lydia at an event called “Bert Week Bit 3” at the Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel, where she revealed to us that she is only able to accepts small event and small concert jobs. But if they are big events, she would still need to ask permission from RS.

“About my contract, I still have it with RS. I still have it until February of next year, but I don’t know how I can on music. But that’s no problem kaa because right now, I am not thinking of doing music. I’d rather work on lakorns first. About accepting new jobs, RS is still looking into that. They told me that it’s ok accept incoming jobs, but they can only be small event jobs. If they are big jobs, I’d have to talk it over with them. They gave me permission to only take small event jobs or small concert jobs kaa.”

“If you ask me if I feel better about with happened, I do feel better naturally with time. But I am still a little stressed. My dad and mom told me not to stress, don’t think about it, and to just do my best at work.”

We continue to ask her about her sweetheart, Matthew Deane, whom she has dated for the past 5 years. She reveals that she does not regret the past 5 years and are happy.

“p’Matt and I are good kaa. We are still the same and he’s always there giving me support. When we have time, we would see each other. Sometimes we would see each other on set, it depends. He’s really happy kaa. If you ask if I’m afraid of a failing love because the number 5 is unlucky, I am not kaa because we’ve always been happy. There shouldn’t be any obstacles.”

Source: Manager

3 responses to “Lydia says that RS is still merciful

  1. Umm I must be so out of the loop cuz I have NO IDEA what she did wrong. Was it something heka serious? Anyone?

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