Noon and Todd Open Up Their House For The First Time

They’ve both been married for about 2 months now (they wed on May 19th) for the actress and daughter in law to Singha beer, “Noon Worranuch and her lovely husband, “Todd” Pithi Bhirompakdee opened up their wedding house for the first time. The house is 6 levels and utterly expensive with the interior taste of Noon’s mother in law who decorated it up to the modern era. They both showed off their house on “Jun Pan Dao” who got to view the house as the first guests. The couple shows off their sweetness and praises each other. Noon also has hot tips on how to keep your man under control!

You can say that they are in their honeymoon phase because they are so sweet towards each other that no sugar possible can compare to it for the couple of Noon and Todd who opened up their house so fans can see how they’re living for the first time. Noon even goes to giving tips on how to keep her man under control by cooking up Todd’s favorite food for him to eat. Those who miss out on watching “Jun Pan Dao” will regret it!

[Source via Gossipstar]

19 responses to “Noon and Todd Open Up Their House For The First Time

  1. Noon and Todd are such an adorable couple! I love when he made fun of her not knowing how to make a simple sandwich hahaha.

  2. They seem so sweet. I’m happy for the couple and Todd is so funny making fun of Noon and the cooking mama game.

  3. 6 stories is a lot of space for a newlywed couple…… I wouldn’t mind if they pulled a Brad-Jolena and adopted me.

  4. Chill out guys…Todd Noon only have 1 floor! The rest is shared with Todd’s parents & brother’s family.

    I love Nune (way she spells her name!) Wish these 2 the best.

      • I think you meant to reverse “nune” and “noon”. I agree though it’s up to personal preference and the phonetics are pronounced the same either way you type it “Noon” or “Nune”.

  5. Their house is HUGE! I’m jealous. LOL.

    Watching this makes me want Noon and Cee in a lakorn together again. Haha. Although Noon and her husband are cute together as well.

  6. i gotta admit it does really look like a condominium building. it looks alright both in and out. i was expecting something more like those mansions in lakorns.

  7. OMG! 6 stories?!!!!!! thats crazy! but at least they’re so thoughtful to share with their families! each person with their own floor!

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