Aff’s Rate Goes For 200,000 Baht!

Not only is she an actress under Channel 3, but it seems that “Aff” Tucksaorn Paksoukchareon is one of the most expensive actress (to hire) you can say. We all know that before Aff came along, Anne Tongprasom was the most expensive actress in Channel 3.

It seems that Aff is so hot right now that event planners has to book her in advance til next year! Not only that, but event planners are complaining about Aff’s rate has sky rocketed up to 200,000 baht (aprox. $6,177 USD). Well like they say, if you want to talk about rates for A-List actresses they of course will have to be in the hundred thousand category, but if the rate is at 200,000 then that’s the rate that “Aump” Patcharapa Chaichuer goes for.

[Source Gossipstar]

46 responses to “Aff’s Rate Goes For 200,000 Baht!

  1. She’s worth it though, she’s so pretty and cute. She’s my fav actress. I wonder what lakorn she’s gonna do next, crossing my fingers for an ateam reunion! 🙂

    • I sooo agree w/you missmonica =P Aff is so worth it! I even think she should even get paid more ! She is such a good actor.

      • if Aum Patcharapa is ugly !! what about YOU and the orthers actress ???You all must be terrible !!!i suppose ahahhaaaa

      • Lol my sister thinks aum is not all that pretty.. Aum has her flaws(facewise) but she is a beautiful person in most eyes. Aff also i dont like they way she looks it seems annoying but she is pretty.. I dont think she really deserves that much but hey alot of people thinks so

        • i have nothing to say…i think ur right but if we think about it 6,000 is nothing. america actressa and actors gets paid millions…but USA is so different from thailand.

      • Aum Is So Not Ulgy OK!!
        If Aum Is Ugly Then Aff Ugly Too..
        People Have Different Tatse For Actor!!

    • i am totally with you missmonica. i am crossing my fingers too. i want a reunion for ateam badly. i’m rewatching jum luey ruk and botun gleep soo tai. totally love ateam, still have ateam fever!!!

  2. i honestly like her but want to see something different from her. so far ive seen tomboy cute, GIRLY girl, loving Innocent, and well as of wanida, havent seen it yet.. i want her to be in an excited one. Maybe even Horror! :Didk if ive ever seen anne in a horror before…hmm

  3. Maybe I might be the only one but I think 200,000 for Aff is too high. She is definitely not the best actress and whenever she cries, I can’t stand to watch it. It annoys me so much. Other than that, she is a sweet and pretty girl. Talented?…ehhh a little too overrated like most actresses nowadays lol.

    • i love aff but let’s say she cannot act that well to be paid that much amount (according to Thai standard pay rate for an actor). but she has charisma, that’s why i still follow some of her lakorns. for some reason the more i see aff, the less unattractive she becomes or it could just be the picture above that i dont like. most likely it’s the picture above lmao

    • i think so…she souldnt have pay that much money….i just saw like 2 of her lakorns bt i dont like it cause she always cry…..annoyed…..i like pancake better cause most of her lakorns is funny …she should have pay that much money..

      • Personally, I don’t think Pancake can’t act either so she’s shouldn’t be worth that much or get pay that much either. It’s all in the matters of personal opinions isn’t it?

        • really? do u like pancake? i love her so much…bt i cant merry her cause im a girl haha…i think shes the best actress ive ever seen… i dont no y most people dont like her

          • Panckae is the best actress? Really? You must not broaden your horizon that much do you? Oh well, I’m sorry then. =)

          • wow… if pancake is the best actress, then aom piyada and ann thongprasom are sh*t

          • yes i think pancake is the best bt different people like different things u no….for me i like pancake cause shes funny bt for some other people they like crying stuff…… worries c-indy everyone have different opinion…

          • and how do you supposed their rates are determined? By the opinions of others. If people think they are good then they like them thus making them valuable. Saying someone is a superb actress is not a fact, it’s an opinion. Saying one person makes more then the other is a fact that can be proven point blank. Saying whether they deserve it or not is a matter of opinion.

          • there are so many people that dislike pancake yet she’s pulling people in left and right on her good side. good opinions vs bad opinions? opinions are the people but opinions can turn something into facts, the money, the fame, etc.

    • I agree also, if that’s the highest rate, I don’t think she should be paid that much, but kudos to her anyways. She’s not bad but she’s not great. I think expanding her roles would do her good, but I doubt that she’ll go out of her comfort zone which seems to be playing to good weak girl. I want to see more spice, more sparks perhaps, something that will bring out the great acting which I’m sure she is capable of, I guess I’ll wait for something a little interesting from her, hopefully Wanida will bring out her good acting, but I have a feeling it will be in the same genre as her previous roles.

  4. i agree.i like aff but her acting and roles are always the same o for pancake even though she is overrated and everywhere but her acting and roles that she portrays differ every now and then same to aum patcharapa.she takes on different roles which actors are suppose to due.challenge themselves with different just saying.

  5. Lol, I think Aff is soooo gorgeous. I honestly think she’s one of the prettiest full thai looking actresses 🙂

    • i like aff.She’s pretty.But my thai friends told me she did a lot of plastic surgries.Guess that maybe true.We can tell some difference.Anyway I still like her.Doing plastic surgries is quite normal for the people working in this indutry.

  6. aff isn’t a very good actress but she is pretty. To be honest I only like her in the first lakorn where she paired with aum. But, in her other lakorns I never finished any of them.

  7. We heard about Aff’s rate every 6-7 months, if didn’t had her updated news.

    Anyway this rate is for events so her acting skill is not the issues.
    I think it’s about demand – supply , event planners complain because she didn’t present in the events more like as the others.

  8. She is easy on the eyes. But her acting isn’t up to par. She needs some help in the crying department. Everytime she cries it looks like she is smiling/laughing. She is overrated and all her roles are pretty much the same. She hasn’t challenge herself and it does get boring. I watched her first lakorn other than that…it’s all the same and nothing exciting. 🙂

    • I agree you. It’s unreasonable for her to raise her rate when her acting isn’t that decent and she does need to expand her types of roles more.

    • if you are referring to jam luey ruk, that’s not her first lakorn. i thought she did pretty good in mon ruk lottery with dan. she doesnt play the weak girl. but after jlr, she started getting those annoying crying weak nang ek girl.

      • that woluld be the typical nang ek role in thai lakorns 😉 but seriously I wanna see aff in a stronger role also

  9. Aff doesn’t do much photoshoots or dramas but she is asking for the same amount as Aump Patchrapa? How can that be when Aump is every where? I think it’s time Aump curves up her prices.

  10. For 200,000 bath I prefer so far to hire Aump Patcharapa because at least her lakorns bring good ratings lol. Aff is pretty but her acting is just awerage. And contrary to Aump who has proved to be able to portray any character, Aff always plays the same similar roles. Aff may be a pretty actress but not a great one like Aump, Aom or Anne, so no I don’t think she worth this price !

  11. She is overrated and she is not all at great of a actress too. Aff always play the same ass roles. I prefer Aump better she pretty and talented!

  12. Honestly though, why does it matter if they are a good actress or not in Thailand vs. America when it comes to pay? In America for example, Paris Hilton gets $400K for a 15 minute appearance at a party…dude she can’t act for sh*t. What I’m saying is that talent is not always the determining factor…it’s more popularity. Back to the basic rules of supply vs. demand = cost.
    I just think it’s unfair that Aff or anyone that is a “celebrity” is being judged and criticized for how much she gets paid for her appearances. In the end we are not shelling out the cash and why the heck are we complaining for really?

  13. How interesting, I didn’t know that 200,000 was a high rate for A-List actresses. I thought they were already in the millions zone.

    • no one is going to pay millions for an actress just to make an appearance at an event. that’s just crazy. unless it was a very high class event and involved touching old dudes then maybe.

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