Rumor: Aff and Songkran Secretly Engaged!?

The in trend thing right now is buying couple rings amongst celebrities, but in the case of Bonanza Kao Yai executive, Songkran Taechanarong and actress, “Aff” Taksaorn Paksoukchareon, is that Songkran has bought a ring for Aff already. Not just a regular couple ring, but is said to be an engagement ring instead!

Like they say when a love is blossoming and both sides of the family are approving of the relationship is a normal thing. It seems like Songkran is very dedicated and much in love with this relationship because not is only Aff beautiful, but she is also smart and her abilities are plentiful. It’s not weird or odd at all that Songkran is falling head over heels and wanting to marry the actress.

[Source: Gossip Star]

26 responses to “Rumor: Aff and Songkran Secretly Engaged!?

  1. I hope they get married soon, Aff is at the appropriate age. I won’t hate on this couple anymore. Songkran’s not that bad looking.

    • I can’t complain — i’m at a subtile stage of their relationship as well as Nat/Aum — whatever rock their boats, I’m cool and happy with it too — Anyway, i don’t know what to be happy or sad — i don’t want to see Aff missing in action (lakorn) if this rumor is true T_T (kindda selfish on my part but …. )

      • Well maybe marriage will rise her fame, you never know. I don’t want her to be missing in action as well. We’ll see this is just a rumor anyways.

  2. So now his family approves? I mean I know his sisters definitely approved but I thought his father prefer Pinky over Aff. What happen?

    • his family probably got to know her better and of course the peck-tanya-pinky incident probably changed their minds.

      the only guy aff has been with was her boyfriend of 10 years and songkran. who wouldn’t want her as their daughter in law?

  3. im starting to not hate this couple anymores. im juss glad that songkran is treating aff nicely and i guess head over heels for her. imma happy for her if she’s happy. i love her still she’s the more beautifull and gorgeous thai girl out there. imma happy for her but i still wish it was A-Team but i guess Aum is busy with his relationship too i wish them BOTH thee best X)……

  4. Uggh I still can’t stand Songkran. I don’t wanna hate but I already know they will break up someday lol!

  5. I’ve always liked them as a couple since the beginning..glad they’re still together and strong.

  6. All guys nowadays love P’sao (older girls)? Ken (6 years diff), Aum (5 yrs), Songran (5yrs) and who else? Why don’t they just love younger ones?

      • age aint nothing but a number. if it’s ok for a guy to love a girl younger then him then it should be ok for a girl to love a man younger then her.

        women who can get younger men of course will have haters b/c those who can get younger men are just the epitome of those who can’t.

        • Hehe only time I put age limitation on love is when the girl is freaking 13 and the guy is 30. I’m okay with ANY age as long as both parties are legal. I don’t wanna sound like a hypocrite later on when an illegal is promoting his/her love with an elder person.

          • agreed. i actually have a Thing for guys who are older as they’ve been through more and is more Mature. idk why lol. but if one day im in my mid to late 20s or 30s *single* and a younger dude*couple yrs apart* is after me not just for IT, ill give it a try. If im noi and nat i would stick for a while to see if we’ll go anywhere. but knowing nat has been through a marriage before, i doubt she would want to settle down anytime soon but then i wouldnt know :P. Noi and ken Definitely sticked around for a longggg time lol. i feel like they are nok chatchai and his wife but younger version. lol . even tho nok is old, he and his wife are still damn pretty popular. But DEFINITELY agreeing on the 13 and 30 age gap . YUCK! thats like his/her FREAKEN baby. :O

    • haha nice observation. i like older guys. to me someone younger is like a brother and that’s a turn off for me. maybe a year younger is ok but then again a younger guy is like a pet peeve to me. i would never date a younger guy. as for these girls or guys, they have different taste than me for sure.

  7. aff is so pretty and a nice person too. who wouldn’t wanna marry her. If I wasa guy I would wanna marry her too, but since I’m not, I wanna be just like aff 😉 hahahha….

  8. well, aff sure is smart to dump the police and go for one of the rich dude. 10 yrs with a regular police dude then right after her fame, she drop the cop and get the rich dude. i guess thats life. lol

    • ten years is a long time period though! i dont know how someone will drop it like that. but yea, whatever its over already i guess. but yea, songkran and aff looks good together. best of luck for them. 🙂

    • I think the police guy is also from a well to do family.. guess the relationship was not going anywhere..
      I remember seeing the pics of them together, most of the time, he was always on the phone

      • Do you remember Thanya’s husband? Aff’s exboyfriend is the same..Yes he is a policeman but they had Valentine dinner at Orienten Hotel ( around 200,000 bth. – from gossips magazine last year )

      • Her ten years boyfriend is a doctor not a cop. Anyhow, seems like she dropped him because of Songkran. I don’t blame her I would do the same. Why not, he had more money! As for Pinky, Songkran dumped her for Aff.

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