Nat Admits She’s Driving Aum’s Mercedes Around

He’s making major scoring points for actor, “Aum” Artichart Choomnanont that rumors are floating around that he’s making good merits by buying the divorced singer, “Nat’ Myria Benedetti a Mercedes Benz. Not only that, but a good eye witness saw the singer drive the car out of the showroom. When Nat was met at The Mall Bangkapi she revealed,

“Yes, the car is nice so I wanted to drive it, but we were in the showroom and we didn’t have more then a minute to get out. There were a lot of people who went also. We all helped pick out the car and it’s like he had a lot of opinions helping out pick the car. His relatives and younger sibling went with us that day. So, they were also the one’s who made a decision. As for the price of the car I’m not sure about it. All I know is that I’m the one that drove it out of the showroom and sometimes I would ask to borrow the car from him to drive around. Although it’s not often because I’m cautious, but if it was me, I wouldn’t buy it myself. It’s up to him instead and he’s a good person who can take care of things. I didn’t want to cheer him with motorcycles. Most guys want something daring, but personally it makes me worried. It doesn’t matter who drives a motorcycle, I’m all worried because it can be dangerous and my relatives have had accidents on a motorcycle also, so there are chances you’ll get into accidents more.”

Did Aum buy his car?

“He bought it himself, but since he was so generous he let me drive the car for a bit and his sibling got to drive the car for a bit. See with cars you get turns test driving it because it’s like he wants to feel close to us.”

So do you get to drive it places together romantically?

“No because we’re usually with a lot of people. This car you can sit up to 4 people, not only 2 people.”

When asked about how she felt when someone wrote to her to be careful when dating Aum because they don’t want her to get a broken heart the 2nd time around, Nat revealed,

“I really want to thank them. Whoever warns me I’ll listen to it, but personally I stay with the present instead. I think right now everything is good. There is nothing about it, but if I try to think too much into the future it wouldn’t be such a good thing or if going back to the past too much wouldn’t be a good thing either. So with the present right now I’m enjoying happiness already, but I can’t determine what will happen in the future.”

Do you think Aum has a good attitude?

“He has a great attitude and he’s a cute person.”

[Source via Rakdara]

30 responses to “Nat Admits She’s Driving Aum’s Mercedes Around

  1. aww. they must be close enough to have his younger siblings tag along. 🙂 there goes another ken and noi :)) howcome the guys that date older gals treat them better? does it seem like that???

    • Maybe they know how to. treat the guys beter too, I just hope this trend is still alive when I’m old LOL

  2. they might seem boring but at least she’s old enough to admit it that she did drive his car and not act like a little kid and laugh about it.

  3. She so remind me of Matt Peeranee…They could pass off as sisters. If Aum ever starr in a lakorn with Matt it’ll be the younger version of Nat. 🙂

    They are cute. Happiness comes in all shape and sizes. So good luck to them.

  4. Wow, if some people aren’t interested in this article, why come and read In the first place? And why leave such a useless comment?

    Anyways, good for her, the relationship seems to be doing good. And at least he is comfortable to let her drive his car. I find nothing wrong with that, I drive my boyfriend’s car all the time, and he does the same with mine, we like to save gas lol. Goodluck to them, hope the relationship works, they seem grounded as a couple.

    • seriously gas price is going way up again… well at least where im living.

      anyways best wishes to them both.

      • definitely on gas. like i remember two years ago during September we took a trip to SF and gas there was FOUR BUCKS!! OMFG. i was like “igotta take a picture of this”

    • Well maybe they comment cause they want to, maybe they just want to share their opinion. Being bored is an opinion also.

      • Sorry but being bored is definitely not an opinion. It’s more so a feeling or the state someone is in, just to let you know. What you expressed in your comment was not an opinion at all, it’s was a useless comment which expressed what you were doing, do people need to know what you’re doing, no. I just think it is your jealousy which drove you to not like this couple, face it, Ateam will never be anything more than co-workers or friends, and god forbid if she is put in another lakorn playing the weak girl with Aum, it’s getting boring.

  5. i love nat, i just want her to be with someone that really cares and loves her. hmmm…did nat sing that one song in smart and matt’s lakorn?

      • thanks JP for the reply, no it wasn’t from this lakorn, but hey i like this vid that you posted, thanks!

        i was talking about this one

        but after i listen to it again i don’t think it’s nat.

        • nah the singers are ZAZA

          bout aum and nat, i actually love them together,
          even though they’re mostly low-key and seem “boring”, but that makes them look like a real couple
          not a couple for show but because they love each other and want to be together for real

          • oh thanks icebe…yeah when i listened to the song, some part sound a bit like nat, but after listened to it many time again i know it was it nat for sure. yes, i agreed with you, though i do want to see the two in a lakorn or fashion magazine together, haha

  6. the age gap between nat and aum isn’t much… no big deal really as long as they’re happy together.

  7. from pinky to nat, that’s a really huge change for aum. he probably don’t like younger girls because of pinky lol that’s nice of him to lend his car but i like driving my own car instead.

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