Nadech Admits He Needs Acting Lessons

Although Nadech Kukimiya was just a supporting actor in ‘Ngao Rak Ngao Huajai’ but still, his name is up there winning the hearts of lakorn fans all around.

The latest is that the Japanese-Isan actor is about to star in his second lakorn drama ‘4 Huajai Hang Jai Khun’. Nadech talks to Komchudluak about his upcoming role.

“Do I feel like I’m accepting a new role too soon? Honestly, I did take a little break because after my first lakorn I had some time to plan for my education. But I do admit that it was a little too soon for a new role. I’m not really ready in terms of my acting abilities”

“I want more time to study acting. Right now I’m looking for a place for acting lessons. There’s one in Sukumvit but I haven’t been there yet”

“From what I’ve seen of myself in my first lakorn, my acting was stiff and now in my second lakorn, I’m still the same. And also I talk really fast and it’s hard to understand on camera. But I do thank the executives for giving me the oppotunity”

“In my second lakorn, I play a moody and agressive character. There will be feuds with the other characters and some heated debate with the Nang aek too. It’s not like my first lakorn where I played Nawa, because in that lakorn I was quite a gentleman”

You’re a Pra Aek now?

“And I’m giving Pah Jaew (Director) grief (laughs)”

There’s a rumour that you and Mark Parin are upset that Aump Patcharapa didn’t do anything to try and get you into channel 7, that’s why you had to join channel 3

“I read the news but I’m not upset. P’Aump is like an older sister who tries to open doors of opportunities for me in the biz. P’A (manager) never tried to get me into channel 7 but I don’t know if P’A spoke to the executives or not. Although I feel nothing by it at all. We laugh about it, Mark doesn’t feel anything by this news either because it’s not true”

7 responses to “Nadech Admits He Needs Acting Lessons

  1. I SOOO HEART Nadech! I thought he did fairly well on NRLJ as his first lakorn. I was SOOO pissed with the ending. And halfway through the lakorn. I was pretty much only watching it for him and Mark lol BUT I am definitely looking forward to his next lakorn!

  2. I thought he did a great job on ngao ruk luang jai as a new actor. His new drama look really good. I can’t wait to see it.

  3. whether the rumor was true or not, i am just glad mark and barry are with ch3 and not ch7. ch3 needs more younger actors and groom them into adult actors such as ken, aum, rome, chatchai (im not a fan but i did like some of his lakorn in the early and late 90s and fair enough a good actor) etc.

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