Min’s Advice to Shy Gao on Oops! Magazine

Hottest newcomers “Om Akapan, Min Pichaya & Gao Jirayu” were invited to grace the cover of  Oops! Magazine.

The photoshoot took place in a new shopping Mall at Udonthani province and Oops! magazine revealed the inside scoop  to Thairath news.

On the day – Gao was super, super ‘shy’ because in the latest gossip news – he supposedly has a crush on Min and he’s ‘apparently’ very close to her. But how close can he be…to be so shy?

Unlike Om Akapan who showed no signs of shyness, willingly surrended his back for Min to hold on to while romantically riding on a bike together for the camera.

Seeing shy Gao blushing away, Min takes the opportunity to tease him even more. When the photographer ordered him to put his arms around Min. Red faced Gao asked “How do I do that?”

Min took it upon herself to reply “Just think of it as hugging your mother”

Her answer sent the entire crew into roars of laughter.

More photos;

19 responses to “Min’s Advice to Shy Gao on Oops! Magazine

  1. Don’t gave me wrong i do like Min for a newbie but damn she’s where. Make me tried seeing her on Magazine and news with guys too that just lil annoyed now.

  2. The Pictures Are Actually Pretty Cute XD
    Shy Kao…Do Your Thang, Baybee ♥
    Om Is Such A Nice Looking Guy~~~

      • I thought she was too exaggerates in RSR. All she does was cry. After while her crying scenes got me annoy. Then I watch her latest lakorn where she was cripple. Again the facial expression was the same as in RSR. I think TV7 is running out of true actresses. Their main matter nowadays is looks and all about looks.
        Pancake chick can’t act either but she’s on every one’s little screens.
        What a waste! LOL

  3. Min is so gorgeous! Om and Kao are so handsome! 😀
    It’s so cute and funny at the same time on what Min said to Kao! 🙂
    Min and Om= Cute Together! 😀

  4. ngaw i’m a fan of all 3 of them but i must admit Min is getting pretty annoying with all these news about her and guys lol
    but anyways they all look greeeat especially OM ❤

  5. OMG! Min is completely OVERrated. its ridiculous how the news and the writer trying to make every star that are single have a crush on her. Please!!!! 98% answer was NO! of course they say she cute and all that because thai entertainment is all BS with lies and cover up.

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