Chakrit a workaholic, Petch dumps him, no return with Jakajun

Chakrit Yamnam confesses that he and “Petch” Boonyapa benjarongkul are over because he was too occupied with work that he didn’t have time for his own girlfriend. This was the reason why they fought every day and the reason she ended their relationship. He reassured that there will be no return for the 3rd time with ex-girlfriend Jakajun Akumsiri, dismissing what the fortune teller had predicted.

He is a sweet-skinned young man and yet has no love in the stars. The handsome pra’ek had recently revealed that the news of his break-up with hi-so girlfriend of over a year is true, which Petch had already revealed to the media earlier. Chakrit was able to open up about the situation during the pre-production of lakorn “Fai Amatha”. Even though he was still looking a little sad, he was still able to give us a smile before revealing the reason. Chakrit admits that it was because he didn’t have time for her and she couldn’t stand it so she broke up with him.

“It’s over already krub because I work too much, too. Time was also a factor that made us more distant krub. It is a lot of things. Plus, my lifestyle is different. I work doing a lot of things where I have to meet with a lot of people, hundreds sometimes thousands per week. And when the time comes, I just want to be by myself. I just want to be somewhere nice and quiet. My life is probably too boring for someone to want to have a relationship with.”

“It all just got weird, but when I talked to her and asked her, I would tell her the truth straight out. She told me that her feelings for me had changed especially from being apart and a lot of other things. It didn’t make her feel at ease. I didn’t feel at ease myself, because I felt like I wasn’t doing my best as a boyfriend and I was too busy enjoying my job. For the most part, it was because of my job and other things. I do feel bad, but life goes on. It’s ok, no problems. “

“We do argue sometimes, but it’s not every day. I’m working this hard, so where would I find time to argue with her every day? But when we do talk, it’s always about time. About giving each other attention, we both wanted to do the best we can, but we weren’t able to. To have her come sit, wait, and hang out at the set would be so boring. I feel bad na because I tried my best every time. But I understand krub, I’ve saved some room for this kind of stuff. I accept myself and what I do. It usually ends this way (laughs). About a 3rd hand krub, there is none and she didn’t have any either. “

As for a new girlfriend, we’ll have to let it come naturally. Either way, the new girl will have to wait and understand his lifestyle because he will most likely be the same and working the same, no change.

“As for a new girlfriend for me (laughs) not now krub. I’m just going to live life the way it is now and just let nature take its course. That would be better because I just barely became single about a month ago (the beginning of last month). Right now I’m not talking to anyone krub. For the most part, I just talk to my friends. Before when I was free for 3 years, there were people who came and talked to me. But when we finished talking, it just became more of a friendship. There was no click. For now, there would probably not be any krub. Lets leave it to time. As for me, I would rather focus on work. It’ll be ok. I’m strong.”

“As for work, I’m always working my hardest. Right now I don’t have to worry about anything, even though it sounds bad, but I have to look at it in a positive way. As for a new start, tomorrow I will have to wake up because I have a lot of work whether it’s tv shows, movies, even the restaurant. I’d rather focus on these things. If anything were to happen in the future, then it will happen naturally. But we’ll talk about about it later once that day comes because right now, I really don’t have time (laughs). It’s like you just see my body, but my life is not really exciting. When I have a girlfriend, it’s just the ones in the lakorns. The reason why I work so hard right now is so that life can be easier in the future.”

“Will I accept less work? Well… I already accept one work at a time. But sometimes some lakorns are so interesting making me want to act, so I can’t help it. Sometimes it’s so good that 5 months becomes 10 months. Maybe luck is not on my side as to why my life is like this. I don’t know. That’s why I don’t know what my future relationship is going to be like. We’ll have to wait and see krub. If you ask if I will choose a lakorn with my ex’s, in reality, all of them are good people. Lets just let time take its course, it’s better. We have to understand that we sometimes need some time. Not a lot of people can do the job that we do. Sometimes we work so much that we don’t even get to go home.”

Chakrit also adds that his ex-girlfriend’s family has no problems and understands that it is up to two people. Also adds that they likelihood of returning is slim.

“The elders on her side understand krub. They don’t get involved because the decision is up to us kids. I’ve talked to them krub. Lets just say that there’s no need to talk further about this. If there is anything else that will occur, lets understand each other right here because I didn’t have any bad intentions. It’s enough for me, for my future. If I had a family and am the head of the household, I would have to be able to take care of her. I can’t just sit there, do nothing and ask my mom for money na. I’m a man.”

“The opportunity for us to get back together like before… I haven’t even thought about that. Probably not because my time will not change. I will still be this way, but I was able to rest for a month. This August I will have 3 more lakorns, 1 Thai movie, 1 American movie… for me, I know that I can have love na but for the person that needs to have some time with me, I need my space too. I can’t just not have time for myself. Some people need more, but that can’t happen. I’m sorry.”

“But about raising a family, I have thought about that since my childhood. And since then, I’ve been serious with every relationship that I’ve been in. I want to do my best, but sometimes the best is to lose. Since I’m a guy, I will have the opportunity. But when a girl loses, other people might look at her that she lost her opportunity right there already. If you ask if I’m lonely, there are some times… everyone has their moments. Lets just say that the past year or so I was happy, I had good memories, all of it.”

What about the prediction that the psychic said that you would return with your once sweetheart Jakajun Akumsiri again?

“The psychic said that I would return with Jakajun? No way krub. I’m not serious about it. I don’t get serious with these kinds of stuff. When I was with my ex-girlfriend, I was with her the whole time. But with Jun, I haven’t seen her in a long time. We lost communication. I’m not thinking of anything like that at all.”

Source: Manager

17 responses to “Chakrit a workaholic, Petch dumps him, no return with Jakajun

  1. I would love it if he got with jakajun. Even though their relationship was short lived they had history together and should give it another try.

  2. Sounds to me like she’s a spoiled little rich girl needs more attention and he couldn’t give it to her; And she doesn’t understand that he has to work for a living, not waiting for a hand out from the Daddy or Mommy like her.
    Well best of luck to you Krit, hope you’ll find your true soulmate that will truely understand you and give you time and space soon.

    • LOL AGREED!! in the interview chakrit was kinda hinting at that “I can’t just sit there, do nothing and ask my mom for money na. I’m a man.”

  3. No wonder he once said “it’s not like I’m doing other stuff, it’s work she should understand” in a sarcastic tone.

  4. I agree with MY whom commented above. She needs attention,attention.Chakrit says i dont want handouts from my mother, i’m a man! If he should have a family he wants to be able to provide which i so agree w/his response.
    Chakrit if Petch doesnt want you, your more than welcome to come my way! Hehehe (wishful thinking) LoL

  5. I didnt even know him & Jakajun dated but I always thought they made a cute couple. I loved that lakorn they were in together, the singing one.
    I would prefer if he went back to her but its been a long while do their love for eachother probably wont come back 🙂

  6. sorry but girls wants to be pamper once in awhile. i dont need 24/7 hours of pampering but there is more to life than working working working.

    seriously he had 3-4 back to back lakorn (i was even tired seeing him on screen lol technically not see him on screen but his name pops out when i see the on air schedule)

    • hey i enjoy that as Chakrit fan!

      if the girlfriend can’t accept his life style you know what it’s her lost. i mean snaps she once had Chakrit as a man, my if he’s a keeper & i love him heck i’ll wait and give him the space he needs. plus i’m not the type who wants to be w/ the bf constantly anyway.

      Krit I would be a total understanding girl 🙂 (wishful thinking)

  7. That’s too bad it didn’t work out..she should have been more understanding about his situation..

  8. I wish him the best, he sounds like a good man with a good head on his shoulder. Generally speaking, when a man works too much he doesn’t have time for his woman, and if he doesn’t work enough he’s a scrubb. Jeez, can’t win for not losing. But I think if he truly loved her and wanted to be with her/settle down with her, he would have made time no matter how busy he was. Plus, he’s like me after a long day of work, I just want to come home and relax in peace and quiet, but if I had a man who would suprise me with a hot bath and dinner, I’ll make down for to spend with him! LOL

  9. shahkrit is an actor and that is his career.. he did mentioned that he’s working hard now so he can have a better future.. to me, he shouldn’t date someone or settle down with someone who is from such a wealthy family.. he should get with someone who is from a working class.. who has to work for their own money.. they would understand where he’s coming from. Also, he would appreciate that person more for being there with him through thick and thin..who he can spoil and take care of… have a family with..
    i love shahkrit.. i’m a huge fan of his and will always be..
    i wish him the best of luck when it comes to work,, love and good health…

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