Anne Feels No Excitement When Working With Ken in “365”

Anne says they both don’t have anything to be shy while working with each other anymore.

Actress, Anne Tongprasom reveals about working with her most paired male co-star, “Ken” Theeradeth Wongpuapan in the upcoming drama, “365 Days Of Love.” Which is their 5th drama working together.

The actress revealed,

“In the opening scene of this drama we are a married couple and it gradually becomes a relationship that is unstable. In the book the heroine is younger than the hero by a lot. Like there was a huge difference in their ages, but when it became a script for the drama, “Nok” Jariya Enfone and “Aew” Ampaiporn wanted me to represent women who are already married instead.”

Do you pressured?

“No, I don’t. With this character she’s a bit hard because she’s now very jealous, but a bit naive. She’s an interior designer, a person with a good heart, and doesn’t get angrily easily. As for her her flaws, she’s a whinder, a cry-baby, and has a little heart. She has all those emotions.”

Are there a lot of love scenes?

“There is a reasonably amount. I’ve been acting alongside Ken a lot so I don’t feel anything (laughs.) I’m not excited anymore.”

There is also a dog in this drama?

“Yes, this is the first time I’ve acted with a dog. In this drama I have to act like I don’t like dogs and the dog is afraid of me because when we did our first scene together I would yell at him. Although in reality I love dogs a lot, but when I’m in a scene with the dog he would be afraid of me and doesn’t want to come near me often.”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Khaosod]

25 responses to “Anne Feels No Excitement When Working With Ken in “365”

  1. Ahahaha! How cute. 😀
    That’s cool that they don’t feel shy around one another&so.

    • it’s because they did so poorly on their third lakorn as a pair lol i like ateam too but im more of a bigger kateam. kateam knows how to pick their lakorn and because they are better actors and actresses.

      • I agree with Fun, Aff’s role is always weak and it gets old.. I know that Ken and Anne played together a lot, but their lakorns are always different and entertaining to watch each time..that’s why they still have so many audiences including myself..can’t wait!

  2. lol well they have worked together alot so i would be more surprise if they werent comfortable around eachother by now. plus, they have doned many love scenes together in the past so it comes out more natural and easy for them. its funny that ken became annes best friend now..they are sooo cute together! no pra’nang could top them at this moment

  3. My favorite lakorn couple. I seriously never get tired of them, they’re both brilliant actors with brilliant onscreen chemistry lol. Watching them together is so captivating, they match so well and both are hot with talent. It may not be exciting for Anne and Ken because they’re comfortable with eachother as friends and have worked together many times before but it’s exciting for me and many others. I’ve watched one of the BTS and I got all jumpy watching Anne kiss Ken lol. Nothing goes wrong when my favorite actress and actor star in a lakorn, so excited.

    • im not tired of them either. i do get irrirated with other couples that gets paired over and over again. why… well kateam lakorns are better scripted and hate me all you (not as in you, LPK lol) want but they have extremely good acting skills, it just comes on naturally (okay they did went a little overboard with soot saneaha but it didnt come off highly annoying). i wont complain as long as their lakorns are good. por and pat was once one of my favorites but after a few bad lakorns, i just didnt like their pairing any more.

  4. they are just too comfortable with each other, it doesn’t mean they don’t like to work together anymore. i think the title of this article kind of uninterpreted the situation “no excitement”

  5. After working together for so many times they have become used to each other and honestly how much as I love them, I begin to get tired to see them paired up !

  6. Sometimes it’s great that they are comfortable around each other because then they will be able to act to their fullest ability instead of being shy or have the feeling that they should be considerate for one another. Like Janie + Film lakorn.. I saw a behind the scene shoot where Film slaps her lightly across the face although it wasn’t a part of the script, but I thought it added more flavor to the lakorn. Since they’re pretty good friends they don’t have to be afraid of one another.

    For example, I get annoyed at lakorns that when the guy and girl goes in for a hug, they move so slowly – and that’s at the end of the movie… I don’t know if they directed that way or it’s just them.

    • Honey, its call thai entertainment. lol! And how many lakorn have the bad girl turn crazy at the end and everyone forgive them. So Bs thai entertainment. They need new directors and writers. I love to watch lakorn, but the stories are so repetitive that is so sad. I am sorry to say that Anne is kinda overrated as well. Thai peeps just love her image and her beauty that everything she touch is gold just like kataleeya mcintosh before she lied bout being prego before marriage. Thai E need to be honest to these thai stars and tell them how crappy their acting suck, but no, they lie to these stars soo much that these stars think they are all that not knowing that they suck so bad. By all means, this is why Thai stars can’t act because thai e lie to them so they think they don’t need to improve.

      Don’t get me wrong, I love ann. However, she still need a lot of improvement. she suck so bad in the lakorn chaleuy rak. So boring and made no chemistry with Rome. As much as i am a big ann fan, i still can be able to determine her bad acting skill in some movies. I just wish people judge by their skill and not by image.

      • many thai celebrities do have talent but they dont know how to use it properly. don’t blame the actors/actresses, blame the script writers. i think anne is fabulous not her image, true, she kind of over did it in chaluey sak and soot sanaeha. chaluey sak would have been good, if the script was better, not because of anne’s a little overboard acting.

      • Who’s lying to them? I don’t get it. Just because people watch their lakorns and they have fans, you’re assuming people are lying to them. BS. Get over it, not all of the Thai stars are talentless and how do you know they aren’t seeking improvement? And no, not all of them walk around thinking they are high and mighty, Anne is an example of that, she’s one of the most famous right now and she’s still humble and grounded. And no, I also don’t think Anne over did her roles, she portrayed her role in SSH very well, and CS was downright plagued with a boring script, it wasn’t her acting. And no, Anne is not only about image, gasp! People actually like her acting, so surprising right. Seriously, you don’t like, then you don’t watch, simple as that.

        • You speak my mind I was gonna write something similar like that until I past ur comment

  7. salut à tous j’ai un peu lu vos commentaires, et chacun y met du sien. Pour moi j’attends avec impatience ce lakorn, je ne vous cache pas qu’ils sont mes acteurs préfèrés mais avant de critiquer regarder ce lakorn et alors vous pourrez tous sortir vos commentaires positives ou négatives.
    J’ai vu pas mal de lakorn thai avec qui ils ont joué mais il n’y a pas eu d’alchimie, il est vrai qu’il y a tellement de bons acteurs et actrices, donc je pense qu’il faut laisser les choses venir et j’aimerai voir ann avec cet acteur que l’on nomme Pong nawat je pense qu’il a le potentiel pour détroner ken teeradeth mais leur chaine respective sont en concurrence alors qui sait un jour peut etre!!!!!

  8. Salut a tous J’Ai des Nations Unies PEU Vos commentaires lu , et Chacun y rencontre Sien du . Pour moi J’attends lakorn Avec impatience CE , JE NE PAS cache Vous qu’ils SONT Acteurs mes préférés avant de Critiquer MAIS CE Regarder lakorn et ALORS Vous pourrez Tous Sortir Vos commentaires UO les négatifs comme positifs.
    J’ai pas vu de mal lakorn thai Avec Qui Ont Joué MAIS ILS il arborer une UE Pas d’ alchimie , Il Est Vrai qu’il ya de bons Tellement Acteurs et actrices , faite JE Pense qu’il Faut laisser choisit les Venir et j’aimerai voir Ann Avec CET Acteur Que l’ Nomme sur Pong nawat JE Pense qu’il potentiel verser un chier MAIS détrôner teeradeth Ken Leur chaine SONT EN respectifs Qui ALORS assentiment sel Un Jour Peut Etre !!!!!

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