Paparazzi Photos of Kao Out With A Girl

Young hot actor, “Kao” Jirayu La-ongmanee doesn’t only have work constantly coming in, but he also has a lot of rumors involving girls constantly also. Especially with a girl by the name of “Mo” Monchanok Saengchaipiengpen who was in the movie “Love Love Microorganism” together and Mo announced it on Facebook that her and Kao were seeing each other. Which led for Kao to come out and say that it was just a joke.

So Kao fanclub don’t go cursing Mo out, but the other news about Kao and another girl by the name of “Jam” Chonton where pictures of Kao and Jam out together caused quite a stir. Kao came out to say that she is just a friend and his mother was there with them and that they are just friends.

[Source via Entertain Tenee/Dara Daily]

14 responses to “Paparazzi Photos of Kao Out With A Girl

  1. Leave the kid alone, let him have his childhood and enjoy his teenage life and be a normal and ordinary kid walking around and enjoy time out with people.
    She looks kinda old for him, so must be some friend or relative.

  2. Eh, he’s young! He should be having an active dating life. He’s like any teenage boy out there. They explore. Geez, these reporters or people are never satisfied. It’s either he’s gay or he’s a player.

    Seriously there are some guy guys in the world ok!

  3. Leave Kao alone you reporters! LOL! He’s just a kid with female friends. And so what if he has a gf, with a cute face like that, he should use it.

  4. I’d like to meet these reporters and ask about their dates when they were teenagers. So annoying

  5. who cares if he has a girl or if they are just friends, let him do his thing. geez why cant a kid have a girlfriend.

  6. The second girl isn’t Jam Chonton, it’s Jam Chollatorn, part of the duo Siska from Kamikaze. She was in the Bunteuk Gum episode with Gao and played Bua’s younger sister in Mor 3 Pee 4. I’m sure these two are just friends since Jam’s actually taken time away from the business right now and is concentrating on her college entrance exams.

      • kamikaze are a bunch of korean wannabe’s who can’t sing under rs promotion. i never heard of siska or know who they are either. if they’re under rs promotion i could care less.

  7. I don’t care or know who these people are, but I just wanna know where she got her Coach bag, I want it! lol

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