Chompoo Believes Aimee Isn’t Involved With Drugs

There are rumors when her best friend, “Aimee” Morakot Kittisara has been partying it up and doing drugs at her house which led actress, “Chompoo” Araya A Hartgett coming out to defend her friend saying that she believes and trusts that her friend isn’t doing drugs.  Chompoo also says that they are not fretting themselves with the rumors because there were worse rumors they’ve dealt with.

“I didn’t know about this and I don’t think it’s true because Aimee doesn’t rarely have parties at her house. She doesn’t involve herself in those type of things. I’m sure of it. When I saw the news I was confused a little, but worse then this we’ve met with before. Like another rumor said we went to an abortion clinic, so we don’t feel anything about it. As for Aimee we talk to each other everyday. So there shouldn’t be anything.”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Dara Daily]

8 responses to “Chompoo Believes Aimee Isn’t Involved With Drugs

  1. First it was Om involved with drugs and now Aimee? It must be the hottest thing since “leaked sex clips”

  2. That”s a bad pic of Aimee, she doesn’t look pretty in it, usually her pics are pretty

  3. Please! chompoo don’t speak like you are so sure. Anyone is capable of doing anything these days. When do thai stars ever come out and admit to their wrong doing. I just want everyone to remember the 2 maam ( maam surivipa & Kathaleeya). They were best of friends, hang out, and work together everyday. They say they knew each other soooo well and still maam surivipa never knew that kathaleeya had a hidden dude that she been sleeping with until the pregnancy reveal. How many times did surivipa defend kathaleeya in front of the news and put her head on it that kathaleeya prego story was just a rumor. Please!!! and thats why both maam are not friend anynmore. the news are not that bad they just telling viewers that there are a lot of fake image out there. Seriously, after the two maam stories, man people should be more open minded to all these sweet innocent thai stars with fake image that these stars are all capable of doing wrong!

    • i’ve been reading your posts and why do you keep bringing up mam cataleeya?! what does that have to do with anything. yea she’s lied but that’s all in the past. GET OVER IT!

      chompoo and aimee are really close. they hang out together. it’s not like the 2 mam’s who worked together but these 2 girls when they are not working hang out.

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