Aom and Art open up about heir

During an appearance at an event, “Aom” Piyada and husband “Art” Sara Jutaratanakul were able to come out and express their feelings about the news and past interview regarding their future heir.

Art: “Well, there’s nothing krub. They asked when we would have a child and I answered them already like normal. I’ve answered this question many times already, so I want to give the best answer that I can. I tried to make it as polite as possible, I really did. There was no problem na, but I’d rather hear questions that is pleasing to other people when they hear it, too na. In the same manner, if I get a polite question, I would answer the question as politely as I can that everyone would like to hear. The person who asks the question politely, sincerely, and treats each other like brother and sister, every time we see each other, we will talk to each other politely. People keep pestering and I try to answer as politely as I can, but I end up answering the same question over and over. Everything that I have said is the truth. If I did not answer the way they wanted to hear, my apologies. I don’t pay much attention to anyone already so it’s not something that I should be upset about.”

Aom: “Because p’Art isn’t someone from the industry, sometimes the questions are too personal. I don’t pay too much attention to it na, we are just talking. But sometimes, people should give the interviewee some respect by asking the question more politely na kaa. About having a baby, I haven’t planned anything yet. Right now, I really have to film a lakorn. And working like this, it really depends on a lot of people as well. If I was pregnant and still shooting a lakorn, everyone would have to wait on me. It shouldn’t be that way. p’Art does say that we need to plan things out before having a baby, because it’s not just us two that we have to work things out with, but our parents and our job — I am an actress. But if the problem is up to me and only me, whatever I decide will work kaa. p’Art likes boys because he can take them anywhere and play all day rough, but for girls, they would like to play hide-and-seek something more soft kaa.”

Source: DaraDaily

5 responses to “Aom and Art open up about heir

  1. Reporters need to learn to chill. They need to learn what is right to ask and what isn’t right to ask. I know it’s in their job to be nosy but dang! Give them a break.

    I would love to see the generations such as Aom, Tik, Noon, and Kob have children though.

  2. When they’ll have a baby they will, when the time is right and when the baby wanted to be born. Stupid reporters leave them alone. F’n’ nosy and no respect reporters, do you want to to know when they’re going to do it too? Get a F’n’ life and let the couple be. I’m sure with all the pressure from you damn reporters it will be harder for them to concentrate on having a baby. SO LEAVE THEM ALONE, BECAUSE IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS WHEN THEY WILL HAVE A BABY OR NOT!!!!

  3. Geez its like they want to know when they plan on conceiving and the details lol. Like why the heck do you need to know all that for lol.

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