Tui Teerapat Reveals His Wife Anna Is 6 Months Pregnant

Tui reveals that his wife Anna is 6 months pregnant. He’s overly excited  about the joys of being a father that he took his very pregnant wife all the way to South Africa before he will become a full-fledged father.

“Tui” Teerapat Satjakul revealed that his wife “Anna” Natasha is 6 months pregnant, which led the newly father to be go gaga in excitement that he ended up taking his very pregnant wife all the way to South Africa to watch the “Fifa World Cup.” Not only that Tui boasts that he’ll be getting a son like what he wanted.

How many months is Anna pregnant now?

“Right now she is 6 months. It’s a boy.”

Did you prepare anything in paticular?

“The main thing that we prepared was talk to a doctor and trying to get the mother to be in a good mood, eating right within the 5 food groups, and there are vitamin supplements also. Right now we’ve been letting him listen to music, like classical music, things like that. We turn it all for him to listen to and we also sing for him ourselves. I don’t know if he hears it if he would like it or not. I don’t know about that.”

Has she had any morning sickness?

“No she hasn’t.”

We heard that you went to watch the World Cup?

“Yes, we went to go watch Brazil versus Portugal. When he heard the sound of cheering he was moving a lot.” (Between you and Anna who was more excited?) “I think we’re even, but I may be a little over excited more.” (When is the baby due?) “She’s due around October at Samitivej hospital.” (Have you chosen a name yet?) “We haven’t though about that yet, but when the due date is closer we’ll talk about it then. I want to pick a name that everyone would be happy with.”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/INN News]

7 responses to “Tui Teerapat Reveals His Wife Anna Is 6 Months Pregnant

  1. I haven’t heard about this couple in forever. Congrats to the 2. I can’t believe he dragged his pregnant wife all the way to South Africa. Actually nix that, I do believe that. lol

  2. I heard, he was dating Aom piyada for awhile until Anna came between them and Tui fallen for Anna and broken up with Aom. So sad but happy that Aom has found someone really love her now….Ashame on Tui, who really broke Aom’s heart, after that I didn’t really like Tui at all..

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