Num Sornram Reveals He’ll Be Working With Pinky

Actor, “Num” Sornram Theppitak reveals that he will be in a new drama co-starring alongside actress, “Pinky” Sawika Chaidech in “Ngao Praai” (Ghost Shadow). When rumors stirred up that the actress will be crossing over to Channel 3. As for the drama, “Dtaam Ruat Lek” for Channel 7 will have to be dismissed as his schedule won’t be coercing with each other. Num assures that there won’t be any problem because he has cleared it up with the bosses already.

“Right now I have the drama, “Siripatchara” for Channel 3. There is about 7-8 more queue and we should be done filming and I think around the 20th should be the opening of the drama for Channel 3. As for the next term will be the opening for “Ngao Praai” with an actress from T.V. Scene. From what I know those are the information.”

How do you feel working alongside Pinky?

“I don’t have any problems with anyone, no one at all. Since it’s with Pinky I’m really happy because I’ve seen her since she was a child.”

There were rumors that you were removed from “Dtaam Ruat Lek” from Channel 7?

“As for “Dtaam Ruat Lek” I was contacted about this, but I couldn’t take it on because the schedules were conflicting. So no matter if we accept the work first of last, but when the scheduling are conflicting each other we’ll only cause problems for the other if we accepted it. We would have to accept roles lesser and if the schedules are conflicting then I would have to deny the role.”

“If you ask me if I regret it, I do regret it because being able not to do all work is something I already regret. You also have to understand that the one thing that I hold onto is the viewers.”

Do the bosses understand?

“They understand because I’m not doing anything that will cause dissatisfaction towards anyone and not being able to work with anyone else. This is all up to understanding one another.”

Is it because people will look at it as you’re working for both Channels (Channel 3 and Channel 7)?

“I’m an actor so when I get hired I’m a professional actor for over 20 years. I take on roles for every channel, whether it being channel 3, 5, 7, or 9.”

[Source via Rakdara]

33 responses to “Num Sornram Reveals He’ll Be Working With Pinky

  1. oh so thats Num? I thought it was the other Num.
    Well this Nums old and ugly, definetly does NOT suit Pinky! Why would they choose him? ewww

    • obviously you don’t know quality actor. like pinky is any better. pinky does NOT suit num. i rather have him play alongside someone better then her!

      • ok seriously what is your problem? I dont need to know every single actor/actress who has good quality. I dont care, stop trying to seem like you know everything and dont reply on my comments then.

        • i think both suits each other well, because pinky is a GREAT actress and Num is also GREAT i think the two will make a GREAT lakorn together haha, but no for reals i think this lakorn outta be good cuz both actors are very good so im LOOKIN FORWARD TO Watchin it 😉

          • I so agree with you. I love both pinky and Num. whoever thought num is ugly better STFU. Cuz girl, you don’t know who the hell you are talking about. He is like a Hero!!! so yea, I am super happy that they are actually doing a lakorn together. Pinky doing lakorn with Num will stop people for bitching about her, and also its good for her since num and her had worked before.

          • umm Wendy, me thinking Num is ugly has nothing to do with you, and telling me to STFU is not gonna help anything. And youre saying I dont know who the hell Im talking about? Yes I know. Im talking about an ugly ass guy. its not like you dont think anyones ugly.

      • Agree, Num is over 30, he’s still very good looking and talented, it’s in the gene…..who’s get to work with Num is a blessing..

        • he has aged but he is still cute and definitely a Real actor. I also second that Aus Fan. Im whooting for a kob and num film again 🙂 and also benz and of course JOY 🙂 Our loving courageous “Poh”

          • Kulyia, I second that. I want my Num and Joy together for a full blown drama, revenge, type lakorn! LOL

            (A girl can only wish, P’Kai I know Joy is your fave, I want to see her as a leading n-eke with Num as P’eke.)

            Phew, now that I have that out of my system, back on topic. I like Num, I think he’s a great actor. Love him in Bansaithong. Despite her rumors, I like Pinky’s acting so I can’t wait to see the lakorn.

  2. So awkward, he worked with her as a kid now over a decade later he works with her again yikes, i wanna see him with Kob again

  3. Are they for real? I don’t want Num to star w/ Pinky. That’s just distrubing. Num is such a better actor – this just doesn’t work on so many levels! Ugh.

    • i totally agree! you shoulda seen the lakorn with him and Pu Praiya…total disaster. He needs to be placed with REAL actress!!!

  4. i am going to the ch3 headquarter to throw forks at …. ahahaha kidding but i obviously dont like the pairing. in fact, i never liked pinky as an adult actress, more so nang ek. it has nothing to do with her scandal, i just never liked her to begin with lol

    • LMAO…haha count me in too, fun…lol i was cracking up reading your comment. lol, i think she was better being a child star than now.

      • i adore her child lakorns. she’s good. i wonder what happen to her. she just doesnt have the emotion she used to have. i loved her in dao pra sook and bla boo tong.

    • I totally agreed with you. I like Pink as a child actor when she was starring in the lakorn with Num and Kob. Have seen a little of her lakorns as a nang ek but not very interested.

    • ur too funny fun, I total agree with u. I love Num but Pinky i never care for… there’s something about her that erkkk me.. lol

  5. So num is a free agent? Maybe bc of him I will watch the lakorn…no matter how old he gets, he’ll always remain handsome and awesome!!!

  6. Pinky is a great actress and Num is an awesome actor. I’m looking forward to watch their lakorn.

  7. while they are at it, why don’t they remake dao par sook it is really weird seeing this two together on the smalls screen i guess a lakorn with kob is out the door

  8. It will be so weird to watch Num and Pinky together in a same lakorn….they used to played in Dao Pra Suk together and while he was the p’ek, she was the child n’ek lol.
    I’m happy Pinky decided to not renew her contract with Ch7 because beeing a free agent is a good thing…you can do the lakorn you want !

  9. I love Num and I like Pinky, but I’m not too sure if they make a good pair. But then again, Num and Pinky is a better pair to me than Janie’s drama with that one old, old, old, guy (I forgot his name.)

  10. i freaken love Num Sornram…he’s my all time favorite actor….i dont watch much of Pinky’s lakorn but i don’t think she’s bad…anyways i kind of dont want them to pair up because when he was still a young pra’ek..she was a little baby girl…so it might be kind of disturbing to me even though i like them both

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