Noi Gives Birth To Second Son, “Nong Chun”

Reporters received news that actress, “Noi” Bussakorn Wongpuapan had recently given birth to her 2nd child on the morning of the 4th of July. Noi gave birth at BNH hospital and has been discharged from the hospital on the 7th of July.Noi is at home resting. Noi and her husband, “Ken” Theradeth Wongpuapan has a healthy baby boy. As the name for their 2nd son, they have given him the nickname, “Nong Chun” as for his real name it’s, Thipadtai meaning Aristocratic. Nong Chun will be joining his older brother, Nong “Khun” Khunnatam (meaning knowledge and morality ) at home.

[Source via Dara Hunsa]

11 responses to “Noi Gives Birth To Second Son, “Nong Chun”

    • Bawahaha!!!! That made me laugh so hard. May I ask why is that?

      Side note: I wish Ken and Anne got together in real life, they have such great chemistry, but I guess that’s a big difference between reality and lakorn/fantasy, plus Anne has her own relationship. SIGH, theres sumthin’ about Noi that bugs me, never was a fan, but congrats to the couple.

    • its wrong, but everytime i see them , (i know this is wrong) i always say, dammmm she look too old for the hot ken. lol! Now that she have kids, she look like she is 20 years older than him. I know age aint nothing but a number, but dammm! lucky her!

  1. She gave birth on the 4th and reporters just found out now? They must really want to keep it private. Maybe they’ll to see who wants to be the first magazine to buy their baby’s picture. Does Thailand even do that?

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