Mart Kritsada Is A Free Agent; The Only Contract He Has To Work Is His Heart

When there are so many actors and actresses being called in to get their contracts renewed a lot lately, but actor “Smart” Kritsada Pornwaerod said that he’ll use the contract of his heart instead.

“I don’t have a contract. I’m a free agent. I work for “Aof” Pongpat Wachirabunjong, but I don’t have a contract. I’m working because of love. I’ve been with P’Aof for 3 years already. When I first started working on my first role.”

Has Channel 3 called you in to sign a contract?

“With this I don’t know. You’ll have to ask P’Aof about it. I’m working for P’Aof already and it’s more like I’m happily with him. Whatever role he wants me to play I will play it”. Mart said.

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Khaosod]

13 responses to “Mart Kritsada Is A Free Agent; The Only Contract He Has To Work Is His Heart

  1. Kinda cute 😀 But it’s sad when asked about contract with ch3. Makes it seem that Aof is hiding opportunities from Mart, but Mart’s okay with everything. Not saying that he should sign w/ ch3 (since he’s happy being free agent), but if Aof is hiding opportunities like ch3 away from him, what else is Aof keeping hidden from Mart?

    • The banks have done little to help those in need. We bailed out the banks and they did not keep their end of the bargain. They raised interest rates on credit cards, made it harder for people to refinance and arn8#&e217;t lending and take too long to help those in need refinance. This should not be allowed.

  2. Ohhhhh he is soooo take-home material. lol. Kindda on the short side though, but it’s all good.

    Aof Pongpat should quit giving him all these god damn FOOD related dramas. Makes a girl hungry.

  3. He’s hot…eye candy for sure, but he can used for acting lessons. He’s too stiff. But he is soooo hot!

    • AWESOME. And huh. Yeah, that's weird. Also sad, because what I looked at for AAI2 (because why do I care about spoilers for a game th#&3e0y9;ll never let me play?) looked REALLY GOOD. Sob.

  4. It is good to be a free agent. Don’t have to deal with renew contract and headache. Beside Mart have his other passion for architect. What could you say when he is good looking, an actor and a men who can design a house…Just awwwwwwwwww

  5. Since he is a free agent he can work with any channel he want. I like his character in Wanjaikubnaijomying. This drama is really good. All three main couples are all good looking. I hope Mart get more lakorn roles soon. I want him to star in a drama with a new nang ake, Mint Nutvara.

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