Jay Park To Hold Fan Meetings Across 8 Asian Countries Including Thailand!

Jaebum’s team revealed on a website last night stating that, Jay Park of AOM will be kicking off a fan meeting tour in Seoul on August 28th and making his way around 7 other countries in Asia throughout the month of September. Including Thailand.

As for the fan meeting it will be held for fans who has always had faith in Jay. Jay will also bring along his friends from AOM (Art of Movement) crew which will be filled with games and a special  with the guys. Tinzar Sherman of Digital Media Wire released a statement that the tour is a fan meeting tour, not a showcase or a concert tour.

Jay stated that he was very grateful to have such wonderful fans and wanted to use the opportunity of the fan meeting to reward the fans who have showed him love.

[Source via Rakdara/Tinzar’s Image via 2OD]

9 responses to “Jay Park To Hold Fan Meetings Across 8 Asian Countries Including Thailand!

    • idiot if you don’t know who he is then why the hell you reply?

      if that preaw bitch replies in this post imma tell a bitch off.

      anyhow go jay! he should do a fan meeting tour here in the states!!

      • hey you didnt have to be that rude. I saw the post so I wanted to check it out and I can comment on stuff I dont know. So what if I dont know who he is?

  1. So Proud Of You Jay!
    Only A Loving Spirit Like You Can Go Through So Much And Still End Up On Top!!
    Jay Walkers For The Win~~~♥

  2. He’s really hot! He deserves everything coming his way. There are so many out there trying to destroy him and his career. Jay has the right set of mind and he’ll continue to rise.

    Jaywalkers keep on loving!

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