Dew Is Afraid Golf Will Dump Her

“Dew” Arisara Thongborisut apologizes to boyfriend, Golf’s mother and promises to improve herself.

After having numerous scandalous news one after the other that it caused problems to her beau, “Golf” Pichaya Nitipaisanrkul that he had to come out and defend his girlfriend with her scandalous news numerous of times that it has caused his mother displeasure towards Dew/Due. Golf’s mother is dissatisfied that her son is involved with Dew to the point she has demanded for Golf to halt his relationship with Dew.

When reporters caught up with Dew at “Are You Brave Enough To Donate 1 Million Baht To His Majesty” at Siam Paragon she immediately told how she felt about the situation.

“I never knew about it at all. I just recently found out a moment ago that his mother said that. I have to admit that it (her news) has made people look at me differently. The only thing I can do is try to adjust myself to become a better person and accept the things his mother said about me. When I found about it I was stressing.”

Before all of this has Golf’s mother showed any dissatisfaction towards you?

“I don’t think there was any. I didn’t even know she came out to say those things.

His mother said that if her son starts dating someone and that person only brings him down, in terms of being a mother she doesn’t want her son involved?

“This is between me and Golf, but if you ask about the words that his mother said, I think it’s normal that all mother’s would say something like this. I’ll accept and admit to whatever Golf’s mother has said because I’m a child so I don’t know what to say.”

Have you talked to Golf about this yet?

“We’ll have to discuss this later because I just found out about it.”

When you see him are you afraid that things will change and it won’t be the same anymore?

“I don’t think it’s up to that point, but I do think his mother has a reason. If I try to adjust myself to be a better person then the grown ups will have to give me another chance.”

Has his mother called you or Golf to talk about this?

“No she hasn’t, but I think that it’s just a wave of news that are one after the other and that everything all came at the same time. Therefore, she probably doesn’t have time for us to sit and clear everything because it all hit at once, but different situations.”

Are you afraid that his mother will tell Golf to break up with you?

“A little, but I don’t want to respond about it yet. I want to ask Golf first.”

If Golf listened to his mom what would you do?

“He’s not wrong for listening to his mother. It’s better he listened to her then someone else. That I can accept.”

Right now have you prepared yourself if you were to break up?

“I haven’t prepared myself yet because I just found out about it. I’m sorry that there were numerous news, but I’m not sorry that his mother came out to speak.”

Will you go see his mother and apologize to her so that the situation doesn’t get any worse than this?

“I have to apologize already and she probably knows that I didn’t mean for my situation to come out like this.”

Do you think his mother will give you another chance?

“It’s up to the timing. I don’t want to answer to it.”

A lot of people see that when one person does wrong the other person should try to stop them and not encourage them how do you feel about it?

“Some situations they should, but I also want you to look at it from another situation also. If our person or a friend is wrong or right we will have to still pick them and be on their side. I see it from this perspective more.”

How are you going to explain yourself to his mother when all the news about you are always involving a slapfest?

“Whatever happened in the past I want it to stay in the past. All I can say is that I want to change myself. I want you to see Golf’s situation that sticking by his friend is better then then sticking up for someone else. It might be a bit wrong that the side he is on is wrong.”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Daily News]

24 responses to “Dew Is Afraid Golf Will Dump Her

  1. Golf SHOULD dump her1 Shes so fucking ugly as shit, even uglier! How can Golf like her? Shes so rude and very disrespectful from all the news Ive seen about her. So…..UGH JUST SCREW YOU AND GO DIE! Golfs mom gotta get her out of his life! :@

  2. I don’t even like Golf but this Dew I dislike her even more. She’s rude in most of her interviews. She just seem like a stuck up bitch.

  3. She’s a stuck up bitch and liar too. She liar about Kwan calling her and start shit with her, witch she the one start all that. Bitch.

  4. Golf staying neutral in the public eye would have been best for the situation. Is she so dumb to not even know that? He could’ve been on her side (which she even admitted was wrong) without saying anything in public, and don’t bring out that private facebook bullcrap because he should’ve known it would leak. “This is between me and golf.” Every girl knows you don’t say that to the mother of your bf, you may think it but you never let them hear it, that’s definitely not gonna go well with Golf’s mother. Golf and Dew needs to start thinking adults and stop getting embroiled into this higschool bullshit drama. I can say I dislike Dew even more than Golf too, they deserve eachother, both are immature and morons, they fit perfectly with eachother.

  5. can someone beat the shit out of this bitch already? ok ur wrong but u still want him to be on ur side? no that’s not how it is! if u love someone u let them go not pull them down with u. that is for ur enemies. what a stupid bitch.

  6. Wow, us folks from half way around the globe knows about what her boyfriend’s mom said and she just found out? Lies.

    I honestly think she should have kept her trap shut when the reporters approached her. Attention whore! If she “just found out” like she said, then she shouldn’t be saying anything until she clears things with his mother first. So stupid.

  7. i do agree with lots of comments here. and i don’t like this couple much overall! but i do feel that people can change. so maybe give her one more chance?!

  8. Yeah…who cares if they break up! It’s not like he’s the perfect little angel and she’s the one tainted his “perfect” reputation. He has quite the Bad mouth himself so breaking up with her wouldn’t change anything, he’d just get involved with some other bitch that would probably get into a fight with Dew too.

  9. Boohoo, cry me a fuckin’ river and I hope she drowns in it too. I can’t stand her or him, but he better listen to his mama if she tells him to get rid of this trash.

  10. dude, why did she even dated Golf in the first place?..sorry biased against Gold-Mike, still girl is STUPID!!..seriously, i think half of what she said are lies, im positive that she knoes his mom hates her, she duh!!…

  11. omg!!! That is the most stupidest thing that dumbass could ever say!! If you are the wrong side your friend shouldn’t encourage you! If they are a true friend they wouldn’t encourage you to do the wrong thing! That’s like encouraging you to do wrong and strongly agree that it’s right! That’s just plain stupid of her and Golf! If he really wants to help her he should just be there for her in the right way and not encourage her dumbass that she hasn’t done anything wrong!

  12. Honestly, if they want to be together, then heck…let them be together. Golf was an okay dude before he started dating Dew and just by looking at his face, you can tell it’s putting a toll on him. His mother may be right about Dew, but he’s old enough to know right from wrong and if he makes a stupid decision, that falls on his lap. I absolutely used to love Golf-Mike, but now? This dude is seriously on some type of bullshit to think he’s gonna keep his fanbase with Dew around.
    Good Luck To Them, I Guess =/

  13. Wow alot of fan girls in here hating hard because she got the man they want. Either way you slice it she got him and none of you did even if they do break up. As for her public image she may not be a bad person at all but with anti fans saying things and it getting back to his mom of course the mom isnt going to understand things fully. I think he should stay with her and haters should tend to themselves.

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