Mos introduces Gem

After announcing their plans to marry, “Mos” Patiparn Pattaweekarn is ready to introduce his bride-to-be “Gem” Duangporn Luekittinan on Ch5’s “Bangkok Station” this Wednesday. Now, we can all finally match the face with the name that we’ve heard for so long for the very first time! In addition, we will be able to hear their love story of 9 years. From the very first time he met Gem, who was the PR for Grammy at that time, he secretly had a crush on her. At that time, each of them were still in a relationship. But once both hearts were free, Mos came up with plans to get her attention. Gem didn’t realize that Mos was hitting on her for 6 months! So when they were in a relationship, Gem had to be really strong to deal with Mos’ stardom because she had to constantly hide. Please feel free to watch about the part where Mos asks for her hand in marriage!

Source: Thairath

17 responses to “Mos introduces Gem

  1. Awww! That is so cute! I can’t wait to see this.
    I wonder how he got her. ahahahaha!
    She’s pretty for her age (: They’re adorable together as well!
    Sad that she had to constantly hide.
    I’m Glad to know who she really is this time. a PR at Grammy’s! 😀 lol

  2. They really do make a cute couple. I’ve been following p’Mos works for more than 10+ years — just a HUGEEEE fan of his! I have mixed emotions. Sad that he’s about to get hitched but happy that he’s happy! LOL ❤

  3. Woohoo, marrying your sweetheart after nine years is going to be the best lol. They look great together, she’s pretty, he’s handsome, and I’m pretty sure both of their personailties are just as great. Can’t believe he’s getting married, I had to let Tik go, now it’s Mos’ turn. Who’s next? Lol. JK.

  4. I’ve been a long time fan of Mos. I, too, have mixed emotions, but mines are more like those of a mother. LOL.

    I’m super, duper, beyond happy for him, because well… FINANLLY dude. I want to see mini-Mos’s running around, Then at the same time, I’m kind of sad to let him go. No one wants to fangirl over a married man. lol. I can’t wait to watch this episode.

  5. “…Gem, who was the PR for Grammy at that time”

    Land a job in showbiz, and you might end up with a romantic relationship with a star LOL. I’ll say she’s lucky. So very lucky.

  6. 9 years is really long! hehe! and its cute and sweet at the same time! they look good together! hope them the best! 😀

  7. I find it funny that they’ve been together for 9 yrs already! And didn’t people think Mos was gay?

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