Mod Get’s Bitten In The Lip By Her Dog “Mickey”

On the 28th at around 2PM, reporters were informed that young singer, “Mod” Napapat Wattanakomolwut from the duo girl group “Four-Mod” had been bitten on her lip by one of the dogs she has at home.

Mod said that the dog that bit her was her West Highland Terrier named, “Mickey.” The problem occurred when Mickey was barking at the neighbor’s dog that he didn’t get along with. While Mod went to tell him to stop barking she picked up “Mickey” and tried to comfort him, but then Mickey bit her lip. Mod thinks it’s probably because he was still angry and hasn’t calmed down so he took it out on her. Mod thought it was nothing major, but her mother took her to the hospital to get shots and she had to have 4 stitches and continues to get shots, but it won’t be long for her lips to be back to normal. If she was to take on more shots on her lips it would be more swollen then what it already was. Her dog, “Mickey” has also gotten his shots to prevent him from anything.

Normally “Mickey” has never bitten her or anyone else before, but now it has made Mod a bit more cautious  and she doesn’t pick up the dogs that often anymore. From now on when she’s playing with her dog she’ll be more cautious and even if it’s her own dog. She’s not afraid of losing her beauty, but will have to rest and cancel her work in Chiang Mai and tomorrow she has work, but will have to see if she can annul it, but if not she would have to cancel it.

[Source via Rakdara]

19 responses to “Mod Get’s Bitten In The Lip By Her Dog “Mickey”

      • Looks like a petty cry for attention. I’m not saying she got herself bitten on purpose, but it’s just stupid to inform reporters. “I’m a singer. My dog bit my lip. Notify the media so people will leave kind comments.”

  1. it must’ve hurt to get bitten by her dog. i got clawed by my cat on the eye before also when she’s angry. it hurted like a muthaaaaaaaa ….

    i’m like her be cautious. hopefully her lips get better


    like wtf!?

  2. lmao i laughed at her picture. probably Angelina got bite too. such a cute dog but crazy temper!

  3. I don’t think showing the picture of her swollen lips was necessary. I know and understand that’d be painful so much, but why didn’t she just say that she’s got bitten in the lips? I’m still wondering why she took some shots of her swollen lips with her BB. If I were her, I’d try to hide my scars from public attention, not showing them.

  4. damn! that must’ve hurt! all i know is that when i got bitten on the thigh and on my @$$ it was a f’en pain dude!!! anyways.. hope it heals soon ^_^.. she’s lucky that it was just a terrior.. i got bit by my of my bro’s pitbulls… >_<

  5. she is covering her mouth, but showing the swollen lips of hers on her BB?! how stupid is that, shes probably just want attention …

    • You should be ashame of yourself!!! LOL you had me spitting out soda all over my computer. That some chit that I would say! LOL

      That chit looks painful. That’s why I don’t have pets, plus I don’t have time for them.

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