“Mam” Kathaleeya gave birth to second son named “Kin”

“Mam” Kathaleeya gave birth to second son on June 23, 2010 at BNH Hospital. Close friends and family were by her side at the time of the child’s birth. Mam named her son Kin, and news is released that n’Kin is good and healthy.

Pern Nakorn Silachai, host of Saranae  Show (a comedy show) went to visit Mam at the hospital and explains,

“I went to visit them yesterday. Everyone is extremely excited. n’Kin is really healthy. As for Willy, he is out of the country right now, but he did send his support. He calls and says that he bought and prepared a lot of stuff for the baby. n’Mack is also happy to have a younger brother. As for n’June, my wife, she will give birth to our baby this August 15th krub.”

Source: Thairath

16 responses to ““Mam” Kathaleeya gave birth to second son named “Kin”

  1. Congratulations to Mam and her family.
    Not too fond of the name “Kin”. From Mack to Kin? ???Hmm …

    • Hmmmm.. I see your point… lol… if she were to ever call their names out, one after the other… it would be: Mackin’ 😉 LOL

      • If she have another baby, the name will be “Tosh”. So if she calls them, it’ll be Mack-Kin-Tosh ie Macintosh

  2. im happy for her.. i know the baby is gonna be adorable hehe XD.. sadly wasn’t there T_T.. i also hope willy will have a child of their own soon too..

  3. I remember mam used to be super pretty when I was young. she’s still pretty now, but not like before…..

  4. kin is an unusual nickname. let me guess, they plan on another kid and they’re gonna name is tosh – as in mac-kin-tosh.

  5. Can’t imagine how happy she was. Love kids. One day when I finally have my own little hero, I bet I’ll scream like crazy.

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