Lydia Apologizes to Hia Hoh For Problems Causing Him To Strain

Recently after the President of RS Promotion, “Hia Hoh” gave out an interview on Saturday the 26th of June to say that he would not be renewing 3 artists under his company’s contract. “Beam” Kawee Tanjararak, “Lydia” Sarunratch Wisuthsakda, and Payu Clark were rumored to fly away from the nest when their contract agreement ended. With this “Hia Hoh” came out to wave the flag on his own that there won’t be a renewal in contracts and he will not let them push out anymore albums and that he rather give it to the artists who are more determined instead.

Lydia and her boyfriend Matthew Dean were hot over the interview that the couple had to come out and apologize to “Hia Hoh” for burdening him with their scandalous news. She admits she’s sorry for what had happened and thanks RS for molding her and giving her a job. She also reveals that her contract with the company will come to an end at the beginning of next year. She insinuates that there are other companies that has contacted her, but she hasn’t made any decisions yet.

“I humbly bow to “Hia Hoh” for things I have said that has made him feel uneasy. I didn’t intend for my words to come out that way. Who I am right now is because of RS and the opportunity that I was given was because of “Hia Hoh” for giving me the chance to do what I’ve always dreamed of since I was a child. Every work that he has given me I was determined to do it and give my best to the work. In the past I have met with obstacles with the harsh news that are printed out. With this I’m not the one who published the news myself it wasn’t beneficial to my work, but instead it conceals the work that I have done. In the past my family and I have tried to improve the problem the best way that we can. I would like to apologize to “Hia Hoh” for making him feel uneasy.”

“After “Hia Hoh” gave out his interview I was was really stressful and sorry. I didn’t mean to make him feel uneasy. In the past 6 years that have passed, I have done what I’ve always wanted. I’m happy and I feel that since the past 6 years I have been working it has made me feel like an adult. I want to do things that are oddly different then before. There might be some other companies who will contact me when my contract is about to end. The last time when “Hia Hoh” called me in to renew my contract I didn’t know what I wanted to do after it because I don’t know what else I want to do. There are certain work that I want to do, but I’ve never had the opportunity to do them yet. If when I leave I want to have the freedom to do the work that I’ve always wanted to do.”

“As for other companies contacting me, I’d have to admit that there are a few that has contacted me, but I  haven’t made any decisions yet. In the end when the time comes for my contract to end at the beginning of next year I don’t know what I would be doing. I might not even sign with any company at all. I might be doing something that I want to do freely.”

“As for “Hia Hoh” saying he would be an allie with me, with this I haven’t talked to him about it yet. If I had the opportunity to go in and talk to him I would talk to him about it, but I haven’t had the opportunity.  I don’t intend to make him feel uneasy. As for work that I have left with RS is 1 lakorn, “Rabum Duang Dao” which will be the first drama I’m in. I think that I will do the best I can to the fullest. I want to give it my all so that the work can come out good.”

Will there be an opportunity for you sign with any Drama companies?

“This I don’t know yet, but if I do then that would but good. We’ll have to wait to discuss it with the bosses again once more.”

Does your father has give you full authority to make your decisions? Would you extend your contract with RS again?

“Yes, my father gives me the right to make my own decisions and he’s not preventing me. It’s up to Hia Hoh’s decision also.”

When you have work coming in do you have to ask permission from the company first?

“From what I’ve talked with the bosses at RS they told me that I can accept my own work being it events, concerts, or fashion shoots.”

When will your contract expire?

“The 1st of February next year.”

[Source via Rakdara]

17 responses to “Lydia Apologizes to Hia Hoh For Problems Causing Him To Strain

  1. Lydia, as much as I dislike you, just leave RS’ stupid ass self. You’ll be even more famous and you can rub their stupid ass with your new fame and money. Infact, you should write a damn song about it too. Hahaha

    • For some reason, I don’t like Lydia either. All I can say is that it has nothing to do with her scandals. I am one of those people who thinks she cannot sing, well talent in that area. She’s not bad but her singing just doesn’t appeal to me. She should sue, if Marv statement is correct.

  2. That fake lashes gotta go. She looks better natural, and with little or no make up on.
    Hia-Hor is a stingy and greedy boss, he sucks blood out of all his artists. Once, dried he just let them goes. During the 90’s RS’ was booming with all the hotties like Oil, Lift, James, Dome, Raptors etc… but as you can see now, none of those guys stick around once their contract ended. Unlike Grammy, their artists been around for ages, so that really say something about RS’s boss and Grammy’s boss.

  3. In my honest opinion, she didn’t need to apologize. Yeah she had scandals here and there, but every artists do and you can’t tell me all of the current RS artist are spot clean with no scandals and rumors. He’s an ass, simple as that, he was unprofessional by targeting certain artists in public, as the boss of a known music company, he should have acted properly but he didn’t, it shows how bad he is at handling his own company, Beam and Lydia just need to leave.

  4. The reason why she’s apologizing is not because she thinks shes done anything wrong but its just because she is trying to survive in a business where the press is the mafia and big companies like this have the power and the PR to destroy someones career. This can cause them to not be able to work again.

    Theres a lot more to this than the public eye can see. The war between the artist and the record label (namely RS) has been an ongoing battle for many years with many people/artists fighting in it. 90 percent of artist who are with RS wanna get out after 2 years because by that time, they are not the new product anymore and RS doesn’t have the ability or the effort to maintain any artists careers. This can be seen from the fact that no artists from the 90’s are left working with the company. Whereas Grammy has artists such as Bird, Marsha, Mai Jaroenpura, Jetrin, Nat Myria, Zaza, and many others who are still maintaining a healthy career with the company.

    See how all the artists who leave RS have no work during the last 12-18 months of their contract? Thats because they put an immediate ban on these people who are not renewing their contract with the label. During this Banning phase, they are not allowed to find work by themselves and the company does not find them any work. If they do try to work, they will be fined 10 times the amount of money they made from each job. RS even goes as far as to order their sales team to put the artist on hold and tell anyone who wants to work with them that they are unavailable.

    What kind of CEO publicly disses out their employees because they are leaving to work at a new place? Everyone knows that Lydia and Beam are the ones who refuse to sign a new contract with this dictator label. And its undeniable that they have been contacted to sign with Sony, Grammy, or any other better labels. The reason why Hia-Hor came out is because he wanted to save face after 2 of his most talented artists were rumored to leave and join other labels.

    RS is also a dirty company. ASk anyone who’s been associated with them and they’ll tell you that money has been cheated from them in disgusting amounts. There is absolutely no transparency in their financial system. Album sales or song downloads cant be checked by the artist, and artists are paid what RS decides fit. Concerts and events are the only work that artists are paid fairly since those can easily be checked with the organizing companies that hired them. However, along with these paid events come double the amount of free work for Hia Hor’s “friends” or possible business allies. Many a time artists will be sent to a politician’s parties, businessmen’s social function, or a birthday party to perform free of charge to cater to Hia Hor’s personal gain. Many of these people are wealthy enough to pay for an artists performance, but Hia Hor would offer them for free in return for a favor.

    These are just some of the dirty laundry in RS. One day the entire company will crumble down on itself and all secrets will be revealed.


    • Since that’s the case, I’m wondering if Thailand has any laws against these slavery contracts. This should be illegal. If the artist doesn’t want to renew the contract, the company has no good reason to ban them during the remainder of their contracts for such a pathetic reason. They’re under contract FOR work, yet when they don’t want to renew the contract in advance they get sacked. And why the heck are the companies talking contract renewals a freaken year in advance? Pathetic.

      • The reason behind the contract renewal a year early is because of calendar planning. Some artist are booked months if not a year in advance. So let say they have a concert they want to put on sometime next year, it wouldn’t make sense to add artists who won’t be renewing to the list now would it?

        Marv, you brought up very interesting points.

    • Wow, Marv you seem to know a lot about RS, especially behind the scene of it. Now, I know why some former RS artists always talk so much crap about them. I know James was one of them. At first I thought why was James talking bad about RS when they created him, but now I know. It is also sad that all of RS artists from the 90’s to 2000’s are no longer with them. Because they were probably one of the talented one, compare to the artists that RS has now.

    • “The reason why Hia-Hor came out is because he wanted to save face after 2 of his most talented artists were rumored to leave and join other labels.”

      LOL my thoughts exactly. It is clear that someone is envious.

    • “What kind of CEO publicly disses out their employees because they are leaving to work at a new place?”

      exactly! that’s what i thought!! you make very valid points marv

  5. Well I guess there aren’t really any laws against these contracts because they are signed mutually by both parties. However, when kids sign up for a 5 year contract they are expecting to be working for 5 years not just 3.5 years. if they wanna work for 5 yrs I guess they’ll just have to sign a 7 yrs contract….
    And suing RS is pretty much out of the question as the company has way too many connections and too much money for a fair fight. Anyhow a court case would drag on for way too long [probably years] for that to be a reasonable option.
    So what many artists do after they realise they are in an unbreakable contract, and cannot work and make any money for around a year is, politely ask for it to be mutually terminated. “Since you guys won’t find me any work, and I can’t do work for anybody else, could you please end this contract and set me free?” They are answered with a simple “No way”.
    TOFU The reason contract renewals are started over a year in advance is in order to lock in the artist for as long as possible. C-Indy, yes sometimes jobs are booked a while in advance, but rarely up to a year, usually 2-3 months ahead.
    And in extreme cases a client would book a popular artist WAY ahead ONLY for a popular date such New Years Eve, it might be booked up to 9-10 months before. But in these unstable economic times I can’t see many clients booking or putting down a deposit that far away.
    My point is, work is no excuse to try and get people signed up that far in advance, it’s for greed. RS just don’t want their kids getting picked up and working for other companies, they’d rather them rot away silently under RS’s roof, rather than having a chance of doing something else with their lives.

    Sam, yes I do know alot about this company thank you, I see you do too….

    James is a good example, I’m certain that if you ask ANY of the former RS singers you know or even him they’ll tell you this same thing, most artists from his era have a deep hatred for RS and especially Hia, yes they were created and made famous by him, but towards the end of their contracts, as they grew older and wiser they started to realise how much they had been cheated and taken advantage of. Many of these artists finished their contracts and left the company without anything more than a famous face.
    I’m not so sure if the singers of the 90’s were neccesarily more talented, it’s just more likely that at that time tapes and cds could actually sell, not downloaded, and there was less competition in Thailand and from abroad. Therefore the artists were making more money easily than now, and were kept happy for longer.

    You may ask why nobody ever comes out to say anything publicly about these atrocities, it’s because it would be unacceptable in Thai society for a kid to come out and try and expose a “Poo Yai” like Hia Hor, it would just look rude, and maybe be like one silly disillusioned child pissed off or something like that. Another reason is it would be like committing career suicide, they would never be able to work in the industry again. Most of these artists have found how easy it is to make money in the enertainment industry,and would never want to go work a regular job 40 hours a week making 10-15,000 baht a month when they used to make twice that amount in one day singing just 2 songs….

  6. Maybe the thing w/ Pinky and ch7 gave Hia-Hobag the idea to come out and publicly announce this kind of news. Unfortunately for him, he lacks in professionalism and common sense.

  7. I wonder if Four-Mod is also on his hit list since they haven’t released a new album or singles in a while.

    • from what i know i heard mod is going solo and they do work with the kamikaze kids featuring even if not have their own album

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