Aom takes a break from lakorns to produce an heir

“Aom” Piyada Akarasanee reveals that her father is a little low in spirit when she didn’t appear at her father’s birthday. She adds that even Art, her husband, doesn’t get to see her face that often either. It’s good that he isn’t mad. Instead, he provides a positive support for her because she wants to have a child now, but time just wouldn’t allow. She wants to take a break from lakorns to produce an heir. Too bad they went on their honeymoon for the 2nd round and still no result. Maybe because they had a little interference (ก.ข.ค. or a third wheel) when “Boy-Prim-Jieb-Beer” went to Maldives with them.

These two are the husband and wife couple that many people want to see produce a child. Although young n’ek “Aom” Piyada and young businessman “Art” Sara Chularatanakul that have been married for almost a year now, we still see Aom working hard. In addition, Aom’s big boss, “Boy” Takonkitti Viravan, asks that she finish filming her lakorn first. As for having a baby, they’ll talk about it later. This takes makes Aom work even harder, the reason why she didn’t even have time to join her father on his birthday. Although she was still able to have the love of her life go for her and wish her father a happy birthday.

Latest, we were able to see Aom and Art together at the same time. The young n’ek explains that her father is a little low in spirit when she didn’t appear at her father’s birthday. She adds that even Art, her husband, doesn’t get to see her face that often either, because she has been really busy with work.

“It’s not just my dad. I don’t even get to see my own husband. But I did send someone in place of me that day. As for today, we both had the day off so we decided to come to this event together. p’Art didn’t even get to see me on my birthday, because I was stuck filming ‘Baang Ruk Soi 9’ so p’Art just bought a cake and drove to see me on set. We even ate dinner on set. After that, p’Art went home and I just continued working. So when I was off work because of the issue with the Red Shirt, Yellow Shirt, or whatever shirt occurred, we have to accelerate the work because we were off for a long time. But even though we were off, I wouldn’t consider it being off because we were all stressed. Now, we have to work for those days that we missed and it is a lot kaa.”

“Dad was really low in spirit na. It was his birthday and I couldn’t go, but I did tell p’Art to go for me. I get off work 10-11pm, and for me to go after that, I wouldn’t be able to make it. I’d rather go home. Like today, I come to this event at 3pm so I woke up at noon na because I work everyday. I’m probably just catching up to my sleep kaa.”

“p’Art never complains or is in low spirits na. He is really sweet. I get so tired, and when I get home, he gives me good support. I feel thankful. I feel good to have good support. I feel every time I come home, I’m not as exhausted. Support is a really important thing, and this is what makes me realize the importance of something that helps us complete different tasks. p’Art even prepares food for me. He has his own business so he’s sometimes at home. He’ll cook himself food, then saves some to share for me. Later, he’ll wash his motorcycle and do whatever other things he does (laughs)”

After that, she was ready to reveal that she wants to have an heir, but it’s just the timing that doesn’t allow.

Art: “About a heir, I do want one krub, but it’s not just up to us two people. It depends on the timing, too. Whenever she’s ready, I’m sure the baby will come. It’s not like we can force it. Right now we are not taking or using anything contraceptives krub. We just want it to be natural, and we are hoping really soon. We want to have an heir for our father and mother krub (laughs) but we don’t know if it will be this year. Some people are even married for a long time and still don’t have. It also depends on fate. We can’t say that we will have one this month or that month. We can’t say when it will really be.”

Aom: “We might have to wait kaa, because this month and next month is a full schedule. But we will keep seeing. We’ll never know if it will be this year na, because we can’t choose. If we can, that would be so good. It’s not just my dad that is complaining. My 4 grandparents all say to not just work all the time na, you’re getting old (laughs) We haven’t even advised with a doctor either. I just try to be healthy and whenever I’m ready.”

Art: “She gets check-ups to see if everything is normal and I get check-ups to make sure that everything is normal as well. No matter what, we have to check-up because now a days, there are always different things that happen, so we have to check to make sure that we are ready. As for us, we are ready, but it’s just the timing, that’s all.”

Aom: “As for work, I’m probably not going to accept less. But I will have to stop lakorns whenever I get pregnant na kaa. It goes for everyone, because when you act in a lakorn, you have to use a lot of emotion. But as for me, I will probably keep doing what I’m doing with ‘Wun Wan Yung Waan Yoo’, ‘E Mouse’, ‘Baang Ruk’, etc. As for lakorns, I might have to stop for a little bit. After I have a baby, we’ll think about it again. It’s not all up to p’Boy kaa because we are still filming, if I get pregnant now, that would bring a lot of problems to a lot of people — especially me.”

“If I am pregnant right now, I would still have to keep filming the lakorn. I have to still take responsibility of my job, so I would have to finish it first. A lot of people depend on me, so how can I make them worry? Plus, the next scene is a shooting scene, so if I’m pregnant, I might now want to do that much. ‘Wun Wan’, ‘E Mouse’, ‘Baang Ruk’ etc… are all the jobs I can do already. But if it’s a lakorn, there will have to be action scenes and I just can’t act half way. I don’t want the viewers to receive something bad just because I’m not giving it my all. p’Art says to give it my all to work first, and everything else, we’ll talk about it later.”

They just revealed that they both went on a 2nd honeymoon at Maldives, but no result upon return because there were 2 other families like “Beer Thitinun — Jieb Sopitpaneenapa” and “Boy Takornterthi — Prim Karnikarnviravan” that went with them.

Aom: “A special honeymoon. We already had a honeymoon, but all of a sudden a lot of people decided to follow us kaa (laughs) We just came back from Maldives.”

Art: “We did and we went with Khun Jieb, Khun Beer, Khun Boy and Khun Prim and her kids, so that was 3 families but it is us that don’t have kids (laughs)”

Aom: “But it’s weird that children come to us. They don’t stay with their parents because the kids are attached to Khun Art.”

Art: “But we did have fun krub. Where ever we go, we go with a lot of people. It’s fun.”

Source: Manager

9 responses to “Aom takes a break from lakorns to produce an heir

  1. is it me or this couple is soo sweet? its like honey lol. thats was soo thoughtful of him to go for her. Aom has Good taste 🙂 having a bby takes time. i know people who has been trying and trying for many years and after a long period finally had one! they would be wonderful parents. ialso think once they do have a bby, theyll take more time to focus on their family unlike kwang sang woos wife. that girl is weird. soooo skiny during her pregnancy>.> Aom and Art reminds me of Noi and Ken <33

  2. Aom and Art make such a beautiful couple. I wish them both the best on having a baby, but I must admit that b/c I am such a huge fan of hers, I am a little sad too to hear that she will take a break from lakorns. I loved her so much in Proong Nee Gor Ruk Ter and wanted to see her pair up with Pong again. Their chemistry together was amazing and I still have my fingers crossed for them to do another romantic lakorn together. Oh well, I do wish Aom and Art the very best.

  3. Everyone wants kids now first Kob, now Aom, her husband seems nice, he doesn’t look that bad either

  4. ha.I miss her and Captain together in lakorn but a new is
    also coming out soon.I want to watch it.Everybody is
    having babies!

  5. well, look like everybody tried to have a baby… my friends want a baby.. Aom want a baby, Kob want a baby.. who next? Noon probably want a baby too…LOL!!

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