Tanya can force herself to work with Pinky

After her situation with Pinky ended, Tanya accepts that her love life with Peck is not as sweet as it once was before. She blames herself for pushing her husband too much in the beginning. Now, she just doesn’t want to be a part of her husband’s personal affairs with other women anymore. She acts professional by saying that it would be a pleasure to work with Pinky, if she does decide to move to Ch3.

A love triangle between a young n’ek “Pinky” Sawika Chaiyadej and hi-so “Peck” Sanchai Engtrakul, the husband of actress “Tanya” Tanyares — the popular and hot news in entertainment today. It was supposed to end the moment Peck came out to admit that he did have a close relationship with Pinky and that they are just brother and sister now. As for Pinky, she came out to reaffirm with tears that she never thought of stealing anyone’s husband and that she already called Tanya and cleared everything with her. She also said that, from now on, she will not get involved with Peck and Tanya anymore.

After this family was torn apart by a third hand, Peck explains that he is trying to reconcile with this wife Tanya, but she tells him that after the situation ended, their love life is not as sweet as it was before. Tanya says that Peck doesn’t try to reconcile with her much probably because she pushed him too much in the beginning. Tanya explains,

“Love life right now really isn’t as sweet as it was before na kaa. It’s probably the same as before because this is our 5th year being married and before that we dated for 2 years, so that makes it 7 years. Because of that and with the addition of having a kid, everything is geared towards the child. All the attention will end up with the child. Doing everything for my child makes me happy. I want my child to be happy. I’ll take her to do different activities, take her here and there. It becomes a family atmosphere, not the atmosphere of couples.”

“During the time we had that situation, we would go home to our child and it all becomes less stressful na kaa. It’s also because our child is playful. She’s mischievous and smart. And this can make us not mad anymore. Plus, she’s still a baby so she doesn’t know what’s going on. We’ll come home stressed and she’ll be playing (laughs). But if you ask about health, it does have it’s effects. I couldn’t eat, I was stressed, and had headaches. But after time has passed, everything goes back to normal. I just see it as a normal problem and not to think about it too much.”

“p’Peck did come and try to reconcile again. Every time there is arguing, there will be reconciling. There’s always reconciling na kaa. But now it’s stable already. In the beginning I did push him too, because at that time I was being cautious. So there would be stuff like ‘who are you talking to?’ It happened constantly, so I would say I did push him. It would make us argue. And when I see something, it would make me upset. But now, I don’t want to know anything anymore. I stay still in everything (laughs) It’s better. Now, we just don’t argue. And I do see a change because of that na. I can’t say for other people, but for me, it works a lot. I’m still a little skeptical if there will be anything else, but it’s just becomes the whole don’t ask don’t tell. If there is something, I don’t want to get involved, I don’t want to hear it. I would tell the people around me or my close friends that if they know anything, just don’t tell me. I just want to stay this way.”

“p’Peck probably feels better. He doesn’t have to worry about being watched or questioned. And because of that, it probably makes him feel better kaa. Right now, I’m just spending more time with my baby, taking her here and there. I just try to find activities to do with her. Where ever I go, I take her with me. Working also takes a part in helping me forget some. The past situation does help me become stronger na kaa. I just didn’t think our family will run into these kinds of problems. And when our family did have this problem, I couldn’t accept it at all in the beginning. I couldn’t take it anymore. It made me understand why some people even kill themselves over these kinds of things na kaa. But as time passes, it gives us time to think about things. It lifts a weight off of you. Because of that, if we ever have any family problems that is bigger than this, we might be able to handle it better. That’s why I feel like it made me stronger.”

Tanya also expresses that she will be able to work with Pinky if she does decided to move to Ch3 and if they have to work in a lakorn together. But if it’s eating a meal together at the same table as Peck suggested, Tanya says she might have to ask for time to heal and forget about the situation first.

“Now, n’Pinky moved to Ch3. If we have to work together, it’s ok kaa. I can work with her. Whatever problem that happened in the past, we will let it pass. I don’t want to keep thinking about it, I don’t want to stress. But normally, we don’t ever talk anyway kaa. We only spoke when we had that situation. I just see it as clearing things with each other. But normally, we don’t ever talk. If you asked if we cleared everything, I wouldn’t know because right now I don’t want to know anything kaa. This would have to depend on the other two people, if they have ended it or not. I am the other person, so because of that, I don’t get to ask. I don’t get involved. I don’t want to know anymore kaa. I just take my time in taking care of my child so I can feel better kaa. I have to feel better (laughs).”

“Well I understand that if she moves to Ch3, she will be watched. It’s ok kaa. It’s a job, so you should not mix personal stuff with it. If one day I have to work with her, it’s ok. Like p’Peck said, in the future we 3 might have the chance to come sit and eat together at the same table, but that might have to be in the far far future kaa (laughs). We might have to wait until the news calms down. We need to forget first. I don’t want to hold any grudges and think about it for long na kaa. But whenever I am ready, I am strong enough, and everything is ok, it might be able to happen.”

Source: Manager

32 responses to “Tanya can force herself to work with Pinky

  1. Here we goes again (where is the eyes rolling emoticons? lolz)
    It’s getting quite pathetic. Some people just don’t know when to shut up!

  2. Sounds like the lakorn of ” Mia Luang”…this is such an unhealthy marriage and it’s sad that she’s allowing it! sorry no sympathy from me anymore..

  3. We, women, should stay single. Travel around the world and enjoy life. If you have an urge for sex, just hire a stripper or strippers (plural – more than one). (LOL!)

  4. I won’t blame her for that. If reporters were asking her, I believe she wouldn’t just throw them away. Besides, it’s probably too painful for her to hide the problem. I can imagine myself got married with a man who got toyed by some actress, then I found both of them were trying to keep everything to themselves and treat me like a second-hand product.

  5. I guess ignorance is bliss? If she doesn’t want to know what’s going on anymore then she shouldn’t be in a relationship with him. Relationships need trust and open communication most of all so if they can’t even communicate then why the hell are they together?

  6. I won’t blame her either. You don’t know how it feel when a third party comes into your life. Just like Tanya said, you will be frustrated at first. After that you don’t want to know or hear. And if he continues on then you cannot force him to stop either. She is living and getting her strength from her baby girl. It will never be the same as before. She was being honest about how she felt. Or you rather lie and say everything is fine and you were all happy. She isn’t trying to be a better person or put on the innocent face. One cannot say how hard to live a life knowing your mirage life will never be the same until you yourself live through it.

    • life can be better, it’s called divorce. she has a choice, but she chooses to be with him. i love tanya, don’t get me wrong.

  7. Kudos to her for thinking of her child first and foremost above everything else. But she has got to just get rid of the guy or let this whole thing go. No point talking about the same crap over and over about what a good person she is cuz clearly this news was leaked cuz of her in the first place.

  8. she probably thinks her child is too young for her father to leave her now, and looking after a child is a lot of money. shes not gonna think of herself and leave him just because shes uncomfortable. And if reporters came up to me, i wouldnt want to act like a meanie and walk away- itll be bad for her image. Think about it the new headline being “Tanya declines reporters!” she has to answer every question, and if you look at her answers its mainly the same.

    • if tanya and her husband were to divorce, the father is still entitled to see the child; it’s not like the child is left completely without a father. plus, if tanya were to leave him and in the future find someone else, the child would still have a father figure. it all depends on how the child is raised.

      raising a child does cost a lot of money, but tanya is not poor; she’s an A-list actress. if tanya walked away from her husband, it would make her look good, because he was the one that cheated, not her. it makes her look bad now that she’s still with him and continues to bring the subject up. it makes her look like the fool.

    • Tanya could politely say: “Professionally, I would have no problem working with Pinky if she signs with channel 3. Personally, my family needs some time to heal and would prefer not to deal with this issue publicly anymore. Please respect our privacy.” She does not have to be rude to reporters. Just keep her comments brief and discreet. As someone mentioned earlier–way too much info!

  9. They have a child together.Its hard to leave him. The child need both parents.
    Shes thinking about her child only.
    Is the right thing to do for now.
    Shes still with him cus of her child.

      • NongMam05, I so agreeing with you about her using her daughter as an excuse, because he has always cheated on her ever since they’ve been together before or after having their daughter; And she(Tanya) never step up to the plate and tell him to stop or really do something about it. Now all she crying about is what’s best for her daughter. LOLz. What a crapload!
        But then is her life, she want to stay in a healthy relationship, then good for you Tanya, just don’t complains so much about it. It’s starting to make yourself look bad and cheap. So many fishes out in the sea, yet you want to be stuck with the stinky rotten fish.

        • agreed! i understand that it’s hard when a kid is involved, but it really is an excuse especially when he constantly cheats on her (like you said). plus, in the interview is explains how she’s still skeptical and not trusting him. after things like this happen, it’s never going to be the same. she’s always going to keep her eye on him.

  10. It not hard to leave the husband. But the child rather have both parents living together. What Tanya going thru right now. I know her feeling. I am in the same shoes just like her. Tanya love her husband. The only thing we the fans can do are. Just give her moral support. Be strong Tanya.

    • my parents are constantly arguing, thought about divorce (aka leaving) my parent are technically not legally married lol we work with words and both family does the negotiating. i am quite a greedy child, wanting both parent to be together. therefore, i somewhat cannot hate tanya for not divorcing the loser. everyone knows that peck is a cheater in all but we don’t know him. he could be the nicest guy you have ever met. i guess you can see it both ways. sometimes divorce is not always the answer.

    • Tanya doesn’t love her husband. She’s just being selfish and wants him all to herself when he doesn’t even love her.

  11. When a woman is unable to walk away from an unhealthy relationship they almost always have an excuse as to why they need to stay. In Tanya’s case she is using the classic “I’m doing it for the kid” excuse. When she has had enough and is ready to walk, one kid or 10 kids, she will walk away from him no questions ask. If you ask me, it’s better to walk away when the child is young and doesn’t know what is going on than to wait when they’re older and well adapted to a certain family environment. Just because a parent divorces doesn’t mean that the child has to be without one or the other. A parent loves their child because it’s theirs, not because they live under the same roof. If both parents are adult enough the child will never feel like he/she is from a broken home.

    • Agreed! I know a woman who clings on to her husband, even though he has been unfaithful. Their children are now grown. Although they love their parents, they’ve lost their respect for both. They don’t respect their father for his selfishness. They don’t respect their mother for not having enough respect for herself by condoning his behavior. So, this could backfire on Tanya. Nevertheless, only she knows what’s best for her family.



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