“Poo” Praiya confirms she is still single

“Poo” Praiya Suandokmai confirms that she is still single and that the European guy in the slip-up picture is just a friend.

As for ex-boyfriend, Khunpon Issara, Poo says that they are still talking. As for a return, she express that it’s best to let time decide because she just wants to concentrate on school right now.

“Right now, I wouldn’t say I’m really single. Just getting to know people. As for the European guy in the picture with me, he is just a friend from the university. He is a really close friend. Right now, I just want to concentrate on school first. Just that alone is enough for me. Plus, I have work too. Right now is my 3rd year. I’m almost done so I just want to concentrate on that. I’ve been back for 2 months and have been filming lakorns the whole time. Because of that, I don’t have time to get to know anyone. If you ask me how I feel about the picture, I don’t feel anything because there’s always pictures like these. No matter who I take pictures with, there will always be news. As for Khunpon, we are still talking. We are friends. We are both busy with school and towards the end I was stuck with exams. The fact that it’s my 3rd year, I’m even more exhausted. We are both exhausted. If you ask if we are on a break or if we broke-up, it’s neither na kaa. We are still the same. There is nothing. The opportunity for us to see each other is slim. For it to come back and be the same again, I would say that it’s better for us to finish school first. It might help in a lot of things. It might be because of work, too. And school. Another thing is that my dad and mom send me to school. His mom and dad also send him to school. Therefore, we both have to concentrate. If we keep thinking about stuff like this, we won’t get anything done. It’s better to take one step at a time. I want to focus on my work and school first. As for school, it’s been ok, passed. But it’s still not good enough, it is stressful.”

Source: DaraDaily

9 responses to ““Poo” Praiya confirms she is still single

  1. I’m single, but not single? Makes now sense! It’s either you’re single or you’re not.

  2. girlfriend, whatever you say you are still slutty to me. it’s gonna be hard to watch her as nang’ek.

  3. i dont know why would ch7 still promote her as n’ek with image that she has,,plus, she cant even act

  4. This is completely random, but what’s up with their nicknames? e.g. Poo, Pancake, Golf, Chin,Pinky……whaaa???
    Can someone explain to me why they do this?

  5. which european guy is she referring too. there are too many lol… she seriously cannot act as for improvement, it doesn’t look like it. she has been in the industry for many years now, still no improvement. her kissing random guys are her friends. who does that?

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