Lydia’s father; “Is he (Hea Hoh) even human?!”

Lydia’s father Chaiyun Wisuthitada was not impressed with Hea Hoh’s latest outburst. The father strikes back by saying the Managing director’s conduct is clearly ‘child abuse’ and if he had any employees of his own, he would never criticize them in public.

Siamdara contacted Chaiyun for his thoughts after RS Promotion’s Managing Director “Hea Hoh” announced his intention to suspend “Beam, Payu & Lydia”.

“I don’t know what to say. Honestly my daughter didn’t say anything, whatever she said was all true and it was her business. Please don’t abuse a child, this is clearly child abuse. I don’t even know if that company is really a public company (laughs) I don’t have any employees, but if I did I probably wouldn’t give out an interview to criticize them in public”

“I don’t know what he was thinking. My daughter has quality, she delivers quality in her work. It’s not like she’s messing around”

Hea Hoh said he will not be renewing Lydia’s contract?

“I don’t know who’s choice it is to not renew the contract (laughs) but it’s ok, she could go back to school or do a course, we’re comfortable”

What is Lydia going to do about her contract?

“It’s best to wait and ask Lydia, but if you ask me, with a boss like that, it’s best not to renew. When an employee is in trouble, if that was my staff I would protect them”

“And why is he suspending her? Why not void the whole contract altogether? I don’t understand that, is he even human? (laughs) Is he really a boss?”

After interviewing Lydia’s father. Siamdara tried to contact Beam & Payu, but both were unreachable.

11 responses to “Lydia’s father; “Is he (Hea Hoh) even human?!”

  1. i think lydia is better off. didn’t she get accepted to a well known university here in the states but she had to put it off for her singing career? she should go back but her family is already rich so i doubt she’d even care for rs promo.

  2. I don’t see how it’s child abuse, but I agree when he said “with a boss like that, it’s best not to renew.”

  3. it’s child abuse because hea hoh is an adult! in thai there are no way to translate “rung gae dek ~ child abuse.

    so an adult picking on a child or someone younger then them it’s considered “rung gae dek” ~ translation “child abuse”

  4. I totally agree with her father..she’s lucky to have a father like him..Like I said on the previous post.. I don’t recall Lydia boasting in any of her interviews. I like her a lot and I do listen to her of luck Lydia!

  5. The boss is just an ass. He won’t let them off their contract yet he’s keeping them and giving them no work. If he let’s them go, they’re not going to be making money for him anymore and if he suspends them, they’re still not going to make money, so what’s the point? He just wants to keep them on the leash like a dog until their contract is over and that is damn cruel. It’s kind of pathetic for him to even do that, someone needs to knock some sense into him because he’s pissing me off.

  6. Does anyone remember this one guy that went to jail for selling drugs? Wasn’t he contract with RS but they gave him no work and he couldn’t go out and find other jobs cus he’s under contract. So that is what RS does to these youngsters. No wonder they are not going anywhere anymore.

    • That was Power Pat from Grammy not RS. The reason why he couldn’t fine works is because his image wasn’t selling so grammy stop giving works. Plus his family restaurant wasn’t doing good, because his sister owes a lot of money to someone. So, him and his sister end up selling drugs. Now, Power Pat is serving 35 years in jail.

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