Chin Flies All The Way To South Africa For Fifa World Cup

“Chin” Chinawut Indracusin had the opportunity of flying all the way to South Africa to be a specator for the FIFA World Cup 2010 for 5 days. He predicts Spain has a chance to the next round even if he’s cheering for France.

“I’m cheering on France right now because I’m half French (smiles). My mother is French. It’s easy there is nothing to it. So I’ve been cheering on France. My favorite players are Theirry Henry and Zindine Zidane , but Zidane quit already, but I think that France will go onto the next round. Although I’m not as good of a spectator as I was before… This year I’m cheering on Spain and France. This year I will also be going to South Afirca to watch the FIFA World Cup for at least 4-5 days. As for the country that I think that will win the world cup? Of course it will have to be France, but if not France then Spain.”

[Source via Thairath]

11 responses to “Chin Flies All The Way To South Africa For Fifa World Cup

  1. Does he not realize that France didn’t even make it to Round 16? lol at least he has pride…

  2. I feel so lost. I honestly don’t even know what the heck the Fifa World Cup is, nor do I bother to find out. lol. But N’Chin looks good in that picture.

  3. met him last year and he definitely knows how to work the crowd. thai girls are crazy about him! he’s so charming… guess he has to cheer for spain now!

  4. Poor guy!! His predictions are terrible!! France got humiliated and I don’t think Spain will win the World Cup. I think Brazil is gonna take it this year or maybe Argentina. I was cheering on France and the USA (of course), but sadly they’re both out. I feel kind of sorry for Theirry Henry, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, YOANN GOURCUFF!! He’s one fine and sexy looking male. Too bad his debut wasn’t so great. Maybe next time for him!!

  5. the FIFA WORLD CUP is SUPER POPULAR like the OLYMPICS.. it also occurs every 4 years as well with different nations/countries competing against each other etc…

    even though i dont watch much, it’s enjoyable ^_^.. GO GO GO!!!! WAKA WAKA XD…

    anyways.. back to chin ^_^.. awwwe.. it’s so cool that he’s gonna be going over there.. there’s nothing wrong for him to vote for his french side.. hehe..

  6. I hope his Spain prediction is wrong becuz they’re going up against Portugal..and I want Portugal w/ hottie Ronaldo to go…but i’m jealous of him..i’ll travel to the world cup one day even if its not tat popular here in the states..*sigh*

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